22/5/23 Roundup – Intervention revision challenge (Year 10)

GCSE pod challenge – year 10 students. Escape the mocks with the best possible grade

We have now been doing the intervention challenge for 2 weeks and your response has been incredible. In just 10 school days over 770 pods have been watched and over 5700 questions answered by well over 100 students.

Questions are such a valuable way to revise, reminding your brain that the topic is important and worth remembering. Reinforcing the neurons to make the memory stronger.

This is why this week I would like to introduce you to a way of challenging yourself with this questions. GCSEpod has an element named “Check and Challenge”. This is difficult questions for you to check your understanding and challenge yourself to succeed. These questions can be accessed any time without a teacher needing to set them and I’m going to share with you how.

1. Pick your subject

From the main page click on the subject your would like to search for questions on. You may need to press the “Show more” button if your subject doesn’t show in the first list.

2. Choose your topic

Consult your revision list if you have one and choose a topic. For check and challenge it must be one with a diamond on the tile. Like the Computer Systems one below.

3. Choose your subtopic (if there is one)

If given another set of tiles then choose your subtopic. Still needs to be one with a diamond option as below.

4. Choose check and challenge

You do this by clicking on the purple C&C button as shown below by the big red arrow.

5. Go!

Press the start button to access the questions.

As always if you need any help please come and see Mrs Hadfield in C3 at break or lunch. Alternatively you can send a message on Teams.

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