7/3/23 Roundup – Revision Tips (all year groups)

5 golden rules for revision

Hi there,

As end of year assessments get closer, how can you support pupils to revise for their exams? Spend one minute reading our five golden rules.

  1. Little and often
    Pupils should revise regularly in small chunks to reduce overload and maximise memory. 
  2. Mix it up
    Alternating topics for study will boost long-term memory.
  3. Minimise distractions
    Pupils who study without listening to music perform better in exams than those who do. Keep the learning environment focused.
  4. Encourage self-care
    Encourage pupils to get a good amount of sleep, eat breakfast and exercise. 
  5. Quizzing
    Retrieval practice leads to greater knowledge retention over time. You could set our unit quizzes for pupils to complete in-class or as homework. Use the results to identify areas they may be finding more challenging and help you pinpoint your class’ revision needs. 

Want some help preparing revision resources? We have thousands of adaptable teaching resources all completely free and searchable by topic and key stage

Find revision resources

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