29/1/23 Roundup – Key messages & Term dates (all year groups)

Sixth form

We have the opportunity to support a small number of students with a superb resource called uplearn https://uplearn.co.uk/

If you are interested please see Mrs Dodd or Mrs Young.


Trusted by leading state and independent schools and teachers worldwide

Forward-thinking teachers and schools use Up Learn to support their students in delivering optimal learning outcomes and achieving table-topping academic results. Up Learn helps students to learn independently at home, and enables teachers to support their students outside of school hours

Urgent safeguarding reminder

I appreciate this was shared earlier in the week but with the safety of our young people being so important I will keep reminding. Please read, share and get in touch if you need any support.

Safeguarding: “A Game” – Warning to Parents

It has come to our attention that there is “A game” being circulated via Facebook to children which contains several different actions for them to complete, including the encouragement of self-harm and hurting others.

Whilst many of our children will, I am sure, be confident in ignoring these messages, we are conscious that around the country there have been several incidents where dares via social media have led to child fatalities.

Please be vigilant around your child’s use of social media and if you have concerns, advice can be sought from the following platforms or contact the safeguarding team and school.

Social media | NSPCC

Social media guides – UK Safer Internet Centre

Inner Drive reminders

For all students who attended the Inner Drive sessions this week – please remember how to get the best for yourself and improve your study habits with the following key tips:

News from the last week

Other round up news this week that you may have missed:


Forensic science trip






Sports results


Extra curricular and more sports results


Sixth form and Future intentions




Holiday: Monday 20 February – Friday 24 February

Term ends: Friday 31 March 

Holiday: Monday 3 April – Friday 14 April

Easter Sunday: Sunday 9 April

Summer Term 2023

Inset day: Monday 17th April

Term starts: Tuesday 18 April

May Day: Monday 1 May

Holiday: Monday 29 May – Friday 2 June

Term ends: Tuesday 25 July

Holiday: Wednesday 26 July – Friday 1 September

School Website

School Shop


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