July 2nd 2021

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Year 12 Graduation Thursday 15th of July 2021 via Zoom

We are delighted to share with you that this year as part of the year 12 to year 13 transition we will be still be holding our year 12 to 13 graduation ceremony, but will be delivering it via Zoom on Thursday the 15th of July for all year 12 students during their scheduled skills session

Alongside presenting graduation certificates, we will formally welcome our Senior Prefect Team for 2021-2022 to their new and prestigious roles; whilst recognising both progress and attainment in all Sixth Form subject areas, and acknowledging high levels of attendance.

The purpose the graduation is to celebrate the success of year 12 students who have met the 2021 graduation criteria, as outlined below:

·         Attendance to lessons and skills sessions.

·         Mock Examination Results.

·         Subject Teacher recommendation.

Once we have collated the information above, the Sixth Form Team will write to students and their parent(s)/carer(s) to indicate whether students have met the graduation criteria and therefore will be invited to graduate on the 15th of July. If a student is not graduating at this time, clear reasons will be given as to why.

For those not graduating on the 15th of July, a personalised support plan will be created and will be overseen by a member of the Sixth Form team so that all year 12 students can graduate by the end of September 2021.

If you have any questions about the year 12 graduation, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: sixthform@tahs.org.uk or by calling the Sixth Form on (01889) 561820.


Year 12 students, be on the lookout next week as Mrs Dodd will be sending out information on how to register for UCAS.

Student Wellbeing Board

Work experience student, Holly, has designed an amazing mental health resource outside the common room.  Designed to promote good mental health and to support any students, there is information about a range of issues so that students can educate themselves and find advice about where to go for help.  This includes apps and in-school links such as contacting the Sixth Form team.  Take what you need from the golden affirmation envelopes and use the coloured lollipop sticks in the self-check-in station.  Information is also available where students might need help in how to support others.


All students in Year 12 have been sent a task to complete on Unifrog. All your form tutors and subject teachers need to write references for you, these references will be used to support your Post 18 option choices. If you are thinking about applying to university then the references will up loaded to UCAS, if you are applying for an apprenticeship then this will be used when we are contacted for a reference by the employer and similarly if you are applying for a job.  

Please take the time to let your form tutor know what we need to add to our reference.  Do you volunteer? Do you support a group? What do you do inside and outside of school that makes you stand out or will support your application.  Once you have logged onto Unifrog you will see the tasks. Just type and send.

To support this further send your form tutor your first draft of your personal statement so that they can look at it before the end of term. This should be completed by all students regardless of your Post 18 option choices.

Med School Application Day

There is a free online event for Year 11s and soon-to-be 12s who are just starting to think about applying to medical school. This is primarily aimed at Year 11s who will be starting A-levels (or equivalent) in September 2021. We will have Doctors and current medical students covering the application timeline, work experience, entrance exams and everything they need to hit the ground running in September. An event timetable can be found on the Google registration link below.

Event name: Medicine Application Timeline – Getting Ready
Location: Online
Date: 21st August 2021
Ages: Current year 11 (going into year 12 in September)

This is a FREE event and booked on a first come first serve basis.

Google registration link: https://forms.gle/Dud254nM1dozd3uF7


Students who have not received their next GCSE certificates can collect them from Mrs Walton in the Sixth Form office

COVID-19 Test Kits

Any Sixth Form students who have not received their next batch of COVID-19 test kits can collect them from Mrs Walton in the Sixth Form office.

Bangor University: Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Summer School

Bangor University’s School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences will be hosting an online Summer School for A-Level students considering reading Theology, Religious Studies, Philosophy or Ethics at university.

This free on-line event aims to give a clearer understanding of what it is like studying these subjects at undergraduate level, and the opportunity to develop subject-specific skills to help ensure success at A Level. Participants will choose 3 modules (all live-streamed lectures) with the option of taking part in debates and discussions. 

Modules will include ‘Religion and the Environment’, ‘Atheism’ and ‘The Ethics of Race’.

> When: 26-30 July
> More info and register here

Newman University: new courses

Some news from Newman University: they are planning to launch new undergraduate courses in Social Work and Sociology in September 2022.

BA (HONS) Social Work: The skills needed to become a Social Worker. It will include 200 days of placement, and multidisciplinary teaching.

BA (HONS) Sociology: Critical thinking and applying theory to real world problems. There will be employer-led projects, and work-related learning in the second year.

Find out more at an Open Day

Potential Oxbridge Applicants

We are very pleased to welcome back into school an ex student who is currently studying at Cambridge University.  She will be giving a talk and answering questions on Thursday 15th July at 10am.  If there are any current y12 students who would be interested in attending this talk to learn more about the application process and find out what it is like to study at Cambridge then please contact Mrs North at north@tahs.org.uk


Please see this message from our in school caterers Chartwells.

