September 24th 2021

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Assemblies for Next Week

Assemblies: w/b 27th of September

The assembly this week will be led by Damien Godwin on the subject of prejudice and diversity and links to the beginning of Black History Month

Thought(s) for the Week 

 “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” —Nelson Mandela

Sixth Form Discretionary Bursary Fund (DBF)

Sixth Form bursary booklets are now available for collection from the Sixth Form office.


Year 12

Will be thinking about creating a growth mindset and how seemingly ‘lucky’ people have actually struggled and made plans to succeed.

Year 13

Will be working on interview skills, preparing for the future working through questions an employer might ask such as ‘why you?’ or ‘what do people assume about you that would be wrong?’

Sixth Form Volunteers Needed

We are looking for Sixth Form students to volunteer to help during our Prospective Sixth Form Open Evening taking place on Thursday 7th October.  If you are interested in supporting the Sixth Form please pop your name on the sign sheets outside the Sixth Form office.

Ideas to help you fill your SixthForm 7 hours and study periods

Free online lectures to support your personal statement evidence – Gresham College – please click on the link below:


Law / Psychology / Marketing / Medicine / Computer Science / Criminology / Biology / Biochemistry / Politics / Engineering / Sports Science.

Please click on the link below.

Royal Holloway – Lecture series

‘Geography for schools lecture series’ Starting on Monday 27 Sept 2021, 5pm.
A 4 part lecture series covering a variety of topics, perfect if you are taking A Level Geography. Starting on with ‘Learning to read a sandy desert landscape’ (Dr Simon Armitage). Each lecture will be broadcast on Facebook – CLICK HERE

‘Psychology Lecture Evening’ Wednesday 13 October 2021, 6pm.

Our annual Psychology Schools Lecture Evening. Hear about recent research in psychology including Resilience: Why it matters (Dr Ilham Sebah) and Foreign accents: lessons from animals about culture and learning from others (Dr Robert Lachlan).


Year 11 need to begin revising for a Paper 1 Medicine Through Time examination held in the last week of this half-term.

Year 11 after school revision will support pupils in preparing for this: Wednesday Mrs Johnson, Thursday Mrs Young.

Thank you from RE

Thank you and well done to all of year 11 for completing their assessments in class this week, behaviour and effort in all groups was notably superb and results are looking very positive for the year group as a whole.

News from PE

This week Boys began their House Football with Torrance beating Whitmore 2 – 1 and Orme thrashing Elkes 10-3.   Netball all year groups have had their first team training sessions this week (see picture attached). Year 9 have got their first festival on Tuesday 28th September at Deferrers.

Badminton Club began last Friday after school with 25 participants, see Ms Simpson for details

Fitness Club also began last Friday after school in our new pavilion. See Mr Scott for details.

In lessons boys are practicing Rugby and girls are practicing Hockey in preparation for Boys House Rugby and Girls House Hockey on Wednesday 6th October.

Boys & Girls House Handball

This years Boys and Girls House Handball competition will take place during Open Evening on Thursday 30th September. Anyone interested in playing please give your name to your form tutor.

Girls Rugby Club

Girls rugby is now on Fridays after school 3.05-4.15 , all welcome.

First Robotics Challenge

Older students and more longstanding parents will remember that the school team for the First Robotics Challenge qualified for the national finals in London – unfortunately this was curtailed by Covid and we never got to attend.

Well fear not we are registered for this coming season and are looking to build a team to take on this years challenge – what ever it may be! The launch event is early October.

So we are looking for people to apply to be on the team, it is not just about computing as it was our social media presence & marketing that won us prices last time.

So we need:




Social Media managers

Business plan writers



Please drop Mr Cartwright an email or Teams chat expressing your interest – we need pupils from all year groups!

Year 9 Data Collection Sheets

Year 9 data collection sheets will be distributed to students today.  We thank all parents in advance for completing these as soon as possible and returning them to the school office.  The information helps us to safeguard your child and contact you in an emergency.  We politely request 2 emergency contacts.  Please do advise the school office if any detail change throughout the year including email addresses. 

A Level English Language: Remembering Dr Johnson

On the 20th September, A Level English Language students visited the annual Samuel Johnson memorial event in Uttoxeter Market Place. 

The speaker, Phillip Jones, explained that Samuel’s father had a book store in Litchfield and a book stall in Uttoxeter market. One day, Samuel’s father asked for his help  which Johnson refused. However, as an adult Johnson felt guilty for not helping and to show his apology and that he was wrong he took his hat off in the rain outside the stall, which signifies shame.

One part of the speech that I found fascinating was Johnson’s love for trees. When Henry VIII needed wood for ships and had his men cut down enough trees to make a fleet of ships, Johnson worried about the amount of trees that they were using. This part in the speech was something I was not expecting to hear but when I heard it I became fascinated.

