Week Commencing 13th November

Thought for the Week

Assemblies w/b 20th November

Theme: Fire Safety

Monday and Wednesday’s assemblies will be led by Harry Alcock

Community Safety Officer

Burton Community Fire Station

Monday: Year 10 assembly,

Tuesday: Orme House assembly

Wednesday: Year 11 assembly

Thursday: Whitmore House assembly

Friday: Sixth Form assembly 

Thought for the Week

Fire destruction is one person’s job, fire prevention is every body’s job.

No safety knows fire, know safety no fire.

Dates for your diary

21/11/2017 Year 13 Parents Evening
30/11/2017 Year 11 Parents Evening
6/12/2017 Woman in Black Performance
7/12/2017 Woman in Black Performance
8/12/2017 Woman in Black Performance
13/12/2017 Music Concert

Headteacher blog:

One of the great privileges of being a Headteacher is that I ​am frequently able to watch lessons from all subject areas.Today I was fortunate to observe a Year 11 Geography lesson focused on developing understanding of ​hazards. The attitude of the students in the class was exemplary as was the quality of work within their books. With so little time left for them before their GCSEs,​ it was reassuring to see that they are clearly working hard.

After school​, ​I ​popped into the Maths revision sessions. With students attending from Year 9 – 13 all Maths teachers were on hand to support students in clarifying their understanding. 

On Thursday evening​, Mr Wright​ – supported by Mrs Turner and their team of young chefs – baked cookies, brownies and cupcakes in aid of Children in Need. 

The key event for us this week was Prize ​G​iving. Thank you to all parents who attended. It was ​fantastic​  to see students who have now moved on from our school​,​  return​ing​ to celebrate with us. Taking a moment to pause ​and celebrate students​ achievements​,​ was a lovely way to spend our evening. We were thrilled that our guest speaker was Mr Graham Penning OBE who attended Thomas Alleyne’s in 1961. 

​His speech contained three key messages: the first was to continue the pursuit of knowledge throughout life; second, was to stay up-to-date; and finally, to treat others as you wish to be treated.​

Celebrating hard work and dedication
Our Budding Olympians:

Absence from School

Please find below the letter from our local authority in relation to Changes to Penalty Notices for Absence from School that we shared with you in September. 
Could we please remind you that these changes come into effect from 1st January 2018.
The changes specifically relate to the following areas,
Penalty Notice for leave of absence (holiday) in term time
Penalty Notice for persistent lateness
Period of time used to measure persistent absence and lateness 


News From the Farm

We would like to say a big thank you to Waitrose, Uttoxeter for their continued support in supplying us with their ‘wasted’ food which can be used to reduce our animal feed bills.  It is also great to see this food being put to good use.  We are  one of their chosen ‘good causes’ this month so if you are in the store please pop your green counter in our slot and help us to raise more funds to continue with our redevelopments.
Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat, so are the ducks and turkeys.  If anyone would like to order one of our beautiful birds for their Christmas table then please email north@tahs.org.uk with your order.  In addition, the students will be making Christmas wreaths which can be ordered on the same email address for £10.

Hamper Donations

Donations gratefully received for a Christmas Hamper at the front office.

Proceeds of the raffle will go to our PTA who continue to be a huge support to the school.

Parents Evenings

It is year 11 parents evening on 30th November. Bookings for these are to be made via insight, thus you as parents will have to have activated your account. Lookout for an email from insight@tahs .org.uk with your details and if you have any issues please email the same address.

A reminder again that appointments can only be made via a PARENTAL login and not via the students.

This will go live for bookings on Monday 20th November.

PTA 2017 Xmas raffle.jpg

6th form

Please don’t forget that Parents Evening is on Tuesday 21st November from 4.00pm – 7.00pm. Year 13 Parents Evening has been placed on Insight, all parents are asked to log on to Insight and follow the instructions in the letter which was brought home by students last week, this will allow you to make the appointments with the classroom teachers.  If, for any reason, you are not able to attend, then could you let Mrs Walton know (sixthform@tahs.org.uk) and we will request information from the teachers and give you a brief overview of progress so far this year.  Parents Evening is vital to the success of our students, it allows us to share minor concerns or worries about your child and on a more positive note express how pleased we are with the progress that they are making. We look forward to seeing you there.

On Thursday 16th November, we had an external speaker talk to all our Year 13 students about student finance, This was held in the theatre during period 5. In order to support parents of students wishing to attend university we have asked the same organisation to deliver an information evening on Wednesday 22nd November at 6.00pm in the school theatre. We hope to see many of you there so that you can ask your questions and hopefully alleviate any fears you may have at this time about Student Finance.

We would like to thank all those students in Years 12 and 13 that contributed to non-uniform today. I am aware that many gave more than the £1 donation that was requested, their generosity will help another student who may be less fortunate and need further support to help them get through the week, half of the money donated will also be sent to Children In Need.


Please see the latest interventions timetable under this link:

The Class of 1961 Prize for “Original Thought in Art”

We were thrilled that a group of past students from Thomas Alleyne’s High School  came to tour the school last academic year. During their time they commented on the improvement and variety of facilities students now have since they were here in 1961,  in a range of subjects we offer across the school. In particular the art department, which appeared to leave a lasting impression with the impact of rooms full of creative original artwork from our students!  The group, through Graham Penning, have sponsored two trophies for ‘Original Thought in Art’ for Senior and Junior students to aspire to. It shows a continued commitment to our school community and wish to see others thrive.  The first trophy was awarded when Graham Penning presented the award to Livia Robinsonat the prize giving event on Thursday this week.
We are delighted that Livia  achieved an A* in  her Art  GCSE alongside other TAHS students this year, but excelled to achieve full marks which puts her in the top 1% of students for Art GCSE in 2017. Her originality in her exam work, responding to the theme ‘Details’ meant she produced intriguing work based on the details found in hands, and related it to the idea of palmistry. Livia now is studying towards A levels in Art, Photography and Design Technology, so is set to take her creative passion and skill further as a career in the future.
Well done Livia and our other students at prize giving- we are very proud of so many students working hard to achieve their personal best.


