September 17th 2021

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Assemblies for Next Week

The assembly this week will be led by members of our sixth form and ably guided by Mr Harris on the subject of Recycling and The Great British Beach Clean

Thought(s) for the Week 

Away, away, from men and towns,

To the wild wood and the downs, — T. S. Elliot

To the silent wilderness, where the soul need not repress its music.”  Percy Bysshe Shelley

Sixth Form Code of Conduct

Reminder for students from both Year 12 and Year 13 to return their signed codes of conduct to their form tutor as soon as possible.  Spare forms can be collected from the Sixth Form Office. Thank you to those who have already returned them.

Sixth Form Discretionary Bursary Fund (DBF)

Sixth Form bursary booklets are now available for collection from the Sixth Form office.

Year 12 ID Photos

Any Year 12 students who have not had their ID photo taken, please come up to the Sixth Form office on Monday.

Sixth Form Uniform policy

We take great pride in how smart our sixth form student look in their business-like uniform, and firmly believe that dressing smartly influences behaviour and prepares our learners for the workplace. Sixth form students must be aware of and always adhere to our clear dress code. Not wearing the correct uniform may result in a student being sent home to change, and students regularly not wearing the correct uniform contravenes the Sixth Form code of conduct.

The Sixth Form dress code at TAHS:

•          Smart business suit with matching jacket, trousers, skirt, or dress as appropriate.

•          Suits must be dark in colour and can be plain, have a subtle check or be pinstriped.

•          Skirts/Dresses must be at least knee length and match your jacket.

•          Trousers must be ankle length.

•          Suitable business-like tie (male students)

•          Plain or subtly patterned blouse or shirt (must be tucked in).

•          Smart shoes or boots (such as those worn in an office)

•          Plain jumper or cardigan.

•          Sixth Form lanyard with photo ID once issued.

•          Jewellery and make-up are permitted but should not be excessive.

Coats and scarves may be worn outside the buildings but must be removed once inside.

The following are not permitted:

•          Mini, lycra or bodycon skirts/dresses.

•          Denim – including jeans, dresses, skirts, and jackets.

•          Casual trousers – including combats, tracksuits, leggings, or skinny fitting trousers

•          Sports or casual clothing – including tracksuit, fleeces, T-shirts, hooded tops

•          Shorts or cropped trousers.

•          Trainers, pumps, canvas shoes, boots, sandals, or flip flops.

•          Tattoos must be covered. It is against the law for anyone under the age of 18 to have a tattoo, and therefore we do not expect any of our year 12 students to have one.

•          Facial piercings other than a suitable nose piercing.

•          Unconventional hair styles and extreme/unnatural hair colours.

•          Blouses/shirts that expose the midriff or are low fronted.

Year 12 Students

Thinking of applying to Cambridge University? Follow the link below to find out more about the shadowing scheme.  Applications close on October 10th.  It is worth putting an application in even if you do not meet all of the criteria mentioned on the form.  Any questions please see Mrs North

Shadowing Scheme:

Year 9 Photographs

Year 9 school photographs will this year take place on Thursday 24th September. Students are asked to ensure that they are wearing smart and correct uniforms including a white shirt, their house tie and their blazer. 

Forensic biology visit to Keele University 

Sixth form students studying Forensic science and biology have spent the day at the new state of the art science labs at Keele. They have extracted DNA from cheek cells, amplified it by PCR and then visualised it using gel electrophoresis. This has given them practical experience of theory they learn in class and has allowed them to experience life at university. It has been a fantastic experience for them.

News from PE

Thursday night was the return of extra-curricular netball. 46 pupils from Y9, 10 and 11 turned up to sharpen their netball skills and play some games. If you would like to come and join us next week Y9 practice will be on Tuesday and Thursday until 4.15pm and Y10 and 11 practice will be on Wednesday until 4.15pm. We look forward to seeing you there. 