Johnson joined the Royal Society of Art and Manufacture to plant trees. Samuel Johnson also had a favourite willow tree, next to a pond that he would swim in. He would dry off under the tree. The willow tree that is going to be planted in November in Lichfield will be the 5th generation of that tree.
– Alyssa Whitehall, Y12

Samuel Johnson is still incredibly important today. His development of the dictionary revolutionised what was a bank of words into a guide to how to use them. His passion for the English Language combined with his realisation that the language is an uncontrollable, living identity has inspired many of the linguists we study today. He represents a person who not only accepts his mistakes, but someone who broke away from the accepted norms of his period which allowed him to understand the language. 
– Rob Fuller, Y13

Science News

This week’s Science Students of the Week

Mrs Hughes would like to nominate Nicholas G-C, Harry G, Joseph H and Lily W – all from 9H4 for fantastic effort in Chemistry lessons.

Also, all of 10U1 for making excellent progress in Chemistry lessons.

Mrs North would like to nominate Lexi C and Pat T in her Year 9 Science group for excellent slides produced during their microscope practical.

Mr Melland would like to nominate the following Year 11 students for making a strong start with their online Science homework – Zita Mac, Billy L, Sarah W and Georgie F.

Mrs Simpson would like to nominate Lydia M (12A) for excellent performance in the Ions and Formula test.

Dylan C (11U1) for great contribution and engagement in Chemistry lessons.

Charlie A (11U5) for great practical skills in Chemistry.

Mrs Lambert would like to nominate Theo B, Kieren C and Rhys W (9U1) for excellent contributions in Biology lessons. 

Maddy E (12C Biology) for her efforts with her independent studies at the start of the Biology course. 

Miss Thorley would like to nominate Holly T (10U2) for exceptionally detailed and thorough work on chemical bonding. 

Nathan S (12D Physics) for impressive commitment to his Physics studies during absence.

Mrs Dykes would like to nominate Luke N (10U1) for excellent answers in Physics.

Cameron B (11H3) for independent catch-up on his Physics.

A Level Chemistry Revision Guides are now available to buy from the school online shop for Y12 students. 

Well done!

MFL Musings

VERY IMPORTANT FOR YEAR 11 – you have your trial speaking exam next week. You should be reading, saying and learning your conversation answers to help you prepare. In addition, on Tuesday 28th Mrs Clemett is running an after-school session focused on the trial speaking exam in room 11.


Year 11: JH, TN, NW and MS in 11D / EP in 11C

Year 10: OHP in 10C / EO, CH, EO and SS in 10D

Year 9:  Mainly for doing so well in Sentences of Doom LN and GA in 9HA, AC in 9HL, BO in 9UL, and MP in 9HS  /  LP, OB, HO, LU, CH, AP, RM, EP, NA and LA as well


TikTok need someone who wants to be paid to watch French TikToks and make sure they aren’t breaking the rules.

English Stars

Well done to the following students, who have been nominated by their teachers as student of the week in English this week.

Year 9 Harry O, Leah U, Aidan T, Harry O, Sammy S, Clemmie W, Adam R, Kai B, Lola T

Year 10 Maisie L, Harry W, Tommy R, Logan C, Ciaran M, Morgan H

Year 11 Jack B, Joe M, Jacob R, Gemma B

Year 12 Will P

Year 13 Katie G

Sixth Form Latin Club

Any sixth form students who are interested in the Latin club are invited to come along on Thursday from 3:15 – 4:15 to Room 21 for our first session. For more details, please email Miss Cann on

NEW CLUB: Allies

At Thomas Alleyne’s we are proud of our welcoming community. Allies is a new club, which will run on Monday mornings from 8:00. It is for anyone who wants to learn how to be an ally or develop a more diverse and outward looking atmosphere within our community.

Who is invited?

If you oppose discrimination of any kind and want to work with others to make our school and wider community a more inclusive environment and celebrate its diverse voices, then we hope you will come along. 

What is it about?

The aim of the club is to provide a safe space for students to discuss issues around diversity and share their own experiences; to get to know other like-minded people; come along and find out how to be an ally; and get involved in leading school wide activities around inclusivity. Allies opposes racism, sexual discrimination, homophobia and transphobia, as well as all forms of discrimination, and is a safe space to build friendships and support.


Starting Monday 20 September FROM 8:00 (drop in when you arrive) – YEAR 9 BUBBLE ROOM – bring colouring pens!

