9/5/23 Roundup – English (year 9)


Maria-Grace  posted a review of ‘Medusa – The Girl Behind the Myth’.

“I loved how there was a twist to the original myth that is so well known. I loved the attention to detail like the snakes all being so different. The details were superb from the names, to the contrasting personalities, all being linked together by Medusa brought a wonderful sense of oneness to the story. I would definitely recommend this book as a fantastic experience of ups and downs, love and hate and destinies and curses.”


Reminder to all Carnegie readers to come to A14 on Tuesday 9th May at 1.25 with you books. Try to add more reviews about the stories you have read to  www.yotocarnegies.co.uk.


One thought on “9/5/23 Roundup – English (year 9)

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