April 4th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

The Science Department Donates Equipment to the NHS

Our Science students are continuing with their studies at home, consequently our science equipment in the laboratories is, at the moment, not being used.

On Tuesday we collected together our departmental PPE (personal protective equipment) from the laboratories and Prep. Room and donated it to our NHS.  Boxes of equipment were placed outside of the School for collection by various organisations.

We were able to donate well over 400 pairs of goggles and safety glasses, along with plastic aprons, gloves and a face shield.

The equipment has been distributed to Doctors’ Surgeries in Uttoxeter and Rocester, and also to the local Ambulance Service and Community Nurses.

We have received a message of thanks and a photograph from the Ambulance Service:

‘Thanks to you, every member of Burton and Hixon Stations now has their own safety goggles which will protect them in the fight we have with COVID-19’.

Northgate Surgery in Uttoxeter have also sent the following message:

‘Thank you so much for organising and providing us with the much needed goggles, it is much appreciated.  The GPs and I are very grateful for your kindness during this uncertain time’.

We are immensely grateful for all of the work being carried out by key workers on our behalf and trust that the Science Department PPE will help to protect our NHS staff.

In these unusual times we feel it is important to keep lines of communication open. Mrs Dodd has set up a new way of Year 12 keeping up to date with enrichment.  All year 12 students have been emailed a link and password to access the virtual Sixth Form via EDMODO, we encourage everyone to join as this is where we will be sharing resources in relation to Future intentions and Enrichment after Easter. As parents you can join too via your son/daughters link if you wish. Unifrog has now launched itself on Instagram.  This time can be used to plan your next step in your career journey. Use the tools on the home page of Unifrog to see what you can do.

I would spend some time going through these sections and look at the MOOC’s that are available for you to access. They will help to keep your brain active and engaged and you never know, you may learn about something totally unexpected that could give you greater insight in to a new career idea.Within the Subjects Library tool, once you have selected a career you can scroll to the bottom of the page and find a great section called ‘geek out section’ and this is for all subjects and all learners if you wish to enhance or develop your learning in any way.  We have many students in Year 12 who are currently undertakinganEPQ. The EPQ learning forum is going well with 32 students currently undertaking a project and that Mrs Dodd is very impressed with the range of ideas they have come up for their projects.

It is awful that we have not had the usual end of term activities and end of year 13 plans as we normally would.   It has been such a quick end to their time at Thomas Alleyne’s. We are still keeping in touch with them, if you can encourage them to please let their teachers, form tutors, and the Sixth Form Team know how they are getting on and if there is anything we can do for them then please let us know. 

For those that have applied to university then please check ask them to check their communication and messages from UCAS. They have stated that they have extended the deadline for acceptance on to these courses by two weeks due to the current situation, and to also state that if they have had a reduced offer or an unconditional offer then this extra two weeks will give them time to discuss with parents. It seems that some universities are trying to guarantee students on their courses so are changing the parameters by which they usually work.

Please all, you can encourage students to keep upto date on Insight, Outlook, Teams and Edmodo over the upcoming weeks then this will help them be aware of all communications from their teachers and Mrs Rudge.

TAP for after Easter as follows:

Both Years:

Both years:Stuck for ideas?  Why not try these 100 ideas for 100 days?  

Online Gigs

The Ticket Factory has created a calendar of streamed gigs.  Have a look and see if there is anything you fancy attending.

Online Theatre

The National Theatre are streaming free full length plays every Thursday such as James Corden in the comedy One Man, Two Guvnors.  Find them here:

Pet Photos

The Ticket Factory are running a Facebook competition for the cutest pet.  Why not join their Facebook page to upload your entries

Ofqual Notification

Ofqual have now published their guidance for school regarding the Summer 2020 grades for year 11 and 13. Mrs Rudge has sent the letter from OFQUAL to all students. Mrs Peers is working on a frequently asked questions document to share with all parents and students. This will be sent to all students early next week.

We know this is a time of great anxiety and we want to support all students as much as possible. However, please do note that Ofqual have stated specifically that the school is not to share any grades or rankings that we are considering. 

At this stage, we also do not need any additional work that your child has completed, including work with tutors. Any work that has been completed will have undoubtedly benefited them in their classwork before closure. 
Ofqual have stated that schools use the evidence available, particularly taking into account current Public Health guidelines. 

We are being asked to use a broad evidence base, including mocks, classwork, homeworks, and, where relevant, practical performances, to produce a fair grade. This means that if they were absent for any part or if coursework is incomplete, they will not be disadvantaged. 

We will continue to inform you of additional information as we receive, including advice for BTEC subjects.


It may be that since we have been using virtual learning that your son or daughter may have become a little overwhelmed by the work that appears on Insight. A tip that has been suggested is that they look at what they have achieved already.  They can click on ‘subjects’ on the top right of their homework page and deselect all the subjects. This will give them a chance to look at each subject in turn. They can then see how much work they have already completed and achieved and what they have left to do. We want them to feel a sense of accomplishment.

NSPCC Advice

The NSPCC have provided guidance for parents on talking to children worried about coronavirus.

Young Minds have a very informative web page about looking after your mental health when self isolating:


It includes 

  • staying connected
  • staying calm
  • dealing with stressful situations at home
  • helplines and resources

Maths Puzzle

Thank you to everyone who submitted a solution to last week’s puzzle about dominoes and triominoes. Everyone found the correct number of dominoes (28) but the triominoes was more challenging. The most common wrong answer was 56 but the correct answer was 76. 

This is made up from 6 triples (all 3 numbers the same), 30 doubles (where 2 of the numbers are the same) and then 40 where all the numbers are different.  The key here was to spot that 5, 3, 1 is different to 5, 1, 3.

Well done to one of our school Governors, Peter Taylor, who was the only person with the correct solution.

This week’s puzzle 

Please email your answers with workings / pictures to ibbs@tahs.net.  The correct solution and names of those who got it correct will be put in round-up next week

Calling all prospective medical/dentistry students

In order to support our students with the very challenging task of applying to study these competitive courses at university we have teamed up with a local consultant. She has agreed to act as a mentor to our students, offering advice and providing support with the online testing. Any student from y9 upwards who might be interested in applying for medicine or dentistry and would like to access this support or would like any further information please email Mrs North at north@tahs.net

English Success

RE Work

Thank you to a great week of work and the positive feedback we have received about the screencast lessons.  Here is a sample or great work  from Y9, 10 and 12 working from home – it really does show that it doesn’t matter what form your work takes – you can still make progress and keep learning.  Your efforts are really appreciated.

Students of the week have been chosen by Mrs Lindsay
Year 9 Students of the Week are:Sylvia, Keria, Grace, Millie, Lydia, Joe, Harry, Lewis and Jack.

Year 10 Students of the Week are:

Lilberty, Heather, Ben, Lydia, Polly and Josh.

Each will receive their online certificate explaining the reasons they have been chosen.

Science News

Even though our Science lessons are currently home based we are continuing to select students for their hard work across all academic years.

This week we have Science Students off the Week selected by Mrs Gwynne:

Year 10

Isaac Stanier, Katie Large, Aiden Moorfield and Tilly Shelley for super effort completing all work set to an exceptional standard.

Year 11

Jack Doyle, Eve Bednall and Seb Hancox for their continued commitment to Biology.

Year 12

Aaron Gwynne and Jenna Timmis for continued communication and completing work.

Year 13

Jack Marples, Thomas Paige, Emelia Lowe and Kim Burgess for completing all of the A Level Biology work that has been set.

Mrs North has also selected students for excellent work in both Science and Animal Care:

Year 9

Joe Hall and Findlay Taylor-Smith for excellent work in Science.

Year 10

Millie Yates and Tom Jackson for excellent Animal Care coursework.

Year 11

Millie Watson, Scarlett Simister and Jess Smith for completing all of their Animal Care coursework.

Year 12

George Mothershaw for making an excellent start on his coursework on the musculoskeletal system.

Well done!

PE Department

This week for core PE our students have begun a First Aid Course, through St John Ambulance. This is a practical course on Insight.

Our Yr 11 BTEC Tech Sport students have this week received their exam results. They have all received a personal email on Office 365 giving a breakdown of their result. Most of our students are rightly very proud of their results but for those below their target we will be notify the exam board that they would intend to resit. Our Yr11s continue to work hard on their Coursework and completed assignments should be emailed to their teacher on Office 365. 
Yr10 BTEC Tech Sport students have been researching Sports Injuries for their Coursework. Over Easter they have an optional project on Sports Leadership which they will find on Insight.

Yr12 BTEC Sport students are researching careers in Sport.

Yr13 BTEC Sport students are completing their assignment on Fitness Testing.

In conjunction with Staffordshire Training Provider The Training Initiative, we have been able to offer Yr11,12 and 13 students the opportunity to complete a L2 Fitness Instructor course, details are on Insight.
Practically, students have a number of project options over Easter- The first is a daily mile challenge, create a mile route using Google maps or another app and try and beat your time each day you can start by walking.
The Royal Ballet have got a progressive fitness programme on 


Leeds Rhinos have got a 14 day fitness challenge you can try (you don’t have to be a rugby player it is suitable for everyone) 

Alternatively create your own fitness/movement/ PE challenge, it might be to improve a skill e.g keepie uppies, or catching, try a yoga routine, make up a new game. Post your ideas on Office 365. 
Other ideas are on Insight

Games created by some members of Miss Jones’ PE group.

Gemma came up with Here’s the rules for the 2 games me and my two brothers made up:1) Crab Football:Basically, it’s a version of football that can be played inside, as long as there’s space! Each player starts in a ‘crab’ position, on hands and feet, kind of like the bridge gym pose but with arms bent below the shoulders, if that makes sense? Then, you set up as many goals as there are players (eg, 3), each about a meter wide. Next, you have to ‘crab crawl’ around and try and score the opponents goal. To score, it is a countdown: everyone starts with 5 points and if somebody scores in your goal, you lose a point and they gain one. Either first to 10 points wins, or first to 0 loses, whichever’s first!

