10/3/23 Roundup – Performing Arts – National Theatre (All year groups)

It has been an amazing week for performing arts at Thomas Alleyne’s.

On Monday we welcomed Ascension Dance in partnership with The Brewhouse Theatre who a led contemporary dance workshop with our A Level Students.

The workshop was challenging both physically and creatively and has greatly inspired staff and students. 

Thursday we were thrilled to host The National Theatre who performed a new devised play entitled ‘Shut up, I’m dreaming’ which explored real life accounts of the challenges of being a young person as well as memories of one’s younger self and Mrs Mood even had a cameo role at the beginning!  The audience were made up of Drama, Music and English literature students from year 9 up to 13. A post performance Q and A took place which allowed the students to ask about performance skills and career progression in the arts.

The students asked some fantastic questions and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Some of the student feedback is included below. 

‘I thought that it was really funny but emotional at the same time and powerful and has some really important messages that people needed to hear’.-y11

‘The show was INCREDIBLE the only word I would use is vibrant.  It helped to show individuality and it gave all the students who watched an opportunity to be pushed out of their comfort zone’-Y11

“ we believe that it really impacted our outlook on drama and love how it expressed relatable content”-year 9 

‘I really liked how diverse  and different it was and how there was the message that we shouldn’t crush others dreams just because its something we wouldn’t do’- y11

‘I think that this show was very inspirational. One of the main messages that I got was be who you want to be, not what society says you must be’ -Y9

‘I found the play chaotic energetic and very relatable, I like how it talks about Louis as a kid and shows modern day society’


‘I thought the show was emotional and fantastic. I loved the message of hold your head high!’ -Maria-Grace.

 ‘A very inspirational and honestly quite relieving if you’ve been in a situation like that before, so you know you’re not alone. A beautiful performance’ – Caitlin

‘It was the best show I have seen in ages. It was entertaining and inspirational I can’t wait to do drama next year and I hope we can create pieces as inspirational as this’ -Matilda

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