11/1/23 Roundup – English (all year groups)

Words of the … Month?

Bedrock words are evolving. Following staff and student feedback, we’re focusing on fewer words for longer.

We’re hoping that with the same *frequent* practice, but over a longer *duration,* our writing will demonstrate more *clarity* and *ameliorate* some of downsides of having weekly words. We don’t feel this will *impede* progress, especially as the words are *prevalent* around school, so you might find yourself *inadvertently* bumping into one! The awkward one that doesn’t fit this time is *barren.*

Bedrock Shoutouts

The first shoutouts of the new year go to Illia and Hayden, who have both managed over 2 hours’ Bedrock work since 1st Jan.

Winners for the December challenge were Rhys W and Elizabeth B, who made the most progress in December. Treats on the way for both of these students.

Remember, we expect students to achieve 20 points each week on Bedrock. If you or your student are having issues, please contact Mrs Hunt at school.


If you wish to submit a late entry for our Read:Write competition, or the Words in the Wild, please see Mr Hulme or Mrs Hunt asap.

Our competition for this half term is external, with a deadline of 17th February. This is being run by the Rotary Club, and offers some exciting prizes!

The competition is open to all youngsters aged 14- 18 – ages as at 31st August 2022 and the theme this year is ‘Peace’.
Competition Guidelines and Task

– To produce a written or typed story in prose entitled, ‘Peace’. The written entry could be fiction or non-fiction, prose, or a poem, as long as the piece relates to the theme. Up to maximum of 550 words for prose entries, up to a maximum of 40 lines for poetry entries. No pictures/drawings to be part of the entry.

We’re hoping to support this competition as part of our curriculum this term, but welcome students’ contributions from outside of lessons, too.

A Level English Language students: exciting opportunity

Letters have gone out this week to A Level linguists, relating to a trip to Macclesfield to participate in the English and Media Centre’s Language conference. This is an amazing opportunity, and the first outside of London. There are some amazing speakers, including Professor Rob Drummond whose work supports a number of our topics. Previous conferences have been really inspiring, and this year’s looks set to be no different.

Find out more at https://www.englishandmedia.co.uk/conferences/english-language-a-level-conference-in-macclesfield-february-2023, and return your form to Mrs Bell, Brooks or Hunt to reserve your place asap.

Y10 Reading Champions

Mrs Hunt’s reading group are starting a new text this term: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. We *expect* it to be really interesting…As it’s out of copyright, read along at https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1400/1400-h/1400-h.htm. We’ll read the first 5 chapters this week, then 10 chapters every 2 weeks. Choose a theme, and follow along!

English on Twitter!

We’ve finally taken the leap onto social media… Find us at @TAHSEnglish, where we’ll post revision reminders, top tips, photos of what we’ve been up to, and anything we find exciting along the way.

Work of the Week

Mrs Baldwin would like to nominate Niamh T, for her amazing A Christmas Carol revision mindmaps. Well done, Niamh!

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