2) Winguardium This game is also for indoors, and each player sits (preferably cross-legged, or kneeling) in a circle, with about half a meter between them all. The aim of the game is to defend your ‘goal’-your head- but you’re not allowed to move anything but your hands. If you can figure out a way of walking with your hands, that is allowed. If your head gets head-bumped by somebody else, you’re out!

Hannah invented a game called Tillies Out where the scoring system is, at the end of how many rounds you want to do, the person with the most times they have turned the lamp off wins. If the numbers are equal, the person who wins is the person who got sent back to the house the least amount of times.

Isabella continued with a fitness theme  – The game i did was to put exercises in one bowl and numbers in another. You pick a exercise and a number of times and continue until you finish both bowels
Sadie practiced her netball – 2 people each have a turn shooting the netball into the hoop. if it bounces off the wall and goes in its 1 point and if it goes in without touching the wall then its 2 points. the first person to 20 points wins.

Netball drills. 

The netball teams received a link with some solo drills they can practice at home if they have access to a ball. Everyone is welcome to try.


Please keep praticing your skills if you are able to and send in any photos or videos of any skills you have completed successfully

Internet Safety

Parental controls offered by your home internet provider to support homeschooling online safety

How to set up filters on your home internet to help prevent age inappropriate content being accessed on devices in your home. 

The 4 big internet providers in the UK – BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media – provide their customers with free parental controls which can be activated at any time. They have come together to produce these helpful video guides to help you to download and set-up the controls offered by your provider.  

The link to this site can be found:


This site has lots of other useful resources for parents and carers to support online safety.


Geography Competitions 

As we are entering the Easter holidays, it is a good time to slow down and take a break from working all the time. So in light of this, we will be extending the final submission date of the competitions announced next week. The new dates are as follows:

Year 9-Wednesday 22nd April

Year 10 and 11- Friday 24th April

Year 12 and 13- Monday 27th April

Winners will be announced on May 1st.

Any questions, draft submissions, or final submissions can be sent to geogcomp@tahs.net.

Good luck and happy Easter!

Drama News

The National Theatre are currently offering free, at home access to some of their productions and this week are streaming the highly acclaimed One Man, Two Guvnors (recommended for parents/carers and students of year 11 and above). This is available for the next six days, please see the link below.


Students and families have additionally been sent an at home login on INSIGHT to access the NT collection over Easter.

Digital Marketing Course

Further to us securing the opportunity for students to do online fitness course we are also able to offer a similar opportunity for Digital Marketing – ideal for ICT and Business students in years 11 to 13.


Child Development

Child development students have been set the “egg baby” challenge over Easter – here’s the first two entries baby Bella and baby Derek!

BTEC Tech Award Health & Social Care Exam Results

This week saw the arrival of the results for the external exam taken in February for all our year 10 and year 11 Health & Social Care students.  We are incredibly pleased with the results with a fantastic 100% pass rate.  Lots of students have performed above their target grades, but special mention must go to Lydia in year 10 who achieved an outstanding 48/48 points towards her overall qualification.  Well done to everyone.

Great Art Work

The Art Department has been really impressed with how well Year 9 students have been engaging with the first two art tasks. Some brilliant use of pattern and tone – well done! Here are a few examples to share with you

New Life

A bit of positive news for peoples day, new life down on the farm.

An Impressed Mr Parker!

While all those who’re staying focused online are doing really well, I particularly wanted to mention the work members of 11U2 and 11H2 are doing in such unusual times. I’ve been sent some hugely inspiring and well-thought out pieces, and think you should all be proud of keeping yourself in great working habits. 


School Website

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March 27th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Headteacher’s Blog

I would like to thank all members of our community as we complete week 1 of learning from a distance. Your ongoing support, tolerance and patience is greatly appreciated.

There is a lot still for us as a school to learn and I am grateful for how much our community has pulled together.

I hope you enjoy Round up.

TAP for this Monday as follows:

Both Years:

Please keep an eye on Insight for some additional TAP activities to help make this current situation go by in a healthy and productive way.  I would really like to hear from you with your uplifting playlists at bell@tahs.org.

Year 12

Continue to work on your CV’s on Unifrog or on a Word document.  Good advice is available on this link from Barclays bank but remember to also utilise Unifrog.  You can also spend some time updating your competencies on Unifrog: 


Year 13

Read this useful article about self esteem.  You could also explore the Bright Knowledge website which has lots of great articles on education, health and wellbeing but also a careers library to explore

:  https://www.brightknowledge.org/health-wellbeing/self-esteem

GCSE Pod Usage

Well done all we are currently 2nd in our category for usage.

Maths Puzzle

Please see the attached for all the details of the latest maths puzzle.

Rotary Young Writer Competition

A huge congratulations to Maddie Andrews, who has won the Rotary Young Writer competition- at both Local and District level. This is a fantastic achievement. Maddie will now go forward for consideration by the National panel and we wish her all the best of luck! 

Auschwitz Visit

The Auschwitz trip was a once in a lifetime experience and one that I will never forget. After visiting the small town of Oświęcim, we visited the first Auschwitz camp. This was transformed from an old, unused Polish army settlement, so the barracks were brick and several stories high. Prisoners rooms were bare and harsh. It’s also interesting to note that many barracks had illusion windows; buildings had actually sealed up windows from the inside with wooden planks on a steel frame, meaning rooms inside had little to no light. This camp was mainly for political prisoners at the beginning, and later acted as the site of Dr. Mengele’s experiments. As we neared the end of the tour here, we visited the book of names. This book has over 4million names recorded in it. You can look through each individual page and find hundreds of names, next to which is their birthdate, where they were from and sometimes the exact day they died. It is a statement of both personal and societal impacts of the holocaust. The second camp was more similar to what most would imagine the camps to be like. It was quite a shock to me how large the camp really was, at 2 square miles. The wooden barracks were lined with bunk beds that would’ve been used by up to 5-10 people per bunk bed level. We also visited the toilet block which gave us a real impression of the lack of privacy prisoners were exposed to and reminded me of the ‘modern luxuries’ we now take for granted. At each stage we learnt about the personal implications of the holocaust while witnessing the enormous extent of its effects. Our tour leader was great and it was inspiring to see his commitment and passion for the cause, as he talked us through each site we visited. I’m overwhelmingly grateful to school for providing this as an opportunity for students and recommend it to anyone who wants to play their part in keeping the memories alive.

Science News

Our Science students are continuing their studies through a variety of distance learning methods.

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Miss Thorley are:

Polly Jones in Year 10 and Caitlyn Beardsley in Year 11 for exceptional hard work and positive attitude to learning.

Miss Macdonald selected Eleanor Webster and Surinder Mason for working hard through all of the Chemistry GCSEPods and producing extra work in preparation for taking A Level Chemistry.

Well done!

PE Department

Well done to all students who are staying active, at least we have been blessed with some nice weather. Last week we set students the task of creating a mile run and then timing it. If it is safe for you to do, keep trying to beat your time and send them into us on Office 365. We also set you a deck of cards challenge (see last week’s roundup)

We will set some progressions of these in the next few weeks.  Some of you have been getting creative with you exercise-

E.g Jack has been doing this with his brother- 

1. Run around garden 10 times

2. Come together in middle of garden and do a 1v1 scrum 

3. 10 press ups

4. 10 sit ups

5. 2 laps of Garden

Roman has been been playing Wally, each player starts with 3 lives, you have to hit a wall with a ball with just one kick or lose a life. Last player to lose all lives wins.

Rhys- has been doing the woodwork challenge- 5 shots with football 10m away to hit crossbar and both posts, if you hit one you get an extra shot, if you miss cross bar 5press ups, if you miss post 5sit ups

Leighton has been playing Panna- a 1v1 football game first to 3goals or meg your opponent.

Lots of other complex back garden games involving pets and different equipment some of which I will share next week. 

Please share your games, so others can have a go.

BTEC Sport Results

Well done to our Yr12 and 13 students on a great set of unit exam results from January. 


Congratulations to a number of RS, Philosophy and Ethics students who have completed Open University Certificates as part of their learning from home this week to support their progress.  To those Y10 students who completed the 1 hour ‘Do Prisons work?’ module and Y12 students who have completed  the 12 hour ‘Rethinking religion’ module, very well done  This is a great achievement and relates directly to your courses.

Art Update

Art staff have been impressed by the numbers of students that have been actively engaging with the art tasks set across all year groups and have been emailing photos of their work to staff for feedback. Could we please request that parents particularly of students in years 11 and 13 do this if it is possible, as this will help with the awarding of grades.

Geography Competitions

TAHS Geography Competitions

The competitions below are aimed to develop your skills in geography as well as reinforce the knowledge you have gained in lessons. Have fun, good luck, and I look forward to seeing your results!


Please enter all entries as either a word document, or as a photo (if you are doing a poster/leaflet based task). Entries must be submitted to geogcomp@tahs.net to be a valid entry. Please use the title of the competition with your name as the subject. I will be marking them and sending you feedback within a week of the closing date.

I will accept entries from the 30th March 2020. The final deadline for entries is 3pm on the following dates:

Year 9- Thursday 9th April
Year 10 and 11- Friday 10th April
year 12 and 13- Monday 13th April

Winners will be announced in the newsletter of that week.

Sources: you must include a list of where you got your information. The idea of these tasks is not to cut and paste, but effectively research a topic in a way that boosts your knowledge. Wikipedia is NOT a valid source!


Year 9- Our Fascinating Planet

Using google Earth (or google maps satellite view if you cannot access Google Earth), you are to find the most fascinating landform you can in one of the following countries:


This land form must be natural (NOT man-made!). Once you have chosen, you are to produce a leaflet no more than 2 sides of A4 explaining what the feature is, how it was formed, and any local stories/legends that may surround it. Include maps and pictures, however these must not fill more than half a page. Word limit: 500 words.

Year 10 and 11- Earthquake Survival Guide

You are to produce a guide for residents on how to survive an earthquake. This is to be no more than two sides of A3 and needs to include the following information:

What an earthquake is, how they happen, and where they happen.
How you can prepare yourself and your home for an earthquake.
What to do during an earthquake.

