9/2/23 Roundup – GCSE Pod (Years 9-11)

Key messages:

  • GCSE Pod has been bought for every student at TAHS so you don’t need to pay a thing
  • If you can not log onto GCSE pod please find Mrs Hadfield in C3 and she will help
  • You do not need to wait for a teacher to set revision work. Get revising!

Intrigued? More details:

GCSE Pod is the paid premium revision resource we have used for several years now. As part of the package that we buy ever student in years 9 to 11 have access to this resource. All year 9s that don’t already have access will be able to do so in their next Computing lesson.

The great news is that through the research GCSE Pod have conducted they have evidence to suggest that not only do students achieve on average a grade higher (compared to those that don’t use it) but this effect is also increased if the school have used GCSE Pod for an extended time (which we have).

GCSE Pod has a whole host of resources at your disposal. You choose the courses that you are interested in and there are pods (videos) to watch and questions to answer. If you get a question wrong it will recommend a pod that will help you fill that learning gap.

Club – GCSE Podders

GCSE Podders will be on a Monday lunchtime in C3 where you can have access to computers and headphones to support you in using GCSE Pod. You could also get help setting it up on a mobile device for access from home.

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