PE Update

Students have taken part in their own mini Wimbledon competition this week – winners to be revealed next week. Please ensure all students have full PE Kit. They will all require , Black Polo shirt, Black Shorts, Sports socks, Indoor Trainers. Students also require a black swim costume / black swim shorts. If students are injured or unwell they should bring a note and their PE kit as the will still have a role to play in the lesson and should have a coat if the weather in inclement.  

BTEC Sport
** We have purchased on line learning resources for BTEC Students in Yr10, 11, 12, 13. Please see Teams for Log In details and how to access the resources **

Year 10 –  students need to complete both Sports Injuries and Technology assignments by the end of term.

Year 12-  Students need to complete Unit 3 developing understanding of the sports industry assignments including any improvements.  During lessons students are taking part in practical methods of training.

Year 9 ICT

As year 9 have their final lessons of the year in ICT it would be fantastic if as many of you as possible complete the Bronze Award on idea.org.uk

Get as close as you can in lesson and then finish it at home, remember it is a certificate that stays with you and demonstrates your digital literacy. To download go to the FAQs on the site and follow the link

Checkout the video on this page for more information: https://idea.org.uk/about

Skills Sessions

Our next skills session is on Thursday 15th July. All Year 9 and 10 form groups will participate in a zoom call with the external agency, R.I.O.T (Recovery is out there), to support their understanding of the risks and issues surrounding of drug and alcohol use.

This is an organisation which share the recovery stories of individuals who have recovered from addiction and mental health problems. The aim of this organisation is to empower individuals, families and communities to recover from addiction and mental health problems by providing hope, understanding and a sense of belonging. They aim to connect individuals so that they can inspire, learn from, and support each other.
We encourage our students to fully engage in this session and hope that it proves an informative and memorable experience. There will be an opportunity for students to give their feedback on the session at the end.

The final skills session of this academic year will be held on Tuesday 20th July. This will be dedicated end of year celebrations for the students in their form groups and will include a visit from their Head of House to present some awards before we wish our students a safe and enjoyable summer holiday. 


This week’s Science Students of the Week:

Year 9

Mrs North would like to nominate Aimee S (9O1) for commitment in Biology.

Year 10

Mr Melland would like to nominate Charlotte J for effort and organisation in completing her online homework.

Mrs Dykes would like to nominate Livvy E in 10U3 Physics for excellent effort all year.

And also, Amy-Lee J, Finlay T-S, Lydia T, Yasmin L, Grace B in 10U2 Physics for great isolation work.

Mrs Hughes would like to nominate the following students for their commitment to Chemistry lessons – Erin B, Jack B, Katy J, Zita M and Matilda T.

Mr Mitchell would like to nominate Joe H (10H1) – for a great Year 10 exam result and consistently high performance all year.

And also, Evie R (10H1) – for great performance and improvement throughout the year in Physics.

Well done!

English Stars

English department student of the week nominations go to:

Y 9 Layla M, Oliver H-P, Maddy T, Lennon E, Logan C, Susie C, Ciaran M, Krishan K (for conquering his fear)

Y10 Alfie H, Sadie O, Livvy E, Josh W (all for excellent engagement in Live Lessons), Lucy O, Lewis B, Lily C

Y12 Victoria M, Jess L

Celebrating your success

While we’re still not back to having full assemblies, the head of house are looking forward to seeing their forms on the last day, and we’ll be running through some of the fantastic achievements you’ve made this year and giving the prize draw vouchers as well. Technology permitting, there will be a link to the assembly presentation in the final newsletter of the term.

Career of the week

I am going to start sharing a video for career of the week using a great channel on You tube called My Path – this week the career in focus is Actuary. Link below:

Job title:Actuarial analyst Actuaries work with companies and government departments, to help them forecast long-term financial costs and investment risks. In this role you could: analyse statisticsforecast financestest financial optionsassess risksuse computers to build mathematical and statistical modelswrite reports and presentationsexplain findings to managers, government ministers or business clients
Entry requirements:University You can get into this job by doing a degree and then joining a graduate actuarial training scheme. Most employers will look for a degree with a high level of mathematical skills. For example: maths and statistics actuarial science economics physics chemistry engineering accounting A course with a placement year or a summer internship will give you valuable experience and an advantage when you apply for work. You could take a postgraduate degree in actuarial science that may allow you to qualify as an actuary in a shorter time. Some actuarial companies may offer sponsorship for postgraduate courses. Entry requirements You’ll usually need: 2 or 3 A levels, or equivalent, including maths Apprenticeship You may be able to start by completing an actuarial technician higher apprenticeship or actuary degree apprenticeship. 4 or 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) and A levels, or equivalent, for a higher or degree apprenticeship
Skills required:maths knowledge analytical thinking skills to be thorough and pay attention to detail knowledge of economics and accounting the ability to think clearly using logic and reasoning the ability to use your judgement and make decisions ambition and a desire to succeed thinking and reasoning skills to be able to use a computer and the main software packages confidently
What you’ll earn:£25000 – £70,000

School Website

School Shop


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