You will get bonus marks if you include extra information about earthquakes and mitigating the impacts, but only if you also have the information above. Don’t forget diagrams and images to support your work, and a list of sources.

Year 12 and 13: Troubled Water

There is a documentary on Netflix called Rotten. Watch the episode entitled ‘Troubled Water’ and use this along with a minimum of 3 other sources to write an essay with the following title:

‘What are the global impacts of the bottled water industry?’

This task links to the water module in the A-Level scheme of work, and will encourage you to use your understanding of the topic to explore this aspect of the water issue. If you do not have access to Netflix, you can either find a suitable alternative documentary or a detailed article to use as your main reference. Word limit: 1000 words.

Something a Little Different

We are heading to an atypical holiday in education. We understand that some of you will want a rest from school; rightly so, but some of you may find that you want something different to do as your movement is limited.With that in mind we are sharing a range of ideas you may wish to consider. Some of these allow you to change your scenery virtually. Why not visit museums and galleries online? watch free productions from the National Theatre and Broadway, stream concerts, tackle James Dyson’s design challenges, learn a new language for future holidays all from your own home.  These are just a few! These ideas are not compulsory but just an offering of some great stuff being shared beyond our own community. We would love to hear about anything you:



School Website

School Shop


March 20th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Headteacher’s Blog

This evening, I just wanted to thank everyone for your support. Because of our community working together, showing such patience and tolerance I feel we are making progress in moving to distant learning. We are determined to be with you through this even if it is remotely. Our thoughts are with any families who are struggling at the moment – please let us know if we can help at all. 

I know our Year 11 and 13s understandably want answers to their questions about what will happen regarding their GCSEs and A levels/BTECs.  Guidance is being shared that there may be opportunities to re-sit them in the Autumn term and there may be teacher assessments which will take place. At the moment, this is conjecture but I will share it on one of the daily updates early next week. 

We are keenly aware that Year 11 and 13 students may have felt like it was their last day today – I am confident that we will celebrate your time at our school when this moment in time has passed. We want to have the opportunity to thank you for all you have done for the school. For now though, let’s do the best we can with the coming weeks, let’s try and support our families, friends and those NHS workers and other key workers who are doing so much for us. 

Other news:
Two things happened this week which would normally be at the top of my newsletter. The first is that we were awarded 2 Specialist Schools and Academies Trust awards – an incredible achievement from last year’s Year 11 and 13 and your teaching and support staff. Congratulations – it is the first time we have made the top 10% of schools nationally for attainment.
And the second thing – the birth of some beautiful new lambs.

Round up remains our celebration of events – next week we move to a celebration of our online work and if you have positive stories that we can share please email Headteacher@tahs.org.uk

I will finish this week with my personal thank yous to our wonderful community: student support assistants; teaching assistants, 1:1 tutors, technicians, cover staff,  teachers, site staff, our cleaning team, ICT staff, our cooks, governors, parents, students and the senior team.
Education is about to change for a period of time – we will learn from it – then we will reunite. 

I look forward to that day. 

Until then, let’s see what we can do with learning from a distance.

6th Form Apprenticeships Online Short CourseIf you are interested in finding out more about apprenticeships, please enrol on this short course provided by Amazing Apprenticeships.  It is an interactive resource designed to tell you all you need to know about apprenticeships in a 10 hour self-directed course.  It includes what apprenticeships are, how to find one, about funding and preparing for the first day.  


Tutor Activities for First Week Back


Create or improve your CV using Unifrog and advice from Barclays.  Log onto Unifrog and complete your CV or add to your competencies:  



Please watch this video and read this advice about keeping good mental health during the coronavirus.


Sports News

U16 Football

With all football currently on hold – Yr11 were presented with their match shirts for the County Cup and Sentinel Shield.  Who knows when we will be able to play football again but these boys will have these shirts as memento’s of 3 years of school football  and will have these shirts to play 6th form football.

PE At Home 

With school closed to Yr9 & 10 at the end of the week pupils have been completing a range of activities at home. A couple of these examples are below.  All pupils can have a go at these and send in their times on Office 365.
Red/Black  – You will need a pack of playing cards (if not got one create your own or use an online card pack) and a timer (watch/stop watch/phone etc)

Instructions -This challenge is Called Red & Black. For Each red card do press ups and each black card do sit ups. Shuffle cards and put pack of cards face down- Turn first card over and look at the number. Complete the number of exercises on the card. All face cards are 10. If you turn over a Joker complete 20 star jumps. e.g turn over 2 of clubs ( complete 2 sit ups), then turn over next card 7 of hearts (complete 7 press ups).  Keep going until you have completed the full set of cards (52 + jokers) You can rest as much as you like but the clock keeps running. When you have completed the full deck of cards stop the timer. You can have as many goes as you like. If you can get someone to witness it. Press Ups can be completed on knees but you must state that on your results and chest must go down to the floor. Sit Ups Hands next to ears- elbows to knees, back must go to floor each rep.

 1 mile running challenge. 

Your task is to create a safe running route from your house using google maps, map my run or another app of your choice.  Plan a circular route that starts and finishes at home.  this could be 1 mile long lap or a number of smaller laps adding up to 1 mile.  Ensure your route is safe and that you tell someone where you are going.  If possible do the run with a friend or family member

Science News

On Thursday our Year 11 students carried out a series of Science experiments.

Mr Melland’s classes looked into rocket science – building a variety of different shaped rockets and impressively launching them towards a target!

Students also measured the wavelength of laser light using diffraction gratings.

Mr Mitchell made batteries from salt bridges using a range of sulfate solutions.  Cells arranged in series produced an outstanding 6.3 volts – sufficient to charge a mobile phone!

Some classes also tried their hand at alchemy – turning copper coins into ‘gold’!

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Milward are:

Year 10

Macy Curran for excellent effort in Biology

Sam Archer for excellent work in Biology

Year 11

Tom Haines and Scarlett Simister for effort and progress in Biology lessons

Year 12

Charlie Martin for making good progress in A Level Biology

Isabel Foster for excellent effort in A Level Biology

Year 13

Luke Langley for making good progress in A Level Biology

Poppy Reay-Robinson for continued effort in her A Level Biology studies

Well done!

BTEC Success

This week we got some fabulous results for our year 13 BTEC Health & Social Care students.

They received the results from their January exam, the challenging Anatomy & Physiology paper and over a third of the students achieved the top distinction grade (with two more being just a couple of marks away).  Another 1/3 achieved a merit grade and 100% students passed.
There are still some places available on this course for September for students interested in a health, care or education career.

Help the Supply Chain

Are you in the sixth form and wanting to help with the current national emergency then check out this link.


Summer Holiday Opportunity

Please see the link below for information on a fantastic opportunity for students over the summer break on Cannock Chase.


School Website

School Shop


March 13th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Headteacher’s Blog

Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us at Year 10 parents evening this week. We understand that some people were unable to attend and this will have been disappointing. Please contact us if you would like feedback from your son or daughter’s form tutor.

We would very much appreciate all parents/carers checking that your daughter or son can log into GCSEpod and Insight. https://www.gcsepod.com

We have set a Maths piece of homework (just 15 minutes) for all Year 9 students to check they can access the podcasts. Please encourage them to do so. We will then provide training for students who cannot access the podcasts via their form tutors.

Talk the Talk have been back in school working with students to develop their communication skills; students reported that they had an excellent day and have found the day useful in developing their own confidence. Thank you to Mrs Peers ran our first formal walking talking mock where the students worked through the English examination paper with her in real time.

Thank you for the support that parents have offered us during this difficult time. We want to reassure you that we continue to follow guidance from Public Health England. currently guidance is as follows:

  • People who are experiencing flu-like symptoms and have a new or persistent cough symptoms and/or temperature of 37.8C and above are being asked to self-isolate for seven days.
  • Schools are to remain open, but international school trips will be cancelled.

Absence will be authorised for all students who need to self-isolate.  Our thoughts are with anyone who is unwell.

6th Form Apprenticeships Online Short CourseIf you are interested in finding out more about apprenticeships, please enrol on this short course provided by Amazing Apprenticeships.  It is an interactive resource designed to tell you all you need to know about apprenticeships in a 10 hour self-directed course.  It includes what apprenticeships are, how to find one, about funding and preparing for the first day.  


Tutor Activities for First Week Back


Create or improve your CV using Unifrog and advice from Barclays.  Log onto Unifrog and complete your CV or add to your competencies:  



Watch these clips about settling in to uni life provided by UCL:

https://www.ucl.ac.uk/students/support-and-wellbeing/uclcares/student-support-and-wellbeing-videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Qq1pJ8TGy8

Sports News

U14 and U16 Netball

Both sides won matches against Cheadle and Moorside on Tuesday. We will be back for more fixtures in a couple of weeks 

Uttoxeter Rugby

Congratulations to our Thomas Alleynes boy’s who were involved in a superb win against Derby Rugby club today. The under 15’s and 16’s Uttoxeter teams joined forces at the start of the season as both low on numbers, they struggled up to Christmas with very few wins but thanks to the perseverance of the coaches James Holmes, Aron and David Pattison they have come of age and played a superb game.  

Science News

This week we celebrated British Science Week with a variety of spectacular and fascinating activities occurring each lunchtime.

The Chemistry Department produced a range of spectacular flames and explosions; including lighting methane bubbles, an ethanol ‘whoosh’ bottle and hydrogen and oxygen balloons.

Students were engrossed by the rat dissection in the Biology Department.  The answer to ‘how long is the small intestine of a rat?’ – approximately 1 metre!

In the Physics Department sparks flew as we looked into hair raising electricity with the Van de Graaff generator and a giant capacitor.

The reptiles made an appearance on the School Farm; including the bearded dragon and the gecko. The students took the opportunity to feed the corn snake. The tarantula also made an impressive appearance!

Thank you for all of the entries received so far in the ‘Big Science Question Competition’, which is open to all year groups within the school.  See the posters displayed in the Science Department for details of this term’s Chemistry-themed questions.  Prizes include credit points, front of queue lunch passes and a fabulous Echo Dot.  The closing date for the entries is Friday 20th March.

