1/12/22 Roundup – English (all year groups)

English Competition

Students will have seen Mr Hulme’s virtual assembly this week focusing on the power of reading to inspire writing… and our competition deadline is looming. Entries should be submitted to any member of the English Department by the 5th December.

Bedrock words

This week we’re really showing our *prowess* with our words, and how well we can *retain* what we’ve been focusing on. Although Bedrock lessons are done in a *solitary* fashion, they *pervade* our lives. So, to *invigorate* our vocabulary building… a little challenge. We’d love for you to go Bedrock hunting… find any of December’s words “out in the wild” before the end of term and we’ll award a prize to the most interesting. Just send details (or even better, a photo) to Mrs Hunt (or any of the English team).

November Bedrock Shoutouts

It’s the first Roundup of the new month, so it’s the monthly prizes. November’s prizes have gone to Megan (9US) and Leo (9HS) for making the most progress this month. There was also a prize delivered to Esmee  (9UA) for earning an astonishing 359 points during November. Well done, everyone!

This month is a short one, so we’ll announce December’s winners in the first Roundup of the New Year. 

Revision this week

Mrs Bell is leading revision on Thursday 8th November, focusing on structuring a Paper 1, Question 5 answer.

Mnemonics can be a great way to make sure you are using a range of devices in your work, such as creative/narrative writing but also to aid in finding these in Section A unseen texts, for example:

OOnomatopoeia or Oxymoron
TThree (list of 3)
OOxymoron eg bitter sweet
BBig words (good vocabulary) or Bias
EEars, eyes, sound, texture (5 senses)

Work of the Week

Y13 English Language A Level students have been revising for their trial exams week.  They have used a range of different revision techniques such as:

Cornell notes

Summarising notes into PowerPoints

Flash cards to improve memory

Colour coding assessment objectives

Creating mnemonics

Do’s and Don’ts tip lists

Testing each other’s knowledge.

Here are some examples of their good practise:

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