June 18th 2021

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 


Reminder Yr 12 students should all be accessing Unifrog. If any students are having difficulty logging in, please email sixthform@tahs.org.uk for support.

Unifrog is a one-stop-shop where students can easily explore their interests, then find and successfully apply for their next best step after school. It can help students with exploring what subjects they would be interested in studying Post 18 and how these choices can lead to different career paths and further education.

Discover and sign up to online courses in areas that are of interest.

Explore how to successfully apply to an apprenticeship or university course, including universities abroad.

Support with writing a CV and Cover Letter.

Record key activities, MOOC’s and achievements to help support their application.


Students should all have started their personal statements and be working on these ready to give drafts to form tutors and academic tutors as soon as possible.  Please see the Sixth Form team or your academic tutors if you require further support. 

The Teams document ‘distance learning – acing your personal statement’ gives a useful structure and advice.  Mr Robinson-White has also uploaded a whole host of personal statement information on this link:  bit.ly/tahs6thF and this is also available on our Twitter page. 

Students not planning to go to university should also complete these tasks as they will form a useful CV or supporting documents for apprenticeships/employment.

Sixth Form Transition Careers drop-in sessions.

To further support transition, Mrs Featherstone, is offering careers drop-in sessions in room 74 during period 3 Monday 21st and Thursday 24th of June should students wish to discuss their post-16 options to ensure that they facilitate their future intentions. If you wished to contact her directly, her email address is featherstone@tahs.net


We are continuing to offer the internationally recognised Lions Young Leaders In Service Award.  Any unpaid community service counts eg mowing the lawn for a neighbour, coaching another student in their studies, sports coaching, brownies and guides, shopping for others etc.  Awards are given from 25 hours per year for bronze up to 100 hours per year for gold.  Please see Mrs Bell for a log sheet or contact bell@tahs.net.


Uttoxeter Lions are hoping to hold a litter picking event in the town (or any other local area).  If you would be interested in leading this project, please see Mrs Bell or email bell@tahs.net.  This can count towards your YLIS award and would be excellent evidence for leadership for personal statements and job applications.


Students who have not received their next GCSE certificates can collect them from Mrs Walton in the Sixth Form office

COVID-19 Test Kits

Any Sixth Form students who have not received their next batch of COVID-19 test kits can collect them from Mrs Walton in the Sixth Form office.

Year 13 – Gofundme

Can you help support our Year 13 students.

Over the past 18 months students education has been massively disrupted due to COVID-19 and everyone has had to work tirelessly to adapt to an unprecedented and ever-changing environment.

Normally, the Senior Prefect Team, would have been organising Sixth Form balls, fundraisers, and activities for the sixth form to raise the funds to provide an end of year celebration of what we have achieved in the Sixth Form. Sadly, however, this has not been possible ☹️. We feel like it is our responsibility to provide one final celebration for our peers so that they can finish off this chapter in a positive way.

We are therefore reaching out to the community in trying to raise money to support us in paying for our formal leaver’s celebration, making it accessible to everyone in Year 13, regardless of their circumstances. 

If you would like to support us you can make a donation on our gofundme page by clicking on the link :


Thank you for helping us achieve our goal!

Year 10 & 12 Exams

Year 10 and Year 12 Exams are starting next week. These exams will help teachers to support students with areas they are less confident with and personalise next steps to support progress . In addition to the ‘how to revise’ card shared previously on INSIGHT – please have a look at  ways you can support your child in preparing for their exams and reasonably help them to manage workload.

The link below will give you access to helpful resources and ideas based on research evidence: What Are the Best Ways to Revise? | InnerDrive Guides 

Please get in touch with us if you require any help and support. 

Year 9 End of Year Maths Assessment

The final maths assessment for Year 9 will take place W/C 28th June. There are two 50 min papers, one non-calc and one calc. They will be completed in classrooms during normal lessons. The assessments cover all of the topics from all of Year 9.

Students will need the following equipment: black pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and also a calculator for the second assessment

Health & Social Care get into the labs!

Our year 11 transition students have been undergoing a programme of activities over the last 2 weeks, to introduce them to the variety of topics that we study in BTEC Health & Social Care. So far we have completed Health Promotion projects, looked at student well-being, and activities to support vulnerable people in Care Settings.

Yesterday, we carried out rat dissections to support our Anatomy & Physiology exam unit. We were able to dissect the major organs of the respiratory system and digestive system as well as learning safe laboratory techniques. We continue the programme next week with a Dementia Care advisor coming in to talk to the group and completing some practical first aid training. A valuable and interesting start to this course.

PE Update

It has been great for students to return to PE lessons.  We have begun the term with, rounders, cricket, softball, swimming, tennis and frisbee. Please ensure all students have full PE Kit. They will all require , Black Polo shirt, Black Shorts, Sports socks, Indoor Trainers. Students also require a black swim costume / black swim shorts. If students are injured or unwell they should bring a note and their PE kit as the will still have a role to play in the lesson and should have a coat if the weather in inclement.  BTEC Sport

** We have purchased on line learning resources for BTEC Students in Yr10, 11, 12, 13. Please see Teams for Log In details and how to access the resources **

Year 10 –  students are working towards coursework on Sports Injuries and Technology

Year 12-  Students are now working on Unit 3 developing understanding of the sports industry. Students should now be using homework and independent study time to work on their Coursework. During lessons students are taking part in practical methods of training.

Science News

Students in 10U2 turned up the heat with their practical investigation skills this week. Together, we investigated the different chemicals used to create different colours in fireworks. The students worked safely and methodically to determine the metal ion present in an unknown compound and saw some fantastic displays of flame tests along the way. They even got the chance to see a full-scale demonstration of dancing firework flames! Well done 10U2! 

This week’s Science Students of the Week are:

Year 10

Mrs Dykes would like to nominate Spencer D and Neve R (10H5) for great work during physics revision.

Miss Thorley would like to nominate Fletcher K (10O1), Jason A (10O1) and Jed F (10E1) for their fantastic approach to practical investigations this week.

Year 12

Mr Crum would like to