July 6th 2018

Thought for the Week 


No assemblies w/b 9th July due to the whole school taking part in reading during form time
Thoughts for the week:  on the theme of reading
“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” 
― Groucho Marx
“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” 
― Margaret Fuller
“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.” 
― Stephen Fry

“One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time.” 
― Carl Sagan


 Headteacher blog:

This has been an exciting week at Thomas Alleyne’s in that we have had the opportunity to meet with  next year’s Year 9 students and their families.  

On Tuesday students were accompanied by parents and carers as they attended their House Transiton Evening. Students took  the opportunity to meet key staff who will be looking after them next year and I hope the evening did much to soothe the natural nerves that will be apparent during a period of significant change.  The positive comments we received about the evening indicate that we were successful in meeting our aims for the evening.   I would also like to thank Mrs Catterall and her team  the organisation of a complex event that made it run very smoothly.

On Wednesday and Thursday,  the Year 8 students attended for a full day of education at Thomas Alleyne’s and will have got to know some of the teaching staff in addition to their tutors, Heads of Houses and Student Support Assistants.  
On the first day I welcomed the students to the school in an assembly in which I stressed the importance of making a positive first impression.  I am pleased to report that the students were successful in achieving this.
On 10th of July I am looking forward to participating in the Junior Prize Giving Event where we will be celebrating the achievements of our Year 9 and 10 students.  This is always a special evening and a wonderful way to mark the ending of the school year.  
Mr Brunt

Dates for your diary

10th July Junior Prize Giving
20th July End of Term

4th September Start of Term



What a success Future Intentions has been this week. Despite the hot weather all students were fully engaged with the activities that were undertaken.  All our guest speakers were complimentary on how well our students presented themselves and reacted positively to all situations ‘thrown’ at them.  It was lovely to see the participation in the sessions and the feedback that has been given to the Sixth Form Team was very positive.  There is a parental session on July 11th at 6.30pm to provide information and advice on post-18 options. We look forward to seeing you there.  I have attached some photographs so can see some of the activities that were carried out.

Thursday 5th July saw two of our wonderful Year 12 students shaving their head for Dougie Mac, our Sixth Form Charity. John Dee and Thomas Barrclough are going on the World Challenge next week and decided that as they were going to have their haircut they have their heads shaved and donate all money to the charity. They raised £50. Students who either watched or paid to help shave their heads gave the money. Some photographs were taken and these have been attached.

I would like to say a personal thanks to the future Year 12 students who either gave up their evening on Tuesday or came into school to support with the Year 8 Transition Days. They were amazing. We have had such a wonderful response from staff who have complimented them on their commitment to the school, some of them even arranged activities for some of the students on their lunch break on Thursday. I look forward to working with them as ABC Mentors in September, letters have been sent home to these students thanking them for their time.

History News

Over the last few weeks Mrs Young has tasked her Year 9 students to complete homework projects, the results have been ‘out of this world’. Both projects were based around current topics of World War Two and the Sixties. It is lovely to see such a varied range of individual and group work. An open brief was given to the students and all students rose to the challenge as well as the homework that you can see on the images there were also cakes and biscuits made and then shared amongst their peers. We love this type of homework as it compliments the rigerous writing tasks that we complete in lesson, homeworks and assessments. In room 15 there is an abundance of work that can be viewed by all students and staff.

Sports Day

This years Sports Day is on Wednesday 11th July.  All Heads of House and Form Tutors have team lists.  Changes can be made up until the day to competitor lists.

Science News


This week Mr Melland’s Year 12 A-level Physics group have been studying projectile motion by rolling a marble off the edge of a desk.
The students investigated the relationship between initial horizontal velocity of the marble and the range, which is the distance the marble travelled.
The students used light gates to measure the velocity of the marble and used either a sand tray or carbon paper where the marble fell to measure the range.
The students concluded that the initial horizontal velocity is directly proportional to the range.
The School’s PTA funded the new light gates that the students used during this investigation; Mr Melland would like to thank the PTA for their generosity and support.


This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Melland are:

Year 9
Chloe Yates and Caitlyn Woodings

Year 10
Sasikan Jaenprakhon
Libby Fry

All four students were selected for excellent effort and attainment.
Well done!


