11/5/23 Roundup – Maths (Year 11)

GCSE Maths

The maths department will be holding a pre-exam breakfast revision session before each of the GCSE maths exams.

The sessions will take place from 8-8.30am on Friday 19th May, Wednesday 7th June and Wednesday 14th June.

Friday 19th May 8–8.30am 

H1/U2Mr BuryJ7
U1/U2Mr FreestoneJ4
H2AMrs GillJ5
H2B/U3Mr PhillipsC5
H3/H4/U4Mrs IbbsC7

The sessions are a great way to get your brain into maths mode before entering the exam.  We will go over a few key topics, ensure you know the formulae you will need and make sure everyone has the correct equipment!  In past years the students have found these sessions very useful to attend.

Equipment you need: black pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, protractor and compass.  Also for paper 2 and 3 you will need a scientific calculator.  All of this can be purchased from the maths department or online shop (maths sets £1.20, calculators £8.49) Thomas Alleyne’s High School Merchandise Shop. (parentpay.com)

After school revision sessions are still continuing.

Foundation Tier:  Tuesday C6, Wednesday J6 and Friday C7

Higher Tier: Wednesday J7 and Thursday J5

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