2/2/23 Roundup – Music (all years)

The Music Winter Concert is on Thursday 9th February at 6pm in the Theatre. Please can pupils involved return their consent slip as soon as possible to Mrs Todd. Tickets are available to purchase from the school online shop. Please bring your receipt to Mrs Todd to collect your tickets. 

Students from Year 9 through to Year 13 are involved and the evening is packed full of a wide range of musicians and performances. 

I look forward to seeing you there. 

Mrs Todd 

1/2/23 Roundup – 7/2/23 Safer Internet Day (all year groups)

With safer internet day just around the corner (less than a week!) I thought this would be a good time to let you know what we have done, what we have planned and how you can get involved.

What’s happened so far

Living in the technological world that we do, I feel it’s important that safer internet is forever present in our young peoples minds. To do this we have:

  • All year 9 have had a Computing lesson around Safe Online and E-Safety. In this they have been reminded who to contact if they need help, how to block an account if they need to and how to keep their data safe including their passwords.
  • All year groups have safe online lessons via our Thomas Character Curriculum. One example is with year 10 this half term we have focused on what laws apply to social media and how their posts could effect theirs and others future.
  • Key alerts have been shared through Roundup when an event has come to our attention. We really appreciate your support in sharing these and will continue to do so as new events come to our attention.

What we have planned

We are finalising plans for next week being our safer internet week. All year groups will be invited to an assembly to celebrate this years theme of “Together for a better internet” and explore some e-safety reminders.

How you can get involved

Ourselves and the team at Safer Internet Day understand what a key role parents, carers and the wider community play in empowering our students in using this resource (the internet) effectively, responsibly and safely in all that they do. I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you the wide variety of tools available to you on the Safer Internet Day website. A massive 235 pages of resources to cover a wide variety of E-Safety needs. https://www.saferinternetday.org/resources

1/2/23 Roundup – Health & Social Care and Child Development (Year 10)

Important information for all Year 10 Health & Social Care and Child Development students

From the week commencing 6th February 2023 through to 31st March 2023, all year 10 Health & Social Care and Child Development students will begin undertaking formal assessments within their lessons which will contribute to their final grade for these subjects.  The assessments are Pearson-Set assignments with tasks based on pre-release materials.

The exam board (Pearson) is expecting students to work independently and under formal supervision and as a result, they will complete these under controlled conditions in class.  All students have already completed practice assessments in and are therefore fully prepared for their assessments.

There will be 5 assessments scheduled during this assessment period and each one is graded out of 12 marks.  The total score out of 60 marks, will be the student’s final score for this component.  This component equates to 30% of their final grade for this qualification.  We will not know how the marks will relate to grade boundaries until the whole qualification has been assessed, but the higher the mark, the better the potential outcome.

We would be grateful, if during the assessment period, parents and carers ensure that students come to school fully equipped for completing assessments and that they do not miss any of the sessions.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant teachers as follows :-

Child Development – Mrs George george@tahs.net

Health & Social Care – Mrs Varga varga@tahs.net

31/1/23 Roundup – 8/2/23 Year 11 Photo day

On Wednesday February 8th Year 11 students will be having their whole year group photograph taken. This will be during form time which will run into period 1. Students are expected to be in full uniform that is compliant with the policy. Any student that does not meet uniform requirements will not be included in the photograph.

If students have any concerns about this please speak to their PWO or Head of House before the day of the photograph. 

29/1/23 Roundup – Key messages & Term dates (all year groups)

Sixth form

We have the opportunity to support a small number of students with a superb resource called uplearn https://uplearn.co.uk/

If you are interested please see Mrs Dodd or Mrs Young.


Trusted by leading state and independent schools and teachers worldwide

Forward-thinking teachers and schools use Up Learn to support their students in delivering optimal learning outcomes and achieving table-topping academic results. Up Learn helps students to learn independently at home, and enables teachers to support their students outside of school hours

Urgent safeguarding reminder

I appreciate this was shared earlier in the week but with the safety of our young people being so important I will keep reminding. Please read, share and get in touch if you need any support.