House Cross Country

Congratulations to all students that took part in this year’s House Cross Country on Thursday.

Individual Yr9 girls results were

1st- R Fry of Torrance in 12.49

2nd- J Punchard of Torrance in 15.00

3rd- L Ratcliffe of Whitmore in 15.40

Team result – 1st Torrance, 2nd Whitmore, 3rd Orme, 4th Elkes

Yr9 boys results were

1st-R Morgan of Elkes in 9.58,

2nd L Atherton of Torrance in 10.31,

3rd S Whetton of Elkes in 11.14

Team result – 1st Elkes, 2nd Orme, 3rd Whitmore, 4th Torrance

Yr10 & 11 girls results were

1st O Yianni of Elkes in 13.09,

2nd G Slack of Torrance in 14.07,

3rd H Brandrick of Whitmore in 14.17

Team result- 1st Elkes, 2nd Whitmore, 3rd Torrance, 4th Orme

Yr10 & 11 boys results were

1st O Morgan of Whitmore in 9.28,

2nd C Aldridge of Torrance in 9.55,

3rd S Pickup of Elkes in 9.59

Team result- 1st Elkes, 2nd Orme, 3rd Torrance, 4th Whitmore

Football and Netball

On Thursday night we had over a hundred boys and girls at football and netball practice.Over the next few weeks we will be running a house competition in both sports after school.

First Robotics Challenge

Older students and more longstanding parents will remember that the school team for the First Robotics Challenge qualified for the national finals in London – unfortunately this was curtailed by Covid and we never got to attend.

Well fear not we are registered for this coming season and are looking to build a team to take on this years challenge – what ever it may be! The launch event is early October.

So we are looking for people to apply to be on the team, it is not just about computing as it was our social media presence & marketing that won us prices last time.

So we need:




Social Media managers

Business plan writers



Please drop Mr Cartwright an email or Teams chat expressing your interest – we need pupils from all year groups!

A level Geography field work.

It was great to be able to take our 32 year 13 Geographers out this week to Formby Beach and the Albert Dock in Liverpool. Students researched and planned their own data collection as part of their A level coursework. The day was spent investigating sand dune plant succession and the regeneration of the city centre.

Well done to all our students, it was good to be out and about again!

Musical Production News

A reminder that Auditions for Grease are next week after school. Please see Mrs Todd in music or Mrs Mood in drama for further details.

Tuesday   Vocal audition  room 67            3.30 to 4.15

Wednesday Drama audition theatre          3.30 to 4.15

Thursday    Dance audition  theatre           3.30 to 4.15

Music Notice

Any pupils who wish to have a music instrumental or vocal lesson, Please see the music notice board in room 67 for your lesson time.

Monday  Drum teacher  11.40

Tuesday   Guitar teacher 10.30

Thursday  Woodwind teacher 9.30

Thursday  Vocal, piano. violin  10.30

Friday    Brass teacher  11.45

If you are unsure when your lesson is and have not had time to check the board, then please arrive at the time your teacher arrives in school for next week.

Science News

Practical work has begun in earnest this week in the Science Department.  Our Year 9 groups have been looking for evidence that photosynthesis has taken place in geranium leaves using iodine to test for the presence of starch, the main energy store in plants.  And also investigating bar magnets – studying magnetic field lines and determining which materials are magnetic and non-magnetic.

This week’s Science Students of the Week:

Mrs Simpson would like to nominate: Dora E (9U1) for excellent contribution in Chemistry lessons.

Bailey L (11H4) for great attitude in Chemistry.

Euan L (13D) for resilience and determination in Chemistry.

Dr Squire would like to nominate Poppy B (10H2) and Molly H (10U2) for excellent contributions in Biology.

Mrs Lambert would like to nominate Zak S-S (11U5) for excellent effort in Biology. 

Isabell D and James L B D (9U1) for excellent contributions in Biology.