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Melland are:

Year 9

Ellie-Mae Brown and Joe Renshaw for excellent effort and class contributions

Year 10

Finley Moger and Liea Wild for consistent effort

Year 11

Scarlett Simister and Chloe Yates for working very well in Physics

Year 12

Charlie Martin and Alicia Mountford for excellent attitude and effort

Year 13

Will Taylor for exceeding his target

Max Addison for supporting Year 11 revision.

This week’s Animal Care Students of the Week selected by Mrs North are:

Year 10

Emily Taylor and Evie Udall for excellent animal care course work at a distinction level.

Year 11

Georgie Woodfield, Abigail Wildman and Max Hayes for consistent hard work on course work.

Well done!

Summer Holiday Opportunity

Please see the link below for information on a fantastic opportunity for students over the summer break on Cannock Chase.


School Website

School Shop


March 6th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Headteacher’s Blog

You are likely to be aware of the outbreak of novel coronavirus and the subsequent confirmed cases in the UK. We take the health and safety of our pupils and staff very seriously, so we’re sharing guidance from Public Health England on steps you should be taking.

There’s currently no cause for concern at the school, but we’ll keep you informed about any developments and ensure we’re keeping the school clean to prevent the spread of any virus.

Please make sure you and your children follow these general principles to prevent spreading any respiratory virus:

 Wash your hands often – with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or an alcohol-based sanitiser if soap and water aren’t available
 Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
 Avoid close contact with people who are sick
 If you feel unwell, stay at home and don’t attend work or school
 Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in a bin
 Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces in the home
 If you’re worried about your symptoms, please call NHS 111 – don’t go directly to your GP or other healthcare environment

If you or your children have returned from a category 1 country or area in past 14 days

Contact NHS 111 for advice, and:

 Self-isolate for 14 days after leaving the country or area (see the home isolation advice sheet for help with this at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-self-isolation-for- patients-undergoing-testing/advice-sheet-home-isolation)
 If you become unwell, call NHS 111 immediately for an assessment (or 999 if you require emergency medical attention) – see below for the symptoms to look out for

If you or your children have returned from a category 2 country or area in last 14 days

If you or your children are well:

You don’t need to avoid contact with other people
Your other family members don’t need to take any precautions or make any changes to their own activities.
If you become unwell (see below for a list of symptoms):
 Stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with other flu viruses (see the home isolation advice sheet for help with this)
 Call NHS 111 immediately for an assessment (or 999 if you require emergency medical attention)

Symptoms to look out for

If you’ve returned from any of the category 1 or 2 areas or countries, look out for the following symptoms:

 Cough
 Difficulty in breathing
 Fever (a temperature of 38 degrees C or higher)

According to other official guidance, while you wait for further advice:

 Avoid contact with others
 Stay at home – don’t go to work or school
 Don’t travel while sick
 Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing,throwing tissues in the bin
 Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or an alcohol-based sanitiser if soap and water aren’t available)

If you or your child have any further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school to speak to Mrs Rudge or Mrs Maingay.Please ensure that the school has your most recent contact details so that our records are up-to-date and correct. We continue to monitor the safety and well-being of our students regarding future trips and activities and will keep in close contact with Parents.

Tutor Activities for First Week Back


Watch this video about LGBQT issues in school.  How could you help?  What might you need to ask staff for?  Also read the handout of websites for LGBQT advice and support.



Visit the ‘Student Meals’ web page.  How much does it cost to cook a healthy meal? Check out some recipe ideas here (guess the prices before watching):  



Assemblies: w/b 9th of March

Miss North will be leading assemblies this week talking about National Science Week

Thought(s) for the Week 

“Rockets are cool. There is no getting around that.” -Elon Musk

“Reason, observation, and experience: the holy trinity of science.” –Robert Green Ingersoll

Year 10 Parents Evening

Year 10 parents evening is now live on Insight for your bookings. Reminder of the date, Thursday 12th March.

Sports News

 Year 9 – Champions  

Paulet were the final opposition to complete the fixtures for the East Staffordshire LeagueTAHS led through every quarter, in windy conditions. The final score was 10-1. The girls have had a phenomenal season and it has been fantastic to see them develop as a team. 

Squad – Lucy C, Evie, Kiera, Hattie, Lucy L, Flo & Molly POM- Lucy L

Year 10 finished runners up in their league with a 16-2 victory at PauletSquad – Lydia, Evie, Zoe, Teegan, Halle, Holly, Jess & Lucy. POM – Evie.  The same girls also made their debut in the U16 B Moorlands tournament on Thursday. Playing three fixtures in the tournament the girls enjoyed more success with a comprehensive victory against Cheadle, a 7-4 win over Moorside and a narrow 8-5 loss to Painsley. 

The Year 11 team won the Moorlands U16 A tournament at Cheadle. The girls won all three games beating Cheadle 11-5, Moorside 7-6 and JCB 14-2. Many thanks to Andrea Adams for umpiring and transport. Squad – Amelia, Freya, Jess, Ella, Frankie, Anna, Holly & Alice

Next Week 

Tuesday – U16 A & U14 netball at Cheadle

Wednesday – Girls Cricket Club

Friday – Trampoline Club

Latest from Match Day Max

Science News

Our celebration of British Science Week got underway on Friday 6th March with our much-anticipated Millionaire Quiz.

The winners of our Middle School Quiz were a team from Windsor Park Middle School, the runners-up were a team also from Windsor Park.  In third place were Oldfields Hall Middle School.

Well done!

We had joint winners in the Thomas Alleyne’s House Quiz – teams from Whitmore and Torrance took the prize and in third place was a team also from Whitmore House.

Well done!

Next week we have a range of activities to celebrate British Science Week; each activity will start at 13.30.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday, Room 52: Explosive Chemistry with Mr Crum – potentially very loud!!!

Wednesday, Room 55: Rat dissection with Mrs Swinson; how long is the ‘small’ intestine of a rat?!!!

Thursday, Room 51: Electrifying Physics with Mrs Melland – hair raising!!!

Friday is Animal Antics on the Farm – come and meet a range of animals on the Farm including guinea pigs and the bearded dragon.

Miss Thorley would like to share with the School a piece of homework produced by Spencer Daniels. The homework titled ‘Journey of a Ham and Cheese Sandwich’ has been painted onto canvas and superbly illustrates the digestive system process. 

The Science Department would like to reward the excellent effort and hard work – a prize awaits Spencer in the Prep. Room on Monday breaktime.  Well done Spencer!

With exam season approaching we would like to offer Year 11 students the opportunity to purchase Science Revision cards.

The cards can be purchased from the School Shop:

Triple Science (students in sets 1 and 2) – Biology, Chemistry and Physics are priced at £4.50 per subject pack.

Combined Science (students in sets 3, 4 and 5) – Biology, Chemistry and Physics are priced at £3.50 per subject pack.

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Crum are:

Year 9

Olivia Smith for consistent effort.

Ryan Jeffrey for excellent work.

Year 10

Wren Tilbrook for excellent effort.

Tilly Shelly for superb effort.

Katie Boot for always trying hard and achieving or beating her target grade.

Year 11

Abi Wildman for hard work.

Kyle Elcock for excellent effort.

Year 12

Alex Done and Katelyn Poole for consistent excellence.

Year 13

Luke Langley and Sian Rendell for excellent effort and attainment.

Well done!

Geography Revision

Geography revision on Tuesday until 4pm, all are welcome.

Drama News

Parents/ carers of our A Level and GCSE Drama students are invited to an informal showcase of practical exam work in the Ede Studio on Tuesday 17th March, 4-6pm. This will allow students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience before their exams. Please note that there are some mature and challenging themes and therefore we would recommend a minimum audience age of 14. 

Join our Team

We are recruiting cleaners and invigilators – please see the advert below for more details.


School Website

School Shop


February 28th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Headteacher’s Blog

Please support Barry’s development!

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting our successful Robotics team. It was fantastic to see the team working together to develop their robot ‘Barry’ so that they are in a strong position for the final in London. They are determined to prepare well for the final however they need our financial support. If you are able to help them please contribute to their justgiving page.


We will also be supporting them via a non-school uniform day. The proceeds will be shared between the Robotics team, our charity of choice Dougie Mac and YESS counselling. We hope you are able to support the team and their chosen charities by donating £2.00 for your son or daughter to wear non-school uniform on Friday 20th March. 

Thank you to all the parents who I met at Windsor and Oldfields over the last 2 weeks when I joined your Year 8 parents evenings. I found the evenings very helpful as we prepare for your sons and daughters to join us in September. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are very happy to complete small tours for any students who are anxious about their move to High School or just if they want to take another look before the induction days. 

Finally, congratulations to Ben in Year 9 for your incredible achievements swimming at county level recently. We wish you all the best in your future races, We very much appreciate parents keeping us up to date with students achievements outside school. 

A very successful future intentions trip today. Year 12 and some Year 13 were given the opportunity to attend the ‘What Career Live’ exhibition at the NEC. There were universities and apprenticeships available for all our students to talk about their post 18 options. Some of the best stands seemed to be the most interactive ones, for example the RAF stand seemed very busy all day. We were lucky enough for the RAF to come to our careers fair that we held at TAHS in earlier this month. Myself, Mrs Dodd, Mrs Bell, Mrs Featherstone, Mrs Walton and Mr Brunt have been successful in acquiring contacts for many of the apprenticeship providers and we hope to see them at the careers fair next year or coming in to speak to groups of students from Years 10-13. 

Tutor Activities for First Week Back


Are you in a healthy relationship? Are you worried about a friend in a relationship but don’t know what to do? Log onto this website for help whatever your sexuality.  Watch the short clip called ‘Disrespect Nobody’.


What if you need the doctors or dentists while you are at uni? Visit the ‘Bright Knowledge’ website for advice on health and well being at uni (you will also be given advice about this at freshers week):



Assemblies: w/b 2nd March

Assemblies this week taken by Mr Hulme focusing on World Book Day.

