25/11/22 Roundup – Head of House updates (Years 9-11)

Torrance – Miss Arrowsmith

Well done to all students that have contributed to the form credit competition this week.

Winners for this week are:

Elkes 10E2
Orme 9O2
Torrance 9T1
Whitmore 9W1

Elkes – Mrs Brooks

Next week is National Grief Awareness Week 2022. While we wish no student would have to suffer this, we have many students and carers who do.The campaign is run by The Good Grief Trust (https://www.thegoodgrieftrust.org/) to help raise awareness of the impact of grief and to create a unified voice for all bereavement support services. It has become very clear that low-level bereavement support (i.e. being able to talk to people around us about our grief without feeling uncomfortable or judged) can help people process their grief. We also make referrals in school to the MHST (Mental Health in Schools Team), which hold sessions here mid-week. If anyone feels they need this please see their Head of House to ask for some support.

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