10/3/23 Roundup – English (all years)

Talk the Talk

Year 10 students had an amazing opportunity last week to work with Talk the Talk. Back in Year 9, these students worked with the same company to build their individual presentation skills. This time, the focus was on group work and how to construct a formal argument, and deconstruct an opposing one! As with Y9, the trainers were impressed with many students’ rhetorical and debating skills, and as before, many of our students found their confidence increasing (even as they argued who should be thrown out of a hot air balloon). Well done to everyone involved, but particularly the students below. These were explicitly highlighted by the trainers for their engagement, enthusiasm or general awesomeness:

U1 – Oliver B, Alice M, Victoria S

H1 – Freya E, Tilly O, Matthew LB

U5 – Alfie B, Owen G

H5 – Maz H, Ryan F

U4 – Hollie-Rose B, Callum H (with also special singling out for Ellie S, Sophia C and Blake R)

H4 – Ebony F, Harley H, Max P, Roberts S, Josh W

U3 – Vlada P, Slava M

H4 – Rachel T, Aiden T, Alfie B

U2 – Heidi C, Connie C, Skye G, Zac A

H2 – Harry S, Austin S, Verity J, Chloe B


This week’s Bedrock shoutouts go to Orla B and Sarah L for showing the greatest improvement between pre- and post- learning tests. Well done!

World Book Day

We had a number of events going on in English to celebrate World Book Day. The entire school shared the story of “The Landlady” by Roald Dahl, enjoyed in four parts over lessons 1-4. Students enjoyed trying to predict what would happen, whilst teachers from all Departments enjoyed the novelty of reading a story aloud. 

Up in English, the Y10 Reading Champions created a ‘book blind date,’ where they all brought in one of their favourite books wrapped in plain paper, and held a book swap. We’ve all got something new to read in the run up to Easter, alongside the work we’re doing on Great Expectations (we’re up to Volume 2, Chapter 15, if you’re following along).

They say books are the doorways to imagination, so the English team have decorated their classroom doors. If you get chance, pop up to English and see which books we’ve chosen to celebrate – there’s a diverse range.

Remember too, the entire school can use the digital World Book Day tokens shared on Talaxy to get £1 off a book of your choice (or grab one of the £1 WBD special books if there are still stocks).

English Awards

Mrs Hunt was very excited to award the first English Awards during our World Book Day Celebrations. These are special badges awarded for contributions to English outside of the classroom, and the Year 10 Reading Champions were awarded their Bronze badges for their work on “The Honeys.”  

The more activities you are involved in, the more points you earn towards each award, as proven by Billie O who has earned their silver award for their work on Carnegie in Y9; being a Y10 Reading Champion; being involved in Latin club; and in newspaper club. Keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities to earn these very special badges.

Revision Sessions

Revision sessions take place in English, 3:15 – 4pm

Please remember to use GCSE Pod for revision.  See any of your teachers if you need help with your password.

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