Safeguarding: “A Game” – Warning to Parents

It has come to our attention that there is “A game” being circulated via Facebook to children which contains several different actions for them to complete, including the encouragement of self-harm and hurting others.

Whilst many of our children will, I am sure, be confident in ignoring these messages, we are conscious that around the country there have been several incidents where dares via social media have led to child fatalities.

Please be vigilant around your child’s use of social media and if you have concerns, advice can be sought from the following platforms or contact the safeguarding team and school.

Social media | NSPCC

Social media guides – UK Safer Internet Centre

Inner Drive reminders

For all students who attended the Inner Drive sessions this week – please remember how to get the best for yourself and improve your study habits with the following key tips:

News from the last week

Other round up news this week that you may have missed:


Forensic science trip






Sports results


Extra curricular and more sports results


Sixth form and Future intentions




Holiday: Monday 20 February – Friday 24 February

Term ends: Friday 31 March 

Holiday: Monday 3 April – Friday 14 April

Easter Sunday: Sunday 9 April

Summer Term 2023

Inset day: Monday 17th April

Term starts: Tuesday 18 April

May Day: Monday 1 May

Holiday: Monday 29 May – Friday 2 June

Term ends: Tuesday 25 July

Holiday: Wednesday 26 July – Friday 1 September

School Website

School Shop


29/1/23 Roundup – Exams (Years 11&13)

Exam information for February

BTEC exam

UPDATED Provisional Summer Exam Timetable

Please see the UPDATED PROVISIONAL timetable below. There are three contingency days that have been planned by JCQ, to allow for a national incident/s which may necessitate a co-ordinated change of date for some exams.We advise that all students are available to attend on the following days:

  • Thursday 8th June – afternoon
  • Thursday 15th June – afternoon
  • Wednesday 28th June – all day

Please see also the information on subjects and subject codes for exam entries this year.

28/1/23 Roundup – Future Intentions (Sixth form)

Date: 28th January 2023

Dear Parent / Carer,

Please see below information on apprenticeships, careers, courses and degrees.

How to deal with interview stress

Stress can be a normal part of job seeking, more often than not, it’s the result of over-thinking a situation. This article is full of advice on how to prepare for an interview:

Read More >

Speakers for Schools: Student Apprenticeship guide

Speakers for Schools: Opportunities Guide


For students aged 14-18 considering careers in medicine, please see below work experience projects to get involved with. Each one can help you decide if a career in medicine is the right choice and provide some stand out work experience opportunities.

Medicine Work Experience Week In London  – February 12th – 18th 2023. 1 week in person course including accommodation, meals and teacher supervision. Students visit different hospitals in London for work experience.

Virtual Medicine Work Experience Week – February 20th – 24th 2023. 1 week online course where hundreds of students take part, gaining work experience through different activities each day, hosted by our team of practising UK NHS doctors.

Online Radiology Work Experience – Saturday March 4th 2023 – Another free session we are running for all budding medics. Interactive day where students can get involved in diagnosing patients with our NHS doctors. Simply join through the link, we’ve 1,500 places available.

RAF World Access Virtual Event: 28.02.2023


Applications open now for Advanced and Higher Engineering Apprenticeships with Rolls-Royce

Whether you’re still studying or looking for a change of career direction, an Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship or a Higher Apprenticeship will give you the chance to gain valuable skills and qualifications and learn at the same time as you earn. As well as the outstanding career support you’ll enjoy, and the debt-free qualifications you’ll gain, you’ll get to work alongside and share ideas with trainees from lots of different backgrounds – in an environment where you can be yourself and be your best.

Apply now!


Start your career, your way with Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce is solving some of the world’s biggest technological challenges – and addressing some of society’s most pressing issues – through the delivery of clean, sustainable power.

On: 2nd February 2023 at 6.30 – 7.30 pm
For: Students and parents of those in years 10 to 13. Career leaders and teachers are encouraged to join.

