21/11/22 Roundup – English (all year groups)


Use diagrams to help recall of information eg mind maps, character drawings labelled with quotations or ordering information from most to least important in diamond 9’s or tarsia pyramids like this one.  For example, what theme or character is most important in the play Romeo and Juliet or An Inspector Calls.

Bedrock words

Last week’s words were such an *eclectic* bunch, the opportunities to *disseminate* them widely were *abundant.* 

*Conversely*, this week’s are a little more challenging to stitch together. If anyone has any *innovative* ideas (base word *innovation*), please be *courteous* and let me know in the *duration* of time these words are our focal point… else I shall *revert* to form.

Bedrock shoutouts

Shout outs this week to 9HD, who had the most students on target this week. 

There will be a reward for the first class to attain 100% on target, so keep logging on and learning.

Bedrock have also launched some new competitions.

1) Any student who logs 20 points in a given week (the green smiley ones) gains an entry in a random prize draw for a £20 voucher. This is automatic, and across all schools, with 50 available. There are also 2 chromebooks up for grabs in the same draw.

2) Bedrock Stars is running between October 31st and December 18th. Students need to hit 140 points over the time period to be in with a chance to win some amazing prizes. This is different to the weekly draw, and so far we already have a number of students at or near that threshold.  Good luck!

Creative writing competitions

Your English teachers may have mentioned this in lessons, but we are running a competition this half term. See clubs for more details.

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