1/12/22 Roundup – Sport and PE (All year groups )

Sporting events

Cross Country

We took a large team to the East Staffordshire Cross Country Championships.  Year 9 Boys finished 3rd with Harry O highest placed runner in 11th.  Year 9 girls came 2nd with Macy B 5th and Susie N 6th.  Year 10 and 11 Boys came 2nd with Lewis A 5th, Ben P 7th and Joel M 9th.  Year 10 and 11 Girls came 2nd with Martha B 4th, Olivia Y 5th, Lizzie W 8th and Chloe B 9th.


Year 9 played in the district tournament at Burton Rugby Club and recorded their first win.  Player of the tournament Lucas M


U 18s Thomas Alleyne’s vs Stone Alleyne’s

Match Report by J. Asempa

Kick Off: 2:30pm

Final Score: 6 – 1

In the first half, the team’s defence was solid, but the other team fortunately opened up a gap in our defence, and their left winger took the opportunity to skip past our last defender and score. We were 1 nil down in the first 10 mins, but that didn’t demoralise us.

5 mins after we conceded, our midfielders one-two play around other teams defence opened up a gap which Alistair quickly seized the opportunity to play a through ball to Jack who slotted it past their keeper to level the score.

During the game there were many hard, rough tackles from both sides and the ref called many fouls and gave a couple freekicks. 15mins before half time, we had the ball, then Jake passed the ball over Stone. Alleyne’s defence which landed right in Jack path as he was running towards goal which he proceeded to cleanly finish.

After some back-and-forth possession with the ball Thomas Alleyne’s managed to get a corner. Toby (centre back) quickly left his position to get in the box just as the cross was coming in and he jumped and headed it in beautifully into the top corner. The ball was at Jack’s feet again, he dribbled past their defence and smashed it top corner after sending the defender the wrong way.

The opposition got the ball once again and made a counter after we lost possession, and their midfielder to played it through to the player on the right who quickly ran down the line and crossed it into the box but luckily Jason (best right back) intercepted it and cleared it out but unfortunately it landed right back in oppositions possession which they then used the
opportunity to counter and made their way past the keeper and shot. It was going to be a guaranteed goal but once again Jason did a goal stopping goal line clearance to prevent Thomas Alleyne’s from conceding.

We had the ball once again and played around their defense then Liam got the ball and hit it nicely to give us another point, then minutes after Sam hit it from outside the box and scored.

BTEC Sport 

Yr 13 Unit 2 exam Wed 11th Jan 

Yr 12 Unit 1 exam Fri 13th Jan

Yr 11 exam Mon 6th Feb

Year 10 have started their first controlled coursework assignment.  Support materials are on Teams – it is vital students are coming to lessons fully prepared.

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