28/4/23 Roundup – English (year 9)

Carnegie Reading Group

Tuesday at 1.25pm in A14.

Our first review was submitted online by Daniel S:
When I first picked up this book, I instantly knew there was a moral to the
story and I would learn and take a valuable lesson away from it. I was right.
The lesson I learnt is to give things time, see things through, don’t
immediately judge and decide if you like or dislike someone or something
when you have only come into close encounter a couple of times. The book
provides a great depth of detail of the characters persona and who they
are. Additionally, throughout the book we are shown the thorough thought
prosses of the main characters Tom and Zofia, creating a sense of
relatability, as some of the experiences and emotions in the book are things
we have all been through. There was a lovely storyline, a nice flow to the
story, and overall an enjoyable read.

We look forward to seeing more reviews from our brilliant y9 reading team
in the weeks to come. Mrs Baldwin.

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