21/11/22 Roundup – School Farm (all year groups)

Students from Thomas Alleynes have once again represented the school farm at the Winter Fayre at Staffordshire showground.  First up were our four pigs and the students did a fantastic job containing them in a corner of the ring without a pen. Unfortunately the pigs were not placed in their competition.  The students then took part in the sausage making competition and thoroughly enjoyed learning this unique skill, especially because they were able to take their surplus sausages home.  Whilst competing here, we found out that we had won the prestigious ‘champion turkey prize’ so a couple of students had to leave their preparations in order to have their photo taken with the award winning bird.

Finally, the big event of the day, the sheep showing.  Students had been preparing for this competition for the last few weeks, training the sheep to walk with a halter and then washing and trimming them so they looked their best.  We had 16 sheep entered in the schools competition and we picked up first, second, third and fourth prizes.

On Sunday, there was a chance for the students to show off their expertise in the young handlers competition and although they didn’t win any prizes they showed excellent skills in working with the animals

Thank you to all the students who took part, they were a credit to the school

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