15/12/22 Roundup – Computing (Years 9, 10 and 11)

We’ve had a really busy last week in Computing.

Year 11 Computer Science

Students have come home with a revision schedule that will seem them through to the end of April. This covers all of the specification and will allow lessons to be adapted to sure up gaps in knowledge.

Extra revision and coursework spots

In addition to code club on a Monday lunch time and Computing homework support on a Wednesday lunchtime, I am now able to offer an additional revision session on Thursdays after school in C3. Sessions will run from 3:05 – 4. Any problems that would interfere with attendance please let me know.

Photopea Christmas cards

We had a very reduced class last week in year 11 IT due to a large number of students in exams. We took this as an opportunity to go extra curricular. The students are very excited to share with you their Photopea Christmas Cards.

They enjoyed it so much they threatened to start their own club, warm, inside. I think I can see where the temptation is now. There are litterally thousands of guides to doing this on Youtube if you wanted to give it a go. The website is: https://www.photopea.com/

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