25/11/22 Roundup – English (all year groups)

Y10 Reading Champions – Recommended Read

Our Y10 Reading Champions – students who love reading and want to share their reading with each other and with the wider school – have just finished their first text: “The Honeys.” This is a brand new novel, written by Ryan La Sala, which explores the sinister goings-on at a prestigious Summer Camp in America.

Pictured are some of our Y10 Reading Champions with their recent read.

The students have rated this book 7/10, as it is a really engaging psychological thriller, with a lot of “I wasn’t expecting that!” moments. However, they felt the final section let the overall book down, as it seemed a little “rushed” and that the “resolutions weren’t fully resolved.” Despite this, they still recommend it for Y9-Y11, “especially if you like your fiction dystopian, and you’re not too determined to have a happy ending…” (no more spoilers please! – Mrs H).

They’re now designing a display to celebrate this book – watch this space.

Revision this week

Having just completed your Language Paper 2 mock, next week’s revision looks at common pitfalls and issues with Paper 2 Question 4 – the attitudes and perspectives question. If this is a question you found particularly challenging, come and spend some time with Miss Cann in A6, on Tuesday 29th after school, to see how you can do better next time. 

Read… write

We’re starting to get entries for our Read… Write competition, and have been really impressed! If you want to be in with a chance of winning one of our fabulous prizes, see the task below and on Talaxy.

Bedrock Words

There are some really *vivid* language choices at the moment, which when put under *scrutiny* reveal our *blatant* attempts to increase our *lexicon (that’s a bonus word this week). To borrow the words of William Blake, we shall not *cease* in our lexical endeavours… Our fifth word is *subsidise*, because there’s always one I can’t fit in easily.

Bedrock Shout Outs

Shout outs this week to Esmee W, for completing the most topics in the last two weeks, and to George B and Isabelle E for having the most points in the last 7 days (behind Esmee).

Next week will be our November summary, so this is your last chance to boost your Bedrock and be in with a chance of claiming one of our monthly Bedrock treats.

Don’t forget, every student who completes their 20 points each week will receive an automatic entry into Bedrock’s competitions too, where the prizes are significantly more substantial!

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