Miss Thorley would like to nominate Jasmin W (11U3) for fantastic attitude to learning and application in lessons. 

Polly J in Year 12A Chemistry – for consistent involvement.

William W-D (10U2) – for impressive chemistry knowledge and contributions in lessons.

Mr Crum would like to nominate Poppy B (10H2) for excellent effort.

All of 10U4 and 11H5 who have made a fantastic start to the year by getting stuck in!

Eleanor W 13B Forensics for consistently being early in submitting work.

Well done!

History Year 11

After school revision classes are on Wednesdays and Thursdays – see Mrs Johnson (Wednesday) or Mrs Young (Thursday) for details

MFL Musings

French GCSE intervention Y11 Tuesday 21st September 3.10 room 11 to help prepare for French speaking exams week beginning 27th September.

We’ve had another fantastic week, with lots of spoken French and plenty of bravery, with people having a go no matter what. Y12 led the way with their brilliant presentations, which they had worked on over the summer, with some brilliant topics, including the Statue of Liberty, French-Canadian theatre, Napoleon, and Why are there so few Skyscrapers in Europe? Y9 and Y11 have been trying out Battleships and Quiz Quiz Trade, whilst Y10 seemed to quite like Sentence Chaos!

The following students deserve to have their initials mentioned in Roundup for effort in their speaking, especially the ones who volunteered to demonstrate in front of the class!:

Year 9SW 9HA, WG 9HL, OG 9UL, RM 9HS
Year 10DO 10C
Year 11SW 11C

Year 11 students are reminded that they have a reading assessment on Monday 20th September, and their first ever trial speaking exam the week after. What are you doing to revise? Quizlet? Learning conversation questions? A revision guide? Talking to your mate on the phone (in French)? Get started!

With an eye on careers, if you have a sensitive nose, why not try being a perfumier? There’s a company in France who specialise in just that:

English Stars

Well done to all of the students who have been working so well this week. In particular, the English students of the week are:

Year 9 Kieran C, Evie B, Poppy W, Harry O, Adam R, Ben W, Clemmie W, Harry S

Year 10 Will F, Isobel H, Jessica W, Alex C, Kathryn W, Luke N, Charlie F, Layla M

Year 11 Lucy L, Isabel B, Gemma B, Thomas L, Xanthe S

Year 12 Georgia E

NEW CLUB: Allies

At Thomas Alleyne’s we are proud of our welcoming community. Allies is a new club, which will run on Monday mornings from 8:00. It is for anyone who wants to learn how to be an ally or develop a more diverse and outward looking atmosphere within our community.

Who is invited?

If you oppose discrimination of any kind and want to work with others to make our school and wider community a more inclusive environment and celebrate its diverse voices, then we hope you will come along. 

What is it about?

The aim of the club is to provide a safe space for students to discuss issues around diversity and share their own experiences; to get to know other like-minded people; come along and find out how to be an ally; and get involved in leading school wide activities around inclusivity. Allies opposes racism, sexual discrimination, homophobia and transphobia, as well as all forms of discrimination, and is a safe space to build friendships and support.


Starting Monday 20 September FROM 8:00 (drop in when you arrive) – YEAR 9 BUBBLE ROOM – bring colouring pens!

If you would like to know more about this, please email Miss Cann at

This week the career is ‘DISASTER/EMERGENCY MANAGER’ click on link to see the My Path video which tells you more – > JOB OF THE WEEK – EPISODE #04 – DISASTER MANAGER – YouTube

