July 1st 2022

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Art Show

Thanks to all helpers, PTA, supporters, staff, and visitors for the Art Show last Friday on the 24th June. It was a fantastic evening- and was a super opportunity to showcase our amazing students work in A-Level Art and Photography as well as our amazing Y10 and Y11 work in the classrooms. Massive thanks to the Rotary club who supported the evening and awarded prizes for the Young Photographer of the Year awards. It was great to celebrate Saffron Forrester (Y13 )and Heidi Clark (Y9) who won 1st and 2nd prize in the competition for their stunning wildlife shots


Year 12

Look at gap year providers such as Project Trust.  STA Travel offer the full gap year experience to Thailand in 2 weeks incl volunteering at an elephant sanctuary.  Check out different websites such as http://www.bestgapyear.co.uk.  Also interrailing.  There are conservation projects and also working holidays, all of which helps to build your CV and give you time to mature before settling into uni or an apprenticeship.

TAHS Year 12 student in Henley Royal Regatta

Congratulations to our Year 12 student Issy P for qualifying for the Henley Royal Regatta quarter finals with the Trentham Boat Club Girls Quad.

Future Intentions Week

Year 12 Future Intentions Week starts Monday 11th July – Thursday 14th July. All Year 12 are off timetable for the week. There are many opportunities on offer to support them with planning your Post 18 choices. Next week you will have the opportunity to book via Eventbrite which talks/activities you would like to attend during the carousel event taking place on the Wednesday of FIW.

School Walk – Year 12

Reminder to return your permission slip with your payment, or:

Provide a letter from your parent/carers to inform the school that you will not be attending (this is not something you can opt out of yourself and we do need parental letters).

Let your form tutor know if you would prefer to marshal rather than walk. If you wish to marshal, you do not have to pay.

If you choose not to attend, you are legally required to be in school doing some work instead.  The school walk day is not intended as a day off for anyone. 

Signing in and out

Students need to be on site from 8.40-3.05pm and if they leave site briefly for food etc they MUST sign out and back in. This is both a legal and safeguarding requirement. No one should leave site to go to the gym or similar during the school day.

Year 12 students GCSE certificates

Year 12 students can collect their GCSE certificates from the Sixth Form office.  Please collect them at break and lunch time only.

Sixth Form Finance:

The school has been allocated a Discretional Bursary Fund (DBF) which students are able bid into throughout the academic year providing they meet the financial criteria set by the school and outlined in our DBF policy.

For the academic year 2021-2022 students are eligible for funding of up to £400 if their parental income is below £27,000 (proof required) or if they were designated as pupil premium. If a student is a looked after child (LAC) they may be entitled to up to £1,200 of financial support. Students must use this funding to support their Post-16 education.  For example, Sixth Form uniform, transport costs to and from school, textbooks, revision guides, course materials, IT equipment (up to £150), educational visits, UCAS application Fee, University entrance tests etc.

More detailed information will be available in the DBF booklet which students can be obtain from Mrs Walton in the Sixth Form office or by emailing sixthform@tahs.org.uk

          Are your students ready to start thinking about their next step?
Are your students interested in…
– transforming people’s lives through medicine? 
– caring for animals in need of treatment? 
– resolving people’s dental concerns?
– supporting the care needs of the community?

Join us for UCAS/Discover Medicine and Allied Health on 6 July 10:00 – 18:00
If your classes are filled with future doctors, nurses, vets, dentists and other health professionals, be sure to join us as we focus on all things medicine and allied health. A day designed to help them find out what it’s like to choose a subject that harnesses their passion, and where it can take them in their career.
 Our unmissable line up of talks includes:
 – What does a career in Nutrition & Public Health look like?

– Apprenticeships in the NHS

… and more to be confirmed soon!

Be sure to add this event to your diary – your students won’t want to miss out!
  Find out more >


This week has seen the formation our fabulous new student leadership group. The student leadership group will be a new team of students who take an active and important role in our school and school life. They will suggest improvements for our school environment, our school day, our facilities, our school rules etc., organise student events – these may be social events or charity fundraising events, review and give feedback on school policies and take an active role in school events such as the school walk and open evenings.

In our first meeting we discussed the aims and roles of the group with Elisha putting it brilliantly “we want to be a whole school change for the better”.  The students discussed their goals for the group and gave some really insightful comments and valuable feedback to Miss Wainwright about the mobile phone policy in school.

If you would like to join the student leadership group there is still time – write a brief letter/email to your Head of House/ Pupil Welfare Officer outlining why you want to be part of the student leadership group and what skills or qualities you can bring to the group and we’ll see you soon.

English News

English Department Student of the Week

Apologies for not getting these organised last week. The students below have all been nominated by their teachers as student of the week over the last two weeks – some even being nominated twice! Well done for your efforts and commitment to English.