Thought for the Week 

“I spent my life folded between the pages of books. In the absence of human relationships I formed bonds with paper characters. I lived love and loss through stories threaded in history; I experienced adolescence by association. My world is one interwoven web of words, stringing limb to limb, bone to sinew, thoughts and images all together. I am a being comprised of letters, a character created by sentences, a figment of imagination formed through fiction.”  ― Tahereh Mafi,  Shatter Me

Year 10 Parents Evening

Year 10 parents evening is now live on Insight for your bookings. Reminder of the date, Thursday 12th March.

GCSE Pod – Well Done all…

Unico Live App

Please see the advise here re the aforementioned app

NCS – assembly Y11 residential and community service experience.

NCS delivered an assembly to our Year 11 students this morning. The information that was covered is below

NCS is an experience specially designed for 16 – 17 year olds. We give young people a few weeks out over the summer holiday to meet new people, try new things and cover new ground. We’re all about helping teenagers realise their potential, by giving them a taste for independence and loading them up with new skills so they can go on to smash their future goals.

As a national youth programme, NCS is made up of lots of regional providers – and that’s where we come in. (Hello!) We’re Burton Albion Community Trust and we’re your local NCS provider. Last year, we graduated 281 students from Burton who all completed the NCS experience. And this year, it’s your teen’s turn!

Technically a spot on our four week programme costs around £1,500 but because we’re government-funded, we only ask for a contribution. The most you’ll pay is £50, and we also offer bursaries – so everyone can do NCS.

This summer, we’ve got a few dates you can choose from:

Wave 1 –  Monday 29th June 2020 – Friday 24th July 2020

Wave 2 – Monday 3rd August  2020 – Friday 28th August 2020

Want to find out more? Head to: wearencs.com or email me as your local contact on the below email address.

Sports News

BTEC Tech Award Sport Activity And Fitness – Unit 1

For anyone needing to improve or complete sports injuries assignment or technology in sport assignment room 43 is available Friday after school each week. Year 11’s should now be practising leadership and coaching skills in preparation for unit 3.

U18 County Cup Rugby 7’s

County 7’s is being held on Wed 4th March at Stafford Rugby Club.  See Ben Simon for squad list.

Science News

On Friday 6th March we will be launching our celebration of British Science Week.  We begin with our Millionaire Quiz for teams of Year 8 students from our Middle Schools and all Year Groups from Thomas Alleyne’s, who will compete in house pairs.

The following week will feature a range of activities and demonstrations in the Science Department. Details will be revealed soon; look out for the Science Week posters around the School!

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Mitchell are:

Year 9

Sylvia Stocks for the top score on her Science test and consistent work and high quality this year.

Sam Pickup for consistent high scores in Science tests.

Year 10

Alyssa Whitehall for brilliant work rate and ethic leading to good progress all year.

Joshua Briddon for good work rate and understanding in Physics.

Year 11

Harry Van Hoek for consistent good work attainment at Level 8.

Courtney Hudson for brilliant effort and progress in lessons.

Year 12

Matthew Payne for consistent work rate at or above target and asking good questions in class.

Aimee Wild for resilience shown with all new Chemistry concepts.

This week’s Year 13 Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs Evans are:

Tom Smith and Luke Langley for consistent hard work in A Level Chemistry.

Well done!

Join our Team

We are recruiting cleaners and invigilators – please see the advert below for more details.


School Website

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February 14th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Headteacher’s Blog

Please find below our final round up of the term. We wish you a very happy half term. 

As part of our ongoing Future Intention support programme for Year 12 students, it is proposed to arrange a visit on Friday 28th February 2020 to the Careers Live Convention in Birmingham. We will be leaving school at 8.30am and the predicted time of return is 3.05pm.  Students will be registered on the coaches prior to departure. The day offers an opportunity for students to explore a range of talks including information about student life, choosing a career, working a certain industry, applying for university, apprenticeships and much more.

The cost of this trip will be £10.00 per student.  Deadline for payment is Tuesday 25th February 2020

Consent forms to be returned to the Sixth Office by Tuesday 25th February 2020.

This is a great opportunity, so much so that we have offered it to our Year 13 students who have not applied to university. There will be a range of apprenticeship providers and students will be encouraged to seek out opportunities for themselves.

Last week was the Year 12 assessment week. All Year 12 students were ‘put through their paces’ as each classroom teacher assessed them on prior learning. This data will be formulated and passed back to students so they can see the positive progress they are making. This assessment week will also enable classroom teachers and the Sixth Form Team to see who may need academic support and intervention. This is a positive process that allows us to support the student to help bridge gaps in knowledge, help with confidence and also deliver revision strategies to those that may need further support.

With half term upon us, it is that time when I ask you to support your child in Year 13 and help them plan a revision timetable for their final set of examinations at TAHS.  We need them to ensure they have enough revision time scheduled per week and to encourage them to ensure that they do have time for themselves.  If you would like help with this then please contact Mrs Walton and she will forward your email or query to their classroom teachers.

Year 12 students should now be looking at the ‘super curricular’ activities, by completing  Moocs, using online learning platforms such as Future Learn etc. All of these platforms enable students to look deeper into their subject content and to discover a greater understanding of aspects of the subject specification. Using Unifrog is a great way to look at this.

Tutor Activities for First Week Back


As part of keeping students safe, please watch this BBC clip about a prolific offender and then a Drink Aware video about staying safe on a night out:




As part of keeping students safe, please watch these clips about staying safe on a night out.  The first is advice from Cambridge University, the second is from the Canals & Rivers Trust:



Year 9 Options

The options form has now gone ‘LIVE’ on insight. Please make sure that students are on their own account (and not parental account) to complete the form.

The options process closes on Wednesday 26th February


In order to support the run up to external exams we wish to share some ideas with you. Over half term please ask your child about their revision timetable and how they plan to get ready for the exams.  You may find the attached information about ‘revisiting content’ useful.

A Monster Calls

The trip to see ‘A Monster Calls’ is on Wednesday 19th February. Please ensure you return any outstanding medical forms and arrive at school for 12:10. 

Year 9 Parents Evening

Year 9 parents evening is now live on insight, http://www.thonasalleynes.org.

Please check you appointments to see if you have missed any teachers – they are going fast!

If you have issues with insight please email insight@tahs.org.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Business in Berlin

Year 12 Business Studies arrived in a Berlin on Thursday and spent the day exploring and experiencing the Brandenburg Gate and even got to see a couple of ambassadors driving away from an important meeting at the Reichstag.

Friday was an early start to the BMW Motorcycle factory, an escape room experience and taking in the incredible view from the glass dome of the Reichstag, all whilst travelling around the city using the underground and tram systems! Still to come chocolate factory at Ritter Sport, Hard Rock cafe, bunker experience and Walking tour of Berlin. 

One student said: the few days we have spent in Berlin was one of my best experiences ever, the culture is different from England and on every street there is an impressive building.

Sports News

Eleanor Punchard in the sixth form, won silver in the English Indoor Rowing Championships at Manchester velodrome.

Berie Ingram was 9th in the County Cross Country Championships.

Year 9 Netball Vs Deferrers

The unbeaten run continued for the Year 9 netball team. Another high standard game was played by both teams. Alleyne’s controlled each quarter and this was reflected in the score. Amelie was voted player of the match for her high quality shooting.The movement with Megan and Amelie in the D allowed for lots of shooting opportunities close to the net.Hattie, Lucy, Kiera, and Evie jumped to intercept or collect rebounds in the defensive third. Whilst Molly, Lucy L and Flo made space in wide areas to create space on the court. An excellent game which finished 19-8 to TAHS

Y10 Girls Netball 

1st Orme, 2nd Torrance, 3rd Elkes, 4th Whitmore

Year 9 House Netball

1st Whitmore,  2nd Elkes,  3rd Orme,  4th Torrance 

Boys House Football

Year 9
1st Torrance, 2nd Orme, 3rd Whitmore, 4th Elkes

Year 10
1st – Orme, 2nd Whitmore, 3rd Elkes, 4th Torrance 

Year 11
1st Orme, 2nd Whitmore, 3rd Torrance, 4th Elkes


The CREST award is now being offered for Y10 students! This award, overseen by the British Science Association, will run weekly and involves students working independently or in groups to plan and run a project addressing a real-world STEM problem. We will be working towards gaining Silver awards from CREST which you will be able to write about on CV’s and personal statements and the skills you learn and develop will be able to be applied to your GCSE science studies. There are many project ideas available such as ‘Detect Fraud Using Chromatography’, ‘Hit-And-Run Investigation’, ‘Monitoring Water Pollution’, ‘Shampoo and Hair Types’ and much more!

The first session will take place on Wednesday 26th February in room 53 with Miss Thorley. If you want to know more about it before you start then please see Miss Thorley at any breaktime or lunchtime.

Please note: this project is currently only offered to Year 10 students at this moment in time, other opportunities will be available to other year groups soon.

Message from student Eco team

We would request that parents, who are dropping students off in the morning or picking up after school, turn off their engines whilst waiting. We are keen to reduce the carbon footprint of our school and this is a relatively simple thing that everyone can do to make a difference. 

Science News

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs Pavey are:

Year 9 

Alex Bryden – for his consistent good work and focus in lessons

William Ball – for his steady progress in Physics (and achieving his target in his end of topic test)

Year 10

Cole Moody – fabulous last assessment score

Tilly Shelley – for consistent hard work and good progress this half term

Year 11

Freya Bettaney – for her growth in confidence in Physics and her consistent hard work this half term

Martha Murray – for her positive attitude to learning and determination to master difficult topics

Year 12

Okii Ari and Vicky Catterall for their work for the James Webb Space Telescope Project

Year 13

Nicole Rankin – for her resilience and determination in Physics

Will Taylor – for his determination to master the subject and his independent work outside lessons 

Well done!

Year 9 Most Able Music and Drama Workshop.

Mrs Todd, Miss Gibbins and Mrs Mood ran a workshop this week for some of our talented Year 9 students in music and drama. The workshop was designed to give the opportunity for some students to take part in a musical theatre experience and to rehearse and perform a scene over the course of the day. The musical chosen was Little Shop of Horrors and the choreography was designed by Mrs Mood to enable all students to take part in the performance. 

