1/2/23 Roundup – Health & Social Care and Child Development (Year 10)

Important information for all Year 10 Health & Social Care and Child Development students

From the week commencing 6th February 2023 through to 31st March 2023, all year 10 Health & Social Care and Child Development students will begin undertaking formal assessments within their lessons which will contribute to their final grade for these subjects.  The assessments are Pearson-Set assignments with tasks based on pre-release materials.

The exam board (Pearson) is expecting students to work independently and under formal supervision and as a result, they will complete these under controlled conditions in class.  All students have already completed practice assessments in and are therefore fully prepared for their assessments.

There will be 5 assessments scheduled during this assessment period and each one is graded out of 12 marks.  The total score out of 60 marks, will be the student’s final score for this component.  This component equates to 30% of their final grade for this qualification.  We will not know how the marks will relate to grade boundaries until the whole qualification has been assessed, but the higher the mark, the better the potential outcome.

We would be grateful, if during the assessment period, parents and carers ensure that students come to school fully equipped for completing assessments and that they do not miss any of the sessions.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant teachers as follows :-

Child Development – Mrs George george@tahs.net

Health & Social Care – Mrs Varga varga@tahs.net