Job title:  As an emergency planning/management officer, you’ll play a key role in protecting and maintaining public safety. Working as part of a team, you’ll anticipate and plan for major incidents and respond to threats to public safety. You can work in local or central government, or in a public body or agency tasked with responding to emergencies or disasters. Emergency planning/management officers are also known as a civil resilience or civil contingencies officer and respond to incidents such as: acts of terrorism epidemics and pandemics, such as swine flu and Covid-19 flooding major industrial accidents natural disasters winter weather
How to become:A relevant first degree is required for emergency planning/management officer roles and suitable subjects include: business continuity and security management disaster management environmental hazards and disaster management international security and disaster management. If you don’t have a relevant first degree, you’ll need to obtain a related postgraduate qualification. Masters courses are available in similar subjects to those listed above. Search for postgraduate courses in disaster management. Entry without a degree will only be considered if you have extensive relevant pre-entry experience or a related professional qualification. There are a number of specialised courses for professionals working in the voluntary, health, public and other sectors. While these do not necessarily qualify you to move into emergency planning roles, they do support a move into work relating to emergency planning and continued professional development (CPD). You may also want to consider getting student membership of relevant professional bodies such as the Emergency Planning Society (EPS). This will give you access to useful resources, help you keep up to date with news in the industry and give you access to networking events.
Skills required:You’ll need to have: the ability to communicate with people at all levels the capacity to stay calm in stressful disaster situations attention to detail and a thorough approach a logical approach and the ability to be creative in a high-pressure situation a flexible attitude, with the ability to manage a range of tasks at once the capability to work to deadlines and prioritise tasks project management skills analytical and problem-solving skills
What you’ll earn:Starting salaries for emergency planning officers range from £22,000 to £28,000 in local authority or NHS-based roles. With experience, those working in senior roles can expect to earn £35,000 to £50,000. Managers or consultants may earn more than this

              All information taken directly from Emergency planning/management officer job profile |

Upcoming events and Opportunities



13.15–14.55 Wednesday 6th November

Students can explore the industry through a series of workshops, with professionals sharing stories about the exciting combination of innovation, engineering and technology in the railways. Students will discover how and why the future in rail is exciting and dynamic, and how to pursue a future in rail and STEM.


If you are interested in taking part then please contact Mrs Featherstone at and I will organise the opportunity for you.

Morgan Stanley – Step in Step up – An insight to Banking

Step In, Step Up:  An Insight to Banking is an introductory two-day programme designed for Year 12/13 female students. This programme comprises of divisional overviews, panel sessions and interactive workshops. Participants will also have the opportunity to network with employees at all stages of their careers. Meet our inspiring individuals and discover your passion for Finance.

The event will be held on the 26th & 27th October 2021.Applications close on the 26th September 2021.

Event address / venue details

London (Virtual / In our offices) to be confirmed closer to the time dependent on COVID-19. Register – Morgan Stanley Campus (

Top of Form

Careers event with IBM, Experian, Vodafone – Wednesday15th September, 5:00pm – 7:00pm

No matter the career you decide to go into you will undoubtedly be involved with technology, so this event is a fantastic chance to get ahead of the crowd, start learning about this fascinating, ever-evolving industry and ultimately help you decide whether it’s a path you’d like to pursue. We will hear talks on the power of 5G and connectivity with Vodafone, cloud storage with IBM and big data with Experian and lots of other really interesting topics! Certificates will be awarded to those who attend the event. If you’d like to apply to this exclusive event, please click on the registration link below.

Royal Air Force ‘Access All Areas’ Free Virtual Careers Event – Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 18:30 – 20:30.

The RAF is responsible for protecting the UK’s air and space capabilities, and Access All Areas is a fantastic opportunity to uncover an immersive, interactive 360° experience. With nine must-see locations and the opportunity to chat directly with RAF Recruitment Personnel, explore where the RAF could take you.

RAF Virtual Event Access All Areas Tickets, Wed 6 Oct 2021 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

Spotlight Talks: Inspiring careers excellence – 13-14 October, 2021.

In partnership with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Spotlight talks brings together the UK’s leading employers and apprentices to inspire even more young people, from all walks of life to take up technical career routes and apprenticeships. The next Spotlight talks will focus on digital skills and careers. To register click on the link below.

Registration | WorldSkills UK Events

School Website

School Shop


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