1/2/23 Roundup – 7/2/23 Safer Internet Day (all year groups)

With safer internet day just around the corner (less than a week!) I thought this would be a good time to let you know what we have done, what we have planned and how you can get involved.

What’s happened so far

Living in the technological world that we do, I feel it’s important that safer internet is forever present in our young peoples minds. To do this we have:

  • All year 9 have had a Computing lesson around Safe Online and E-Safety. In this they have been reminded who to contact if they need help, how to block an account if they need to and how to keep their data safe including their passwords.
  • All year groups have safe online lessons via our Thomas Character Curriculum. One example is with year 10 this half term we have focused on what laws apply to social media and how their posts could effect theirs and others future.
  • Key alerts have been shared through Roundup when an event has come to our attention. We really appreciate your support in sharing these and will continue to do so as new events come to our attention.

What we have planned

We are finalising plans for next week being our safer internet week. All year groups will be invited to celebrate this years theme of “Together for a better internet” and explore some e-safety reminders.

How you can get involved

Ourselves and the team at Safer Internet Day understand what a key role parents, carers and the wider community play in empowering our students in using this resource (the internet) effectively, responsibly and safely in all that they do. I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you the wide variety of tools available to you on the Safer Internet Day website. A massive 235 pages of resources to cover a wide variety of E-Safety needs. https://www.saferinternetday.org/resources

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