27/3/23 Roundup – Maths (Year 9)

On Friday, 15 year 9 students competed in the second inter house maths competition of the year. The students from each house had to work together as a team to tackle a range of problem solving tasks, whilst also competing as individuals in the countdown numbers round. 

The first round saw the teams taking on mathematical reasoning challenges, along with some code breaking, with particularly strong performances from the Orme and Elkes teams putting them ahead at the early stages.

After a slightly slower first round Torrance did particularly well in the countdown rounds ultimately enabling them to finish in second place – beating Elkes by just 1 point! – with Whitmore performing well throughout despite being a team member down. 

In the end the final standings were 

4th: Whitmore

3rd: Elkes

2nd: Torrence

1st: Orme

Well done to all those involved and particularly the winning team of EF, AH, DS and JH, students in year 10 can look forward to the upcoming maths competition which will be taking place in July.

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