If you would like to know more about this, please email Miss Cann at

Action for Children’s Advice to Parent regarding Eating Habits

Everyone has different eating habits. But if you’re worried about your child’s relationship with food or their body, it might be worth looking for some support. If your child’s eating habits negatively affect their everyday life, they may have an eating disorder. This is when someone uses food to cope with certain situations or feelings. Teenagers between 13 and 17 are most at risk, but anyone can have an eating disorder. It can be helpful to know the signs and what to do if you’re worried about your child. Below is a link to an article that provides advice and signpost support services for this concern.

This week the career is ‘Firefighter’ click on link to see the My Path video which tells you more – > JOB OF THE WEEK – EPISODE #06 – FIREFIGHTER – YouTube

Job title:  Fireman, firewoman Firefighters help to protect people from fire and other dangers, and give advice on fire prevention. Every day will be different, but you could: inspect and maintain equipment carry out practice drills and take part in training respond to emergency call-outs rescue people and animals from burning buildings and accident sites control and put out fires deal with bomb alerts and floods manage chemical or hazardous substance spills give presentations to schools and community groups inspect buildings to make sure they meet fire safety regulations
How to become:College You could take a Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Public Services before applying to the fire service, although this is not essential. You’ll usually need: 2 or more GCSEs at grades 9 to 3 (A* to D), or equivalent, for a level 2 course 4 or 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, for a level 3 course Apprenticeship You may be able to start training on an operational firefighter advanced apprenticeship. You’ll need to be employed by a fire service to do this. You could train to be a firefighter in the Royal Air Force (RAF). You can find more information at: Royal Air Force You’ll usually need GCSEs grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, in English and maths to apply for an apprenticeship. Direct Application You can apply directly to join the fire service. Each one sets its own entry requirements. Many ask for GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) in English and maths, or equivalent qualifications. You’ll need to pass: an online test to assess your judgement ability in a realistic work setting number and reading tests If you’re successful, you’ll: do practical selection tests to find out whether you can do the physical tasks needed for the job be interviewed  
Skills required:knowledge of public safety and security customer service skills the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations to be thorough and pay attention to detail sensitivity and understanding knowledge of training and how to present information the ability to work well with others to be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device.   You’ll need to: pass a fitness test pass a medical check pass enhanced background checks have a full driving licence be over 18 years of age
What you’ll earn:£23,800 – £39300  

              All information taken directly from Firefighter | Explore careers | National Careers Service

Careers interviews

All year 11s will be seen for careers interviews over the next two terms to enable them to make their plans for post 16.

Students will be collected from their lessons to attend and where possible will be contacted in advance.

All year 11s will be seen by either myself (Anna Featherstone) or Clare Atkinson – our advisor from Entrust.

If students would like to know more about what to expect in their appointment or look at how to prepare then please click on the link attached which will take you to a document in Microsoft teams.

Featherstone: What to expect in your careers appointment 

               Upcoming events and Opportunities



13.15–14.55 Wednesday 6th November

Students can explore the industry through a series of workshops, with professionals sharing stories about the exciting combination of innovation, engineering and technology in the railways. Students will discover how and why the future in rail is exciting and dynamic, and how to pursue a future in rail and STEM.


If you are interested in taking part then please contact Mrs Featherstone at and I will organise the opportunity for you.

Morgan Stanley – Step in Step up – An insight to Banking

Step In, Step Up:  An Insight to Banking is an introductory two-day programme designed for Year 12/13 female students. This programme comprises of divisional overviews, panel sessions and interactive workshops. Participants will also have the opportunity to network with employees at all stages of their careers. Meet our inspiring individuals and discover your passion for Finance.

The event will be held on the 26th & 27th October 2021.Applications close on the 26th September 2021.

Event address / venue details

London (Virtual / In our offices) to be confirmed closer to the time dependent on COVID-19. Register – Morgan Stanley Campus (

Royal Air Force ‘Access All Areas’ Free Virtual Careers Event – Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 18:30 – 20:30.

The RAF is responsible for protecting the UK’s air and space capabilities, and Access All Areas is a fantastic opportunity to uncover an immersive, interactive 360° experience. With nine must-see locations and the opportunity to chat directly with RAF Recruitment Personnel, explore where the RAF could take you.

RAF Virtual Event Access All Areas Tickets, Wed 6 Oct 2021 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

Spotlight Talks: Inspiring careers excellence – 13-14 October, 2021.

In partnership with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Spotlight talks brings together the UK’s leading employers and apprentices to inspire even more young people, from all walks of life to take up technical career routes and apprenticeships. The next Spotlight talks will focus on digital skills and careers. To register click on the link below.

Registration | WorldSkills UK Events

Careers in the NHS 

Considering a career on the NHS ? This is a really good place to start your research. Step into the NHS has a large library of videos to help you find out about different roles available.

School Website

School Shop


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