17/4/23 Roundup – External provider residential opportunity (Years 11&12)

External Provider – Away from home residential experience

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Your young person has been given the opportunity to join The National Citizen Service (NCS) upon
the ‘AWAY FROM HOME RESIDENTIAL EXPERIENCE’, in which will provide them with the opportunity
to embark on some new adventures with their friends, make new friends, develop and strength their

We have thousands of young people signed up for NCS already this summer, with over 750,000
young people having taken part in the programme since 2010. Your young person may have already
signed up, may have showed interest or this may be the first time you have heard of NCS.
We would like to take this opportunity to invite you along to our Virtual Information Evening via
MSTeams. The purpose of this session is to provide you with an insight of what our programmes look
like and what we are all about here at NCS!

We will be hosting your areas Information Evening on 26 th April starting from 6pm till 6:45pm.
To register your interest to our online information evening please follow the link below;

If you would like to find out more information about NCS please follow the link below or head to our
website (wearencs.com), where you can learn more about us, who we are and how you can sign
your young person up;
NCS | Grow Your Strengths | National Citizen Service (wearencs.com)

Please note places on NCS are limited and we do encourage you and your young person to sign up as
soon as possible, to avoid disappointment. We look forward to seeing you on the session and seeing
your young person on programme!

With Kind Regards,
The NCS Educational Engagement Team

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