The following words are from Ella Russell:
Wednesday was great. It all started with a bit of a warm up – we had to make a dance together. We also did a really hard tongue twister but we all got it in the end.After we got our teeth around that, we learned the song we were going to be performing -‘Skid Row’ from Little Shop of Horrors’. We were told that there were going to be some solos and later we did the auditions. They were nerve wracking but everyone did really well and the parts were then cast. We ended with an epic performance of what we had created. We filmed it and were all very impressed when we watched it back. 

Government Advise on Corona Virus

Advice to those who have travelled recently

Public Health England has changed the advice for individuals who have travelled recently as follows:

Travellers from Wuhan and Hubei Province

If you have travelled from Wuhan or Hubei Province to the UK in the last 14 days you should immediately:

stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with the flucall NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel to the area

Please follow this advice even if you do not have symptoms of the virus.

Travellers from other parts of China and other specified areas

This advice applies to travellers who have returned to the UK from the following areas:

Elsewhere in ChinaThailandJapanRepublic of KoreaHong KongTaiwanSingaporeMalaysiaMacau

If you have returned to the UK from any of these areas in the last 14 days and develop symptoms of cough or fever or shortness of breath, you should immediately:

stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with the flucall NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel to the country

Encouraging good hygiene

As always, if you have symptoms of a cold or flu, then there are measures you can take to stop germs:

always carry tissues with you and use them to catch your cough or sneeze. Then bin the tissue, and wash your hands, or use a sanitiser gel.wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after using public transport. Use a sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available.avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

Latest information

Updates on Coronavirus:


Travel advice for those travelling and living overseas:


Public Health England blog:



School Website

School Shop


February 7th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Headteacher’s Blog

Please see below our press release regarding the opening of our Sports Pavilion on Saturday. Thank you to students, who delivered some fantastic speeches and to everyone who joined us on the day.

Press release

A new, £1.5 million development, including new classrooms and state-of-the-art gym at Thomas Alleyne’s High School opened officially on February 1st 2020.  

 “The opening of the gym is part of our drive to provide the students of Uttoxeter and surrounding area with modern facilities which will enable them to study a broad range of subjects. We have always been fortunate to have our unique school farm on site to support students in their study of Environmental Science, and are thrilled to be able to now offer our Sports students such a fantastic additional resource,” said Headteacher Mrs Rudge.

Last year, Jack and Jess secured places to study Sports Science at Sheffield Hallam and Loughborough Universities, Lydia and Sean commenced their coaching qualifications and Thomas was successful in attaining a swimming scholarship. We currently have a number of students with their sights set on being part of the British team for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

She added, ”The sports industry boasts a diverse range of career options from physotherapy, coaching to sports technology and which ever route our students wish to take we want to make sure they are supported and well prepared. ”

Events this week

It has been a busy week with our Careers and Year 9 options evenings on Thursday and our PTA Quiz on Friday. There was a fantastic turn-out to both events and we felt very fortunate that over 40 organisations joined us for the careers evening. Thank you for your feedback during the evening. We were thrilled that so many of you found the event helpful.

If any of our readers have contacts in any businesses or higher education establishments that may be prepared to exhibit in 2021 please make contact with Mrs Dodd via office@tahs.org.uk.

My thanks to our fabulous PTA, our exhibitors and Mrs Dodd and Mrs Walton for such a fantastic Future Intentions evening.

Fantastic opportunity for a sixth former from Staffordshire Police.

The police have set up the East Staffordshire Citizens Academy which is a ten week course which is open to anyone from the community of East Staffordshire. The course is not limited to those with an interest in Policing but may be of benefit to anyone wishing to join the Police as a future career. 

It is open to anyone from the community who wants to find out about the work we do and over a ten week period the following subjects will be covered:-

Week 1 – Neighbourhood Policing, Police Powers and Problem Solving

Week 2 – Crime Prevention, contact services and Single Online Home

Week 3 – Child Sexual Exploitation & Cyber Crime

Week 4 – Domestic Abuse & Stalking

Week 5 – Prevent and Forensics

Week 6 – Major Investigation Department

Week 7 – Anti-Social Behaviour, Knife Crime and Stop & Search

Week 8 – Operational Support including Dog Support, Firearms and Tactical Support

Week 9 – Working at heights, Protest Removal and Specialist Search Officers

Week 10 – The Showcase Event.

Each session will be around two hours in length and the course is due to commence at 1800hrs (6pm) on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 and the venue for the course is Princess Resource and Community Centre, Princess Street, Burton, Staffordshire, DE14 2NW. There will be light refreshments provided during the sessions along a final end of course presentation, certificate and photograph.

If anyone is interested in attending the course or wish for further information then they are asked to email scott.gidman@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk and further information will be provided. Please also let Mrs Walton know you have applied.

This week was the careers fair at TAHS where we had many Post 18 providers here to share information and offer advice to our all of our year groups.  We saw many Year 9 and Year 11 students and were able to offer support in using Unifrog and about career pathways in general.  It was nice to see some Year 13 attending, these students are ensuring that really have got many options to choose from on results day in August.

All week Year 12 students have been completing assessments in their lesson, this is our interim assessment and will enable the students to see what it may be like in their mock examinations in June.  I have seen many students revising in the canteen and in the study room this week and know that all those that have worked hard and prepared for these assessments will be rewarded.

I hope that all Year 13 students have started their revision and have a suitable plan in place. I want all students to do well and we offer arrange of support to help them. Please encourage students to ask for subject support, they can arrange revision sessions with their teachers, complete past paper questions and receive feedback on them. They can also see what guidance is written on the exam board.  My best piece of advice is to plan the revision schedule, ensure that students know what they are revising and that they have all the topic clearly identified at the start, my second piece of advice is for them to let their friends know when they are revising, this may lead to less distractions. 

Thank you to the students who have helped at school functions over the last few weeks. The same wonderful students have helped out at Year 12 and Year 11 Parents evening and supported at the Careers Fair. If you are in Year 12 and would like to be considered for a role in the Senior Prefect Team then please consider attending these events and helping the wider school community.

Tutor Activities for Next Week


As part of our legal responsibility to guide students about healthy relationships, students are being asked to watch a short BBC video about stalking and discuss the surrounding issues


As part of our legal responsibility to guide students about healthy relationships, watch a video from Plan International about sexual identity & then a further video giving advice to LGBQT+ teens. All videos will be shown by tutors.

Year 9 Options

Many thanks to all Parents/Carers who attended the Year 9 Future Intentions evening this week. It was a fabulous night with over 40 exhibitors on hand to give advice to our students.

Please find attached all of the information shared during the options presentations and a copy of the subject prospectus.

Please take your time read through and discuss the options with your child.

The options form will go live next Friday via Insight. 

National Finalists

On Tuesday, the Thomas Alleyne’s Robotics team travelled to RAF Cosford, Wolverhampton to attend the Regional FTC Competition. We qualified for the National Championships which will be hosted in London, at the Olympic Park from March 27 – 28th. The team came first in a social media image competition and were runners up in the Inspire and Innovate awards out of 21 teams!

Almost winning the Inspire award meant the judges deemed our team to be one of the most successful in our journey, overcoming obstacles and reaching the Regionals with a high optimism and willingness to improve.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience participating in the competition and the games, with our team placing 10th in our ability.

It wasn’t all about the robot however, as we were judged not only on the hardware and the programming, but also our ability to work as a team and as a business, securing fundraising in order to progress in the project. Our triumph in this leg of the competition came forth from not only our smarts with robotics, but also our social skills and communication skills when securing sponsors.

However, to proceed to the National Championships, a two day event, we do still need some more investment. If you are interested in supporting us, we have a JustGiving donations page here:


Furthermore, any companies interested in sponsoring us, please send an email to: RobotTeam@tahs.net to enquire further.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Year 9 Parents Evening

Year 9 parents evening is now live on insight, http://www.thonasalleynes.org.

Please check you appointments to see if you have missed any teachers – they are going fast!

If you have issues with insight please email insight@tahs.org.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for the continued support with the implementation of the uniform policy. We have seen a decrease in non-school uniform items being worn to school which allows the students to be ready to learn when they enter the classroom.  Please can you continue to support the school uniform policy by ensuring that your child is wearing the appropriate trousers, skirts and shoes to school. 


We would appreciate all parents sharing the dates of the GCSE interventions with Year 11 students. A link to the timetable is below:

Sports News

House Basketball Results

Year 9
1st Whitmore, 2nd Orme, 3rd Torrance, 4th Elkes

Year 10
1st Whitmore, 2nd Orme,3rd Elkes, 4th Torrance

Year 11
1st Orme, 2nd Elkes, 3rd Whitmore, 4th Torrance

U16 County Cup Basketball Semi-Final

On Wednesday we took on Robert Sutton in the county cup semi final. We started slowly with the tactic of bringing on our stronger players as the game developed. 14-3 down after the first quarter, it was a tough hill to climb. Ben Wain began to find the basket inside the paint and with their stair player on 4 fouls we clawed it back to 32-32. The game became end to end with Wain scoring 3 pointers and Harry Taylor beginning to dominate inside the key. Some missed chances and improved discipline from our opposition resulted in a narrow loss but the boys could hold their heads high.

