31/3/23 Roundup – Future Intentions (Sixth form)

Dear Parent / Carer,

Please see below information on apprenticeships, careers, courses and degrees.

Explore the range of STEM careers available

Following on from National Careers Week this month, explore the variety of STEM job roles that the Army offers and find out how you can join here. These roles could be within any of our dynamic units, such as the Army Air Corps, the Royal Signals or the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Most of the roles offer the following:

  • £16,844 is the minimum amount you’ll earn while training
  • £21,425 is the pay you receive after completing basic trade training
  • Age range from 16 years & 6 months to 35 years & 6 months
  • GSCEs in English Language, Maths and Science needed, but some require no formal qualifications
  • Some roles, such as an Army Dentist or Doctor, also offer starting salaries of up to £70,000

Are you looking for an employer who offers a range of STEM careers?


Take our online job matching quiz!

The Army has many different careers available for people wanting to join as a soldier or officer. Explore the below roles or try our job matching tool Join.  The quiz will ask you about which activities you would like to do, which gives your top 3 job matches at the end.

Aviation Groundcrew Specialist
Responsible for getting our helicopters in the air and providing essential protection for them on the ground

Cyber Engineer
Install, maintain and protect complex networks to support defence communications, on and off the battlefield

Technical Support Specialist
Train to become the engineering logistics backbone of the Army and travel the world


Lloyds Banking Group

Through our brands, Lloyds Banking Group, has a relationship with just about every household and community in the UK. We underpin the lives of millions of individuals and businesses and play a key role in helping to build a growing UK economy. We’re also a major provider of UK apprenticeships.

We offer valuable work opportunities, combined with exceptional training and development options, for apprentices throughout our business. We see apprentices as a vital talent stream and have created an inclusive, welcoming and challenging environment in which they are set up for success. 

Right now, we have a number of apprenticeships open, from Level 2 through to Level 7. These are aimed specifically at school leavers, for an opportunity to gain hugely valuable experience, plus professional qualifications, in HR, Risk, Customer Services or Software Engineering.

As the year progresses, we’ll be updating the list with many more – Lloyds Banking Group offer various apprenticeships in 9 different business areas. You can find more information on our dedicated apprenticeship pages. We also have a wealth of resources on our Let’s Get Life Ready pages – point your students towards this for information, inspiration, tips and advice on everything from CVs to self-confidence.

Click here to learn more about our apprentice offer

Unifrog Career of the week: Arts administrator

Today, on World Theatre Day, share a Careers library profile of a career your students may not have thought of

‘Arts administration’ might not be the first career your students who are interested in arts work might search for. But this exciting role can include marketing, tour managing, finance, and even running a company.

In this video, Holly shares what it’s like to work on the admin side of dance company Akademi, and how she got into this competitive sector.

Find it here (remember to sign in as a student first)

World Autism Acceptance Week: Lina’s story

A Know-how library guide to share with your students this World Autism Acceptance Week (or any time)

In this video and Q&A, we chat to Lina, an autistic graduate who shares her experience of applying for and studying at university.

She shares her experience of the transition from school to university, the adjustments she accessed, and her advice for autistic students thinking of applying.

Read or watch here (remember to sign in as a student first)

Experience days at London South Bank University

Your students can get a hands-on taster of Higher Education at London South Bank University (LSBU)

On an experience day at LSBU, students can take part in a series of interactive workshops on-campus in the heart of London, including subject tasters and student life talks.

Your students can choose from experience days in Arts and Creative Industries, Applied Sciences, Engineering, Business, Law and Social Sciences, Health and Social Care, and Built Environment and Architecture.

Email outreach@lsbu.ac.uk to book your bespoke day

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