Book your place today

Energy sector apprenticeships at EDF Energy
If you’re passionate about tackling climate change, our Apprenticeship programme offers you the opportunity to develop an exciting career whilst helping progress the UK towards a Net Zero future.

On: 21st February 2023 at 6.30 – 7.30 pm
For: Students and parents of those in years 10 to 13. Career leaders and teachers are encouraged to join.

Book your place today

Accountancy apprenticeships with the National Audit Office
Find out about their successful Chartered Accountancy training scheme open to school leavers and gain a professional qualification combined with real work experience.

On: 31st January 2023 at 6.30 – 7.30 pm
For: Students and parents of those in years 10 to 13. Career leaders and teachers are encouraged to join.

Book your place today

Real Estate apprenticeships with CBRE
CBRE has opportunities for everyone and so come and find out what is available at the world’s largest Commercial Real Estate firm and help shape the future of the real estate.

On: 24th January 2023 at 6.30 – 7.30 pm
For: Students and parents of those in years 10 to 13. Career leaders and teachers are encouraged to join.

Book your place today

Apprenticeships at Jaguar Land Rover –
Become the Future of Movement

The evolution of vehicles has never been more exciting. Find out more about apprenticeship opportunities, get hints & tips for your applications, and hear from current apprentices about why they think Jaguar Land Rover is the perfect place to start your career.

On: 8th February 2023 at 6.30 – 7.30 pm

For: Students and parents of those in years 10 to 13. Career leaders and teachers are encouraged to join.

Book your place today

Zurich Insurance Apprenticeships Insight Webinar
Insurance is so much more than you think! Zurich apprenticeships cover not only claims and underwriting but also opportunities such as Data Science, Operations & IT and Marketing, plus more. These range from Level 3 apprenticeships right up to Level 6-degree apprenticeships.

On: 28th February 2023 at 6.30 – 7.30 pm
For: Students and parents of those in years 10 to 13. Career leaders and teachers are encouraged to join.

Book your place today

Google Apprenticeships Insight Webinar
Google is an American multinational technology company focusing on search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics.

On: 23rd February 2023 at 6.30 – 7.30 pm
For: Students and parents of those in years 10 to 13. Career leaders and teachers are encouraged to join.

Book your place today

All About Deloitte Apprenticeships webinar
Deloitte is a leading global provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services. Their culture and purpose – to make an impact that matters – is shared by their member firms all over the world.

On: 15th February 2023 at 6.30 – 7.30 pm
For: Students and parents of those in years 10 to 13. Career leaders and teachers are encouraged to join.

Book your place today

And here are new apprenticeship opportunities with leading companies:

Explore opportunities with National Audit Office
Location: Newcastle and Greater London
Deadline: 27th March 2023
Latest opportunities: Apprentice Accountancy Scheme 2023

Explore opportunities with EDF Energy
Location: Bridgewater, Gloucester
Latest opportunities: Radiation Protection, Maintenance and Operations, Nuclear Engineering, Chemistry, Project Controls, DevOps and Business apprenticeships

Click here to register for the event
Location: Online
Date: Tuesday, 7th of February 2023, 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM Event: In conversation with: our apprentices

Explore apprenticeships with PwC
Location: Nationwide
Latest opportunities: Multiple School Leaver and Apprenticeship opportunities

Explore opportunities with CBRE
Location: Nationwide
Latest opportunities: Building Surveying, Human Resources, Quantity Surveying and Project Management, Environmental Consultancy, Real Estate, Marketing apprenticeships

JLR Technical Apprenticeships
Location: West Midlands and North West England
Latest opportunities: Level 3 and Level 6 apprenticeships across Digital, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Applied Engineering and Automotive

JLR Retailer Apprenticeships
Location: Nationwide
Latest opportunities: Customer Service, Service Technician, Parts Assistant apprenticeships

VWG Apprenticeships
Location: Nationwide

Latest opportunities: Customer Service, Parts Sales Executive, Service Technician, Parts Assistant apprenticeships