10 Tips to Stay Safe Online

  1. Only talk to people you know and trust in real life
  2. Don’t give away personal information to strangers – like what street you live on, or where you go to school. Say “no” if they ask you to share photos or videos of yourself
  3. Set your profiles to private
  4. Be ‘share aware’ – once you share something online, you’ve got no control over what anyone else does with it. And it’s illegal to take, share or view sexual images of under-18s, full stop
  5. Be mindful of your digital footprint – it could come back to bite you
  6. If you see something upsetting, or someone bullies you, tell an adult you trust
  7. Don’t assume everything you see is true to life. People often make their lives look more exciting online
  8. Watch out for hoaxes and scams, like messages you’re asked to pass on or that as you for payment details or passwords
  9. Be wary of schemes that promise easy cash in return for you receiving and transferring money, and don’t be fooled by anything that glamorises gang lifestyles
  10. Watch out for loot boxes or other ways that games get you to pay – before you know it you can spend a lot on them

Science News

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs Pavey are:

Year 9 

Alex Bryden – for his consistent good work and focus in lessons

William Ball – for his steady progress in Physics (and achieving his target in his end of topic test)

Year 10

Cole Moody – fabulous last assessment score

Tilly Shelley – for consistent hard work and good progress this half term

Year 11

Freya Bettaney – for her growth in confidence in Physics and her consistent hard work this half term

Martha Murray – for her positive attitude to learning and determination to master difficult topics

Year 12

Okii Ari and Vicky Catterall for their work for the James Webb Space Telescope Project

Year 13

Nicole Rankin – for her resilience and determination in Physics

Will Taylor – for his determination to master the subject and his independent work outside lessons 

Well done!


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January 31st 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Headteacher’s Blog

On Saturday, we have our official opening of the new Sports Pavillion. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the build and are excited to see students using the gym for the first time. 

This week on Thursday, we will be holding our annual Careers Evening. There will be over 40 exhibitors at the show, which is always a fantastic evening. It is an opportunity for all students, including those from our middle schools, to speak to prospective employers or colleges. Even if you can only spend half an hour with us, please pop along.

The following evening, we have a very different event – our PTA Quiz – always fun – details below.

Please remind your daughters and sons of the fantastic resource that is GCSEpod. Since the start of this academic year, students have streamed over 7000 podcasts to support them with their revision. Seventeen students have streamed over 100 podcasts. We know that students who stream high number of podcasts go on to make excellent progress at GCSE and so urge everyone, from Year 9 to Year 11, to get into a good routine of regularly accessing the podcasts to revise or embed their learning. 

Thank you to Year 12 parents  for joining us at parents evening this week. With 90% of parents joining us for the evening, it was our best turnout yet. If you were unable to join us but would like feedback please contact the sixth form team. 

The Ryman Enterprise Challenge involved 150 students from our middle schools on Thursday. There was a fantastic buzz during the day and we think there may well be some budding entrepreneurs in Years 7 and 8! 

Last night was an opportunity for Year 12 parents to come and speak to subject teachers and the 6th Form team. It was an amazing turn out, 96%. This is exceptional. Thank you to all of you for your continued support. If you were unable to attend then please contact the school and we will provide current feedback on your child.

Staffordshire university have created a great opportunity for students to experience university life.  Unilife Summer Residential is open for applications. It is for 3 days in late June/early July and you will be able to experience taster sessions, study skills and social activities.  If you would like to attend or find out more information then please go on their website www.staffs.ac.uk/unilife.

This weeks assembly has been on internet safety and was delivered by Mrs Dodd, the assembly focused on their digital footprint and to be mindful of what they post online, including photographs and text. 

Year 13 students who have not applied to university will  be receiving advice and guidance from the 6th Form team, it would be very useful if all Year 12 and 13 students attend the careers fair on February 6th in the Sportshall. We have a variety of employers and apprenticeship organisations who will be there and this can help make informed choices.

Tutor Activities for Next Week


What sort of questions would you ask on a university open day?  Visit the Bright Knowledge website for some advice:  https://brightknowledge.org/education/questions-to-ask-on-a-university-visit

Y13Take a look at the live apprenticeships on offer at Amazing Apprenticeships.  Even if you are considering Uni, take a look at any degree apprenticeships that might interest you:https://amazingapprenticeships.com/vacancies/

Y9 Future intentions fortnight

Week Beginning 3.2.20 to 14.02.20

Year 9 assembly this week on options process followed by parent information evening on Thursday 6.2.20 at 6 pm during our future intentions career event.

Understand your Child’s Online Life

This week Mrs Dodd has delivered a very important message in assembly regarding the life our students lead online. Please take time to view the attaceched and tlak to your child about the contnets and thier online life.

Mr Cartwright attended an E-Safety confrecen this week and we will be publishing information from that in the coming weeks.

One thought from that is, it is good to restrict screen time, just as we were restricted on TVs, but the internet is now how children view content. Traditional TV programs are fast getting replaced by YouTube. Talk to your children and understand their life online, ask them what they are doing, why they like it so much? Opening the conversation is going to help much more than simply removing the device from them.

Cycling Success

Last week, Hannah competed in the national championships. Despite being the youngest competitor in the race and needing to compete in a senior category as a junior, she finished her day being placed 12th nationally. A superb achievement after an inspirational race. To watch the video please click on the link below – she reached 60.8kph!

Year 9 Parents Evening 13th February

Year 9 parents evening is now live on insight, http://www.thonasalleynes.org.

Please make your bookings via the system by selecting the parents evening option form the main menu and then selecting the appropriate time slot for each member of staff you wish to see.

Due to the high numbers of pupils taught in some subjects by one member of staff can we please ask that for the following subjects appointments are only made if your child is seriously considering opting for the subject for GCSE:

ICT, Drama, Music & PE

If you have issues with insight please email insight@tahs.org.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We would appreciate all parents sharing the dates of the GCSE interventions with Year 11 students. A link to the timetable is below:

Sports News

Year 9 Netball Vs John Taylor

The year 9’s maintained there unbeaten run on Tuesday against John Taylor. All of the squad showed great leadership, organisational skills and enjoyment as they played their toughest fixture to date. The game was a lot closer than the final score of 21-9 suggests. Excellent defending by Lucy, Hattie and Evie reduced JT.’s shooters having opportunities. Kiera, Lucy L, Flo and Molly showed relentless energy to keep the game flowing at a high pace. Amelie’s shooting was exceptional and she was supported well with Chloe’s movement in the D. Player of Match Lucy L

House Matches

Year 10 girls Football

1st Torrance, 2nd Orme, 3rd Elkes,  4th Whitmore

Year 11 girls Football

1st Elkes, 2nd Whitmore,  3rd Orme and Torrance

BTEC Tech Award in Sport Activity and Fitness

Revision session Saturday 1st Feb 10.30-1pmExam Tuesday 4th Feb
Coursework dates have been sent out to all students.

U18 Football County Cup Semi Final
Home v Walton High School

After an early scare we dominated chances in the first half but couldn’t find the net! Apart from finishing, individualally we were near faultless. 2nd half we made a number of changes to try and unlock the door. Thornton made a great impact and Ford was dominate at Centre Back. Although some nervy moments at 0-0 we felt we were the better side, with Bosworth and Brain commanding the back, Shaw combining well with Coates and Haywood. Bussell worked industrially with Johnson sprinkling magic in the middle. Dawson playing in an unfamiliar position out wide struggled with the extra running but created a number of good chances. Whitehead held the ball up well and combined with McNair well. Man of the match was Ethan Archer at right back who had a sensational game from box to box.
After an uneventful Extra Time the game went to penalties. After a number of the side being on the end of a losing shootout in the final last year- this was redemption with us scoring all 5 pens confidently and Lucas Rogers being the hero with a great save to book a place in the final!

U16 County Cup 1/4 final

On a freezing wet afternoon we travelled  to Trentham. The difficult conditions made football difficult. We adapted best and and controlled the game. Similar to the U18 game the night before finishing was the problem. In the second half Baggly provided a great finish and then Brunt forced a own goal to give us a 2-0 lead. They struck back through a corner and then threw everything at us for the last 10 minutes. Keeper Whitehead was man of the match with a string of fine saves, good handling and positive kicking.

Final score 2-1 win

Young Writer Competition

Students from Year 9-13 are invited to enter the Rotary Club Young Writer competition, in which students from Thomas Alleyne’s school have been previously very successful.

The task is to produce a written or typed story in prose entitled, “CONNECTIONS”.The written entry could be fiction or non-fiction, a story or a poem, as long as the piece relates to the theme. 
An A4 page or up to 500 words is a suggested suitable submission. 
Please see Mrs Peers for an entry form. 

Science News

We strongly advise our Year 11 students to attend our current revision sessions – look out for the posters displayed around the Science Department for times and location.

The dates of the upcoming GCSE examinations can be found on the attached poster.

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs Evans are:

Year 9

Keira Flanaghan for full marks on her last Chemistry assessment test

Abigail Rolph for consistent high scores in her last three Chemistry assessment tests

Year 10

Isla McFadzean and Lucy Lowther for always working to the best of their ability and achieving high scores

Year 11

Jack Doyle and Saffron Forrester for excellent Year 11 mock exam results

Year 12

Ellis Barhas and Emma Rose for consistent hard work in A Level Chemistry

Year 13

Tom Smith and Emelia Lowe for excellent Year 13 Chemistry mock results

Well Done!

PTA Quiz Night

PTA Meeting

Monday 3rd February, 7pm in the staff room – all welcome.

Dementia Friends Awareness in BTEC Health & Social Care

On Wednesday, Dementia Friends champion David Lindop came in to talk to year 13 Health & Social Care students about living with dementia and how to make it a positive experience for people and their families.  This is an invaluable enrichment activity, especially as so many of these students have places at university to study for careers in the healthcare sector.  
David is running another session on Monday 3rd February at 11.20am in room 62, so any year 12 or year 13 students who do not have a timetabled lesson and are interested in this as an enrichment opportunity are welcome to attend.  


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January 24th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Headteacher’s Blog

It was a pleasure to see so many parents at Year 11 parents’ evening this week. If you were not able to make it and would like to speak to your son or daughters teacher, please contact the school to arrange a phone call home or meeting. This week we have Year 12 parents’ evening. We hope you are able to attend to see how well your daughter or son has moved from GCSe to A level studies.

There are a wide range of revision classes now running to support students in these final weeks before their examinations – we urge them to attend. Next week, we will be running GCSEplus in the morning as additional support. We hope students find it a useful addition to their curriculum. Students will be told which sessions they are to attend on Monday.

To all our readers who currently have students in one of our middle schools, we look forward to welcoming your sons and daughters to the Ryman Challenge Business Studies transition event on Thursday. With over 150 students involved this is always an excellent day. Thank you to Mrs Featherstone for organising the day and to our students who will be mentors to Year 7 and 8 students during the event.

Good luck to all students competing in the Boys’ House basketball and Girls’ House Football competitions this week and to all students who are sitting their art examinations.

All Year 13 students have now received their mock results and today Mrs Dodd ran an enrichment session to celebrate the success of these results and to offer support to students who may still require help with revision skills and motivation for their Post-18 journey.

In assembly this week we explained that our Year 12 and 13 students are role models and as such reminded them that they need to ensure that they are acting as such. We stated that uniform must be perfect and that hoodie, t-shirts and trainers were not part of the school uniform.   As part of the safeguarding this morning we also stated that lanyards must be work at all times, if students forget these then they must collect a replacement one from MRs Walton at the start of the school day and lastly that coats should be worn in the canteen.

As part of our enrichment programme we would like all Year 12 students to complete some work experience. I asked them today to think about what they want to do as a career or what they may like to do at university and suggested that they start writing to companies to see if they would be willing to accept them for a week in the summer term. We will of course help and support all students to find work experience placements by providing them with writing frames and letters to give to the companies. We feel that this will be a great opportunity for all of Year 12.

Tutor Activities for next week are:

Year 12

Revision Time!!

Year 13

Preparing for uni:  a guide to accommodation

Preparing for Uni life:

Ace your Exams

Straight after getting their mock exam results,on Monday yr 11 pupils received a talk from an outside speaker on 10 steps to exam excellence.. They spent an hour working on revision and top tips to be successful in their up GCSE’s.  The pupils found the session informative and practical.


Assemblies: w/b 27th January

In a small change to the planned assembly Mrs. Rudge/Mrs. Dodd will be leading assemblies this week on the theme of ‘ ‘Staying Safe and Respectful Online’

Thought(s) for the Week 

“Don’t be content in your life just to do no wrong, be prepared every day to try and do some good.” – Sir Nicholas Winton, who rescued 669 children from Nazi-occupied Europe


From Monday 27th January Year 11 will begin the second round of GCSE+. for 3 weeks.  All year 11 pupils will be working with subject specialist for 20 minutes on exam technique and revision strategies.  Pupils will attend these sessions instead of their tutor groups.  Further details will be available on Monday in Tutor time.


This week the assembly was on our three core values, Respectful, safe and ready to learn. Mrs Young explained what these core values mean to us at Thomas Alleyne’s and how we would like the students to embrace them. 

We have encouraged students to wear correct uniform and thank all of those that have done so without the need for reminders. Branded jumpers and hoodies are not permitted in school and nose piercings are also not accepted as uniform. We have given students who have acrylic nails a weeks notice to allow them to have these safely removed. 

On Monday, as part of the uniform check during tutor time, students who have acrylic nails will be given a lunch time detention and we will contact parents and ask that they arrange for these nails to be safely removed. Please support us in our drive to improve uniform which takes away the need for negative conversations between staff and students.

Fire Alarm

You may be aware that the fire alarm was activated this week. Students evacuated the building sensibly and quickly. Please remind your sons and daughters that they must not touch any fire panels or alarms on the school premises unless they need to sound the alarms in the event of a fire.


We would appreciate all parents sharing the dates of the GCSE interventions with Year 11 students. A link to the timetable is below:

England Netball trip.

 On Wednesday evening a group of 12 students travelled to Arena Birmingham to watch some international netball in the Nations Cup. We were able to see world champions New Zealand beat Jamaica, followed by England and South Africa. The atmosphere for that game was pulsating and the game was very close but England took the victory 58-54. It was a fantastic opportunity to watch the game being played with such intensity and athleticism and also to see the tactics which were deployed by both teams. A great time was had by all, even Mr Wright. 

House Matches

House Matches

Next week is the next round of House Sport.

Friday 31st Jan P2 Year 9 Boys Basketball and Year 9 Girls Football

Friday 31st Jan P3 Year 10 Boys Basketball and Year 10 Girls Football

Friday 31st Jan P4 Year 11 Boys Basketball and Year 11 Girls Football


Tue 28th Jan U18 boys football v Walton Home 2pm ko

Tue 28th Jan U14 netball v John Taylor A

Wed 29th Jan U16 boys football v Trentham A

Sat 1st Feb County Cross Country

BTEC Technical Award in Sport

Activity and Fitness – Information for internal assessments

Students following the BTEC Technical award have to complete 6 internal assessments, which contribute in total 60% of their final award. These make up components 1 and 3 for the award, with the full award made up of 3 components. 

The final 40% is the examined unit, which is due to take place on 4th February 2020.  This is component 2.

Internal assessments consist of 3 assessments for component 1 (Understand the body and the supporting technology for sport and activity) and 3 for component 3 (Applying the principles of sport and activity).

Component 1

Students have covered all learning content for this component.  Assignment deadlines for this component are as follows:

Assignment 1 – Understand the use of technology for sport and activity

Issue:  07/01/2020  Submission: 22/1/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 24/1/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 31/1/2020 to their class teacher. 

Assignment 2 – Explore common injuries in sport and activity and methods of rehabilitation 

Issue:  05/02/2020  Submission: 14/02/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 24/02/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 28/02/2020 to their class teacher. 

Assignment 3 – Investigate the impact of sport and activity on body systems 

Issue:  02/03/2020  Submission: 20/03/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 23/03/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 03/04/2020 to their class teacher. 

The work for the assignments above is to be completed in class and for homework as guided by staff.  This will be done in lesson with Mr Godwin and Mr Barrow.

Component 3

This is a synoptic unit which covers learning students will have completed for components 1 and 2.  The leadership content is currently being delivered in lessons with Miss Arrowsmith and after half term, this will include core PE lessons where students are leading activities for others as part of their assessment.  Assignment deadlines for this component are as follows:

Assignment 1 – Understand the fundamentals of sport and activity leadership 

Issue:  05/02/2020  Submission: 13/03/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 18/03/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 27/03/2020 to their class teacher. 

Assignment 2 – Understand the fundamentals of sport and activity leadership 

Issue:  30/03/2020  Submission: 20/04/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 27/04/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 01/05/2020 to their class teacher.   This piece is a shorter piece, consisting of an activity plan.  Leading the activity planned is assignment 3, which is videoed (completing a 10 minute video).  Some of the videos may be completed in an activity session after school to support the particular choice of sport a student has made.

Assignment 3 – Delivering and reviewing sessions for target groups  – video evidence and evaluation of leadership of the activity above in assignment 2

Issue:  30/04/2020  Submission: 08/05/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 11/05/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 14/05/2020 to their class teacher.   This piece is the video and evaluation.  For some students, the video and evaluation may well have been completed prior to the submission date due to the timing of their chosen sport.  All sport and core lessons are dedicated to this assignment with all staff during this period.

For all assignments, students have been given a brief which outlines what is required to be submitted in order for the to maximise their potential and reach their target grade. There is a revision/coursework support session after school each Friday in room 43. Students can also work on the assignments at home.

Science News

This week a group of our Year 9 students visited the ‘Big Physics Quiz’ held in the Great Hall on the campus of the University of Birmingham.  There were 103 teams representing 36 schools from across the region.  All of the students participated in the various rounds of the Quiz which focused on different aspects of physics.  Below is an account from two of our students.

‘On the 21st January 12 students left school for a trip to Birmingham University.  Upon arrival we made a trip through the amazing campus (the weather, however, was not on our side – it was freezing!). Then we were taken to our seats where we began the first challenge. After three rounds we listened to an interesting lecture on the ‘Physics of Hot and Cold’.

 After we were filled up with food, we began rounds 4 and 5. This was followed by a specialist round on Medical Physics – this was what we had studied at home, but was still extremely hard.  Then came the awards ceremony. One Thomas Alleyne’s team won a prize for getting the closest answer to a specialist question – precisely in fact! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it into the top three overall but it was an amazing day, enjoyed by all!’

By Joe Hall and Ella Russell (Year 9).

‘Big Science Question Competition’

Following the launch of this term’s chemistry-themed ‘Big Science Question Competition’ we hope that research is already underway.  The Competition is open to Years 9, 10, 11 and the 6th Form; the details of the questions and how to enter can be found on the posters displayed around the Science Department. 

Year 11 Revision Sessions

Revision sessions are ongoing for all Year 11 Science students – please see the poster below for details of times and locations.

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Miss Thorley are:

Year 9

Ellie-May Brown for fantastic enthusiasm and positive attitude to learning

Callum Grant for great participation in class discussions

Year 10

Joshua Briddon for consistent high standard of work resulting in fantastic assessment results

Maddie Winters for continued hard work in class work, homework and revision

Year 11  

Melanie Birch for determination to do well in every lesson

Freddie Whitehead for consistent hard work in lessons and assessments

Year 12

Katelyn Poole for fantastic evidence of successful exam practice.

Lewis Brookhouse for a mature attitude to his studies, working independently yet asking for help to improve.

This week’s Year 10 Animal Care Students of the Week selected by Mr Harris are:

Ben Brittlebank and Ollie Birch for to real commitment to coursework and moving forward through the topic.

This week’s Year 11 Animal Care Students of the Week selected by Mrs North are:

Millie Watson and Maddie Perry for their commitment to the revision sessions and for making an excellent start to the final piece of course work.

Well done!

PTA Quiz Night

Geography Revision

Reminder to all year 11 students that geography revision is on Tuesday after school from 3.05-4pm.

This weeks session is on Coasts.

Year 11 Talking the Talk!

The English department were proud to host Talk the Talk for a second time this year, delivering workshop on oracy skills related to interviews and employability.

Students took part in interviews and interviewing, understanding the importance that first impressions and ‘waiting room behaviours’ can have on their job prospects. 

The following students were exemplary throughout the day and named ‘Oracy Champions’ by the Talk the Talk trainers: 

Leon Bareham, Connor Cockeram, Mya Dain, Sian Hancocks, Vaughan Holmes, Brandon Kirkham.

Congratulations! Talk the Talk will return in March! 



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