Pastoral students of the week

So many to name, but we and our new year 8s could not have had such a successful couple of transition days without the following students from years 9 and 11, all of whom were outstanding. They guided and supported the year 8s, and stood as models for conduct and approach. Our tremendous thanks to them all!

Issy Watts, Holly Chatfield, Eleanor McCarthy, Scarlet Simister, Freya Hadgett, Alice Boothby, Dylan James, Amelia Hadgett, Eve Bednall, Jack Doyle, Jimmy Wilson, Grace Harvey, Matthew Payne, Vicky Catterall, Katie Lawrence, Tom Johnson, Sophie Gibson, Max Hayes, Millie Hodges, Joe Haywood, Archie Whitehead, Kieran Coates, Amelia Barnacle, Amy Burrows, Lilly-Ella Holgate, Dan Campion, Lorna Hill, Beth Millward, Abbie Chilvers, Lucy Parker, Chloe Cartwright, Ellie Roobottom, Samantha Cotterill and Andrew Pye.


Year 9, 10 and 12 reports are now ready for you to view on Insight.



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Message from the Fire Service

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to communicate to young people how to stay safe during the warm weather we are currently experiencing. The main points to cover are as follows:
• Deliberately setting grass fires is a crime. It could result in a prison sentence or a £5000 fine.
• Grass fires are very dangerous as they can quickly spread and get out of control.
• Deliberate grass fires can also put both firefighters and members of the public at needless risk of injury.
• When enjoying the outdoors put rubbish in a nearby bin or take it home.
• Open water can be dangerous. There may be unseen dangers including the risk of waterborne disease. Cold water shock can kill within one minute of being in the water.
Only swim at lifeguarded pools
More safety information can be found on our website at http://www.staffordshirefire.gov.uk and we are also on Facebook ‘Staffordshires Fire and Rescue’ and Twitter ‘@Staffsfire’.
Please help to keep your pupils safe by sharing this information with them. It is really important that they enjoy the summer safely.

Reading Week

Next week sees our annual reading week whereby the whole school silent read for 30 minutes each morning. Students are required to bring in a book for this period, one that will captivate them and keep them engrossed for the whole week.


New Logo

Thanks to Mrs Turner in the D and T Department for designing the logo for the Uttoxeter Learning Trust Teaching School.  Her vision for this design is explained below:
The teaching school logo is based on the idea of a tree signifying growth and enrichment, the overlapping of the leaves show our collaboration as colleagues and schools work together to share strengths and skills; the colours used throughout Thomas Alleyne’s High School are reflected in the logo.

FINAL curved TS logo (1)FINAL side TS logo (7)

Bake off challenge!

Our Y10 students are about to do their mock NEA 2 practical next week in preparation for next year. This week they bought cupcakes they had made at home and practised different decorating techniques focusing on piping and presentation skills.

Some lovely plates presented which is no mean feat in this hot weather!

They will be cooking their own version of afternoon tea next week.


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Uniform at Thomas Alleyne’s

It is the time of year where school uniform begins to be replaced for the academic year ahead. Please see the details below of when the “uniform pop up shop” will be open in school over the summer holiday.
Please also see the specific details of our uniform policy. It is a clear expectation that this is followed correctly and we ask for the support of parents and carers with this. Please note skinny fit trousers are not accepted as part of our uniform policy. Any student who wears incorrect uniform will be asked to change and parents/carers will be contacted. 
Your support is very much appreciated, particularly to ensure we all make the best start possible to the new school year.
Any questions, please do contact your child’s Head of House.

Old Uniform

If you have any school uniform or PE kit that your child has grown out of we would welcome any donations in school. Students can drop this at their House offices.

Lockers for Students

Should you wish to hire a for your child over the next academic year, please see the details for this below.
If your child has rented a locker this year, please remind them to empty it before the summer break.


Don’t forget to check out the new careers page on tahsroundup.wordpress.com 

Another opportunity here for an Apprentice Electrician working in Rugeley
Also how about being a Business & Admin Apprentice at the Staffordshire Clinic Dental Practice in town:
The vacancy is currently advertised on indeed.com 


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