19/5/23 Roundup – French (All year groups)

For French Film Club

This half-term we are showing April and the Extraordinary World. Join us in A4 at 3:15 on Thursday 25th May. “In an alternate past where electricity hasn’t yet been discovered, Paris is run by steam power and any scientists not working to forward the aims of the Empire have mysteriously disappeared. April is an orphan from a long line of scientists, whose parents have been tragically killed in a “freak accident”. With the help of her cat Darwin – who can talk thanks to an early prototype of a serum her parents were working on – April spends her life in a secret lab trying to complete their work while seeking to keep her progress hidden from the Empire’s spies.

French Revision

There will be one final French revision session on Friday 2nd June 10am to 12pm. The session will focus specifically on the French writing paper, and will include tips, scripts, model answers, and last minute tips for revision. The French writing paper will be on Monday 5th June. Please contact noon@tahs.net to confirm attendance, this will allow us to plan a suitable venue within school.

Warm up for French GCSE listening exam Tuesday 23rd May 8.05 room A5.

Get ready for the listening exam by doing some practice to get warmed up.

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