Year 11 Art GCSE Mock Exams & Dates to Remember!
Year 11 Art students will be completing their 10 hour mock exams after the weekend on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st November– they should be prepared and ready for the challenge!
Coursework deadline is Monday 18th December at 3:05pm– ALL work from Y10 and 11 should be submitted to their art teacher in paper folders. This is worth 60% of your GCSE grade.
To support students we expect you to be putting in hours at art club– every mark counts, this is a new specification and the standard is high to achieve levels. usually More effort = More marks!
Art Exam Parents Evening 
January 9th 6:30pm-7:15pm Ede Studio
Art staff will be presenting advice and tips for the exam element of the GCSE worth 40% of the students Art GCSE grade. The Exam papers will be released on this date. Preparation for the exam starts immediately during the January Mock Exam period and students will be able to attend art club at lunch or after school til 5pm most days as per usual. 
Calling Budding Artists/Designer- LOGO Competition
Year 9 students are invited to design a logo for  Croxden Parish Council, this exciting opportunity is run as a competition across the locality and would be great for a TAHS student to have a go. Details on are Year 9 INSIGHT. 

Year 12 are also Revising in RE

Have a look at some of the comprehensive revision materials that Year 12 Ethics students have been making.  It doesn’t matter what form revision takes, the more comprehensive it is the better it will help you to consolidate your knowledge and support your post-16 studies.


Cake Sale for Children In Need

On Thursday evening a number of students, under the supervision of Mrs Turner, baked cookies & cakes to sell today to raise money for Children In Need.  Well done to them all as they managed to raise £91



Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

Students have produced over 30 shoe boxes full of gifts that will be given to some of the most disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe. Well done and thank you.


Pastoral students of the week

Josh Tortonesi and Josh Nicholls for exemplary community spirit.
Niamh Collins, Jenny McKendrick, Maisy Jeffrey, Ben Collier and Georgia Cocke – culinary expertise preparing for the Children in Need cake sale. 

Science News


This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Crum are:

Year 9

Aidan White and Chloe Yates for consistent high effort

Callum Plant for excellent work

Year 10

Torin Noble and Sophie Brown for consistent high achievement

James Moore for excellent effort

Year 11

Carl Hallam and Amelia Barnacle for effort above and beyond for extra-curricular work

Abigail Podmore for consistent excellent achievement

Well done!

News from PE

U16 netball v DeFerrers

The U16 netball team traveled to deferrers for the first league game in the East Staffordshire league. 
Thomas Alleyne’s were disappointed that the game was being played on the outside court and this was reflected in their first quarter performance conceding 9 goals. 
Things improved in the next 3 quarters with positional adjustments and reducing the number of soft passes. Thomas Alleyne’s were unable to catch Deferrers and the score finished 23-12. 
Team – Ellie Alcock, Aimee Wild, Libby Fry, Abbie Harrison, Jaz Sutton, Tilly Edwards, Freya Barkas & Belle Hancox
Many thanks to Jemima Millican for umpiring 
House Matches
The next round of house matches are coming up.
Yr10 Boys rugby- Monday 20th November P2
Yr11 Boys rugby – Monday 20th November P5
Yr10 & 11 Girls Hockey Thursday 23rd November P3
Yr9 Boys rugby Wednesday 29th November P3 &4
Yr9 Girls football Wednesday 29th November P3 & 4
House Swim Gala Thursday 7th December P3 & 4
See your head of house to find out who the captains are.


 Please practice this week’s key spellings:


Don’t forget to check out the new careers page on tahsroundup.wordpress.com 

New this week JCB applications are open. 

Direct Page Link

Busy in MFL

MFL mock speaking exams start Monday 27th November. Make sure you are revising your topic questions, role-plays and photo card skills. Support room 25 Tuesday lunchtimes.
Intervention after school on Friday translations and writing skills room 23 and room 10.
Linguists of the week 
Year 9
Will Lane, Harry Lunn, Caitlin Palmer, Orla Hodgkinson, Sam Spooner, Honor Christie
Excellent understanding and detail about ma maison
Year 10
Vicky Catterall, Aaron Gwynne
Excellent listening and reading comprehension results in assessment.
Year 11
Kieran Coates, Stacey Harrison, Georgia Bessey, Alex Brain, Chloe Brown 
Excellent school mock speaking preparation

Year 13 Literature on Tour

By Tom Hollins, Year 13
Over the past week, Year 13 literature students have had 2 trips to London to enhance their studies.
On Friday 10th November, Mrs Baldwin’s class 13B, visited London to attend a day of lectures on War Literature. This day involved a number of interesting and thought-provoking talks, concluding with a session with author of the ‘Regeneration’ trilogy, Pat Barker. 13B have studied Pat Barker’s excellent novel and thoroughly enjoyed getting to put forward questions about the text. The day concluded with a trip to the National Gallery to see some of the stunning artwork on display. All of 13B would like to thank Mrs Baldwin for organising this highly useful trip.



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