Y 9 Tilly O, Vacheslav M, Maddie E, Louie R, Elina P, Spencer G, Isaac H, Evie B, Billie O, Dora E

Y 10  Macie C, Tommy R, Poppy B, Josh B, Millie W

Y 12 Yeva P, Freya A, Katie L

Work of the week

We’ve been utterly spoiled for choice this week!

Year 9 have been exploring “the 7 Ages of Man” from “As You Like It” as part of their “Shakespeare Shorts” unit to prepare for GCSE Literature. Here’s some work from Miss Beevor’s 9…, where they have been changing it to the “7 Ages of Woman”:

Keeping with the Shakespeare theme… 9UL have been going cross-curricular this week. They drew on their English work in Drama lessons with some freeze frame work based on themes and concepts from Macbeth.

Here are representations of insanity, jealousy, and revenge. Can you work out which is which?

Welcome to the new A Level students!

Year 12 Literature taster students have been working on poetry with Mrs Baldwin:

The linguists have been exploring idiolect (individual language footprints) to solve real crimes – with some really insightful comments made. 

Carnegie Award

The award shadowers have been looking at characterisation this week: exploring their own book’s characters through an “Oscars” activity and creating social media profiles. We went beyond the set Carnegie texts today, and decided the most interesting fictional character of all time was Wanda Maximoff from Marvel’s graphic novels. So we’ve recommended a graphic novel as our reading recommendation, too!

Book Recommendation

The Carnegie shadowers have recommended Marvel graphic novels featuring Wanda Maximoff / the Scarlet Witch. There are quite a few to choose from, but this is a good starting point: 

English Taster Days – Keele @ Staffs

Anyone in current Y11 or Y12, who is considering one of the Englishes at Uni is encouraged to sign up for one of Keele’s taster sessions. They’re running on Tuesday 19th July, and will include sessions on English generally; creative writing, film and media. If you’re interested, the webpage is https://www.keele.ac.uk/study/opendays/tasterdays/

Literature Set Texts / Book Orders

Thanks to those who have already sourced or ordered texts for September – it’s great to see so many students already talking about their set texts (and some having a sneaky pre-read!). Those that have ordered through ParentPay will have texts delivered to English lessons before the end of term.

Current Y9 students – should have a copy of “Romeo and Juliet” for September, and “An Inspector Calls” for later in Year 10.

Current Y10 students – should have a copy of “A Christmas Carol” for September.

Year 8 Coding Competition

Please see a little Scratch competition for our upcoming year 8 pupils, have a go and see what you can do, show us your skills and I look forward to seeing some of you in the transition lessons next week.

This week’s Science News

Our Year 9 students have recently been studying the circulatory system; this has involved carrying out heart dissections and looking at a sheep’s pluck – which includes the oesophagus, heart, lungs and liver.

Three of our classes have certainly impressed their teachers this week!

Miss Wainwright would like to nominate all of 9U4 and 9H2B for their superb attitudes towards the heart dissections that have taken place this week. 

Mrs Lambert would like to nominate all of 9U1 for their practical skills and curiosity during heart dissection and demo of a full pluck. 

Well done!

PE News

U14 Tournament

Our Year 9 team finished runners up in the East Staffordshire tournament. The competition was structured in pools and TAHS beat Deferrers A 5-3 and John Taylor B 6 – 4 1/2. 

We were up against John Taylor A in the final, a really great game was played out. There were plenty of big hits that resulted in rounders from both sides. John Talor were winners by one rounder 7 -6

Team – Erin, Poppy, Daisie, Louie, Dora, Beth, Guna and Esther.

U15 Tournament 

Our Year 10 teams were both hugely successful in their tournament. 

Our A team played our B team first with the A team winning by four rounders. Our A team played another 3 fixtures and remained undefeated to finish winners. The girls were slick in the field and were able to hit the ball to lots of different areas to score rounders. 

Team – Aimee, Martha, Lexie, Issy, Fearne, Bella, Jess and Kiera

Our B team beat John Taylor, had a narrow defeat to Deferrers A by half a rounder. The final game against Deferrers B, all aspects of the game came together with great decision making in the field and lots of rounders being scored. The game was won 10-4 and our B team finished runners up as they had scored the most rounders. 

Team – Maddi, Heather, Poppy, Sophie A, Louie, Sophie H, Susie and Daisie

There will be a house rounders competition on Wednesday 13th July after school. The tournament can consist of males and females from Year 9 and Year 10. 9 players needed minimum. 

PTA Plea

We have 3 events coming up over the last couple of weeks and would like to know if any parents would like to volunteer to help.

6th July – Yr 8 induction evening 6-9.30. If you are able to help for the first half or second half we would greatly appreciate it

12th July – Prize Giving 7-9.

13th July – Summer Concert 7-9

If you are interested then please let Mrs Young know at younge@tahs.net

Job of the week 

This week’s job of the week is a Prison Officer. The Mypath video on youtube tells you about this as a role:


If you would like to find out more information and how to get into this role then click via this link: 

Prison officer job profile | Prospects.ac.uk

School Website

School Shop


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