Explore opportunities with Rolls-Royce
Location: Nationwide
Latest opportunities: Engineering, Manufacturing, Software Engineering, Digital & IT, Electrical & Electronics, Supply Chain, Nuclear Engineering, Finance, Project Management, Commercial, Materials Engineering, Non-Destructive Testing, Nuclear Business, Aerospace Services, Marketing, Quality Management apprenticeships

28/1/23 Roundup – Sixth form

Sixth Form entry September 2023 – online application

If you have missed the application deadline of 13th January, please get in touch with Mrs Walton via sixthform@tahs.org.uk ASAP.

Year 12 Lockers

We will be offering a limited number of lockers to Year 12 students on a first come, first served, basis.  There will be a £5 refundable deposit payable via Parent Pay.

Please can students bring a copy of their Parent Pay receipt to the Sixth Form Office where they will be issued with their key.

Refunds will be issued via Parent Pay when the key is returned.  This must be before the end of Year 13 whilst still on roll.

Bra Collection

Data Collection Sheet

Any students who haven’t returned their data collection sheet, please can you drop it into the Sixth form office.

Sixth Form Finance

The school has been allocated a Discretional Bursary Fund (DBF) which students are able bid into throughout the academic year providing they meet the financial criteria set by the school and outlined in our DBF policy.

For the academic year 2022-2023 students are eligible for funding of up to £400 if their parental income is below £27,000 (proof required) or if they were designated as pupil premium. If a student is a looked after child (LAC) they may be entitled to up to £1,200 of financial support. Students must use this funding to support their Post-16 education.  For example, Sixth Form uniform, transport costs to and from school, textbooks, revision guides, course materials, IT equipment (up to £150), educational visits, UCAS application Fee, University entrance tests etc.

More detailed information will be available in the DBF booklet which students can be obtain from Mrs Walton in the Sixth Form office or by emailing sixthform@tahs.org.uk

TAP for W/C 30th January 2023

Y12 – Thomas Character:  Mindful, Self-Fulfilled

Monday:  What sort of questions would you ask at a university visit? Write/discuss a list then watch this video from Brighton university and check out the Bright Knowledge website suggestions: Bright KnowledgeWhat questions should I ask at an open day? – Bing video

Tuesday: TAP talk

Weds: wider reading, wellbeing and revision

Thurs: future intentions planning

Friday: assembly

Y13 – Thomas Character:  Healthy & Happy

Monday:  Revision and/or end of the month file/folder/notes tidy up.

Tuesday: TAP talk

Weds: wider reading, wellbeing and revision

Thurs: future intentions planning Friday: assembly

Date for your diary 2023

Y12:  Parents Evening Thursday 2nd February 4-7pm – bookings via Talaxy are now open – please get in touch if you need help with booking.

27/1/23 Roundup – Sports results


Our U16 netballers prepared for the regional netball finals with a trip to Denstone on Wednesday. 

The fixture really worked on the girls fitness with TAHS travelling with the bare minimum of 7 players, the game was divided into 

sixths each lasting 7 minutes.

This had been the first competitive game since before Christmas and the first segment of the game 

saw us go behind but towards the end of the 7 minutes the girls had really started to gel and self belief was high for the rest of the game.

The second and third quarter Bella and Louie were much more commanding in the D and were scoring many of their chances

and the lead was down to two goals, still in Denstone’s favour. Jess C and Martha covered a lot of court and kept the tempo high 

with lots of composure and great decision making when in possession of the ball. Poppy worked tirelessly as WA for the majority of the game 

and provided great feeds into the D for our shooters. Aimee and Jess W did a great job defensively and were able to win many interceptions 

and effectively start attacking moves. 

At the end of the fourth period we had taken the lead but going into the last segment 

TAHS trailed by 2. Denstone’s large squad and fresh legs were the difference with them winning the final segment but the performance was

really high from our girls who showed great tenacity throughout.