21/11/22 Roundup – Computing (Year 9-11)

Revision Guides

Revision guides are now on ParentPay. Deadline for purchases is Wednesday 30th November to allow for delivery before the Christmas break. Please let me know if this causes any problems.

This weeks highlights

I just wanted to take a minute to share some of my proudest moments in lessons this week, without names but sharing a little insight.

Year 11 – Computer Science student that was adamant 2 weeks ago he couldn’t sit down as in his words “I just can’t do it, so what’s the point?”. Spent a dedicated 40 minutes revising by matching definitions, stepping through binary addition and inspiring others to follow suit.

Year 11 – Another Computer Science student who took on the massive challenge of coding a ceasear cypher. When he started the lesson not knowing how to do inputs and ended it decyphering the exit message.

Year 10 – Student entered the room, started the retrieval quiz and said “Oh, it’s theory work day I need my…”. Yes, two weeks in and he is clear on routines that will support him in achieving great things.

Year 9 – I challenged them to “think like a computer scientist” in their homework when defining key terms. The level of care and precision one student showed was extraordinary.

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