1/3/23 Roundup – House competition (Years 9-11)

Child Development House Competition

The neo-natal department of a local hospital are asking people to make ‘bonding squares’ for their babies who are in incubators.
“When a tiny baby arrives on the unit, a bonding square is placed close to them, whilst its match is given to mum. The squares get swapped over so that baby has mum’s safe, familiar smell and mum can smell her baby when they are not together.
We are looking for simple squares which can be knitted or crocheted. They should be between 5 and 10 cm square and produced in pairs. No large holes to trap little fingers please”
Please hand in completed squares to Mrs George in S3 or Mrs Varga in S2 by 31st March. Make sure you label with your name and form. Please come to S2 if you need yarn to work with.
5 points for each pair of squares produced.
1st prize : Rainbow of yarn hamper
2nd prize : Small yarn ham-per
3rd prize : 2 balls of yarn

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