6/3/23 Roundup – GCSE Pod (Years 9-11)

Last weeks winners

As I’m sure you are aware from previous posts all students have access to this fantastic resource.  There are 1,000s of pods (videos) covering the whole range of subjects and exam boards offered at Thomas Alleynes.  Data has shown that students who make good use of these pods to review and revise work achieve significantly higher than predicted in their exams. If any student is struggling to log on to GCSE pod then they can access support in C3 with Mrs Hadfield any time.

Orme house were last weeks winners for students watching the most pods.

English Literature was the most popular subject with nearly double the amount of Pods watched… yes I’ve enquired to their secret.

Year 9 is the most active year group. Clearly not waiting around in preparing for their GCSEs.

Computer Science just edging in the lead for number of assignments handed in.

Biology really upping the challenge with by far the most questions answered.

Club – GCSE Podders

GCSE Podders is on a Monday lunchtime in C3 where students can have access to computers and headphones to support them in using GCSE Pod. They can also get help setting it up on a mobile device for access from home.

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