14/2/23 Roundup – English (all years)


It’s been a great week in Bedrock world, with some absolutely brilliant work. 9HL are leading the way, with over 65% of students attaining their 20 points+. Esmee W continues to lead the way on time spent and overall points, but is being rapidly chased by Delilah O and Ellie B. Although not spending the longest online, Dylan R is being ruthlessly efficient and claiming second spot for points. This half term, we have over 80 students eligible for Bedrock’s laptop draw – good luck!

Revision this week

Miss Beevor would like to spend more time looking at Paper 2, Question 4. Whether or not you were here last week for her superb session on Paper 2 Q2, this would be a really good opportunity to get your revision underway. Remember, for English Language half the battle is knowing what each question is requiring.

Mrs Hunt’s Romeo and Juliet imagery session will be postponed until next half term, to enable everyone to attend Miss Beevor’s. 

Revision tip of the week

Anything can be English Language practice… Whilst you’re watching TV, look out in particular for anyone expressing a particular viewpoint, and think about how this in influenced by their perspective. This works really well on factual or news-based programmes.

Talking the talk…

On the Tuesday and Thursday after half term, we’ll be having “Talk the Talk,” an external oracy company, in to work with our Year 9 and Year 10 students. This is a great opportunity for Year 9 students to learn how to present their ideas, and ties in really well with their work in English on their Spoken Language Endorsement. The Year 10 students will be learning how to formally debate an issue. We can’t wait!

Rotary competition / Work of the Week

This week saw the closing date for the Rotary competition (if this goes out before Wednesday, you have until 3pm on Wednesday to get your entry and your signed consent form to Mrs Hunt. We have some amazing entries in both prose and poetry categories.

Mrs Hunt wanted to single out two for “work of the week” – Evie N’s evocative story, and Oscar S’s reflective poem. Evie’s story focuses on the effect of family conflict, and how challenging it can be to find “Peace” when your family is in turmoil. Oscar’s poem explores how to define peace, using some stunning imagery. Extracts from both are below.

Evie: It’s quiet here. Sometimes too quiet. You know what would make it better? Your ridiculous piano playing. There is a piano in our new house: it’s like it was made for you. Mum cried when she first saw it, but she plays daily now. I taught her the first song you learned: I think she believes it will bring you closer, so I don’t discourage it.



It chooses when to come to us;

finds us in the quiet moments.

Peace is the first breath of a deep sleep,

respect from your elders,

the velvet caress of a blanket.

World Book Day is approaching!

The English Department are busy getting ready for World Book Day, but in a change to previous years, we are no longer distributing paper tokens. Instead, you’ll need to check your school inbox / Talaxy for your digital token, which can then be saved to your phone or tablet. These cannot be redeemed online, but you can show it in most booksellers to purchase your free book, or to redeem £1 off a different book of your choice.

Note – activities in school will be running on Friday 3rd March, due to other events.

Half term World Book Day challenge

To help get everyone in the mood for World Book Day, the English Department would love to see photos of you reading in unusual places. Can you beat Ella R, who last year sent us a photo of her reading from the top of an Alpine ski run?! Make sure you’re safe, but be as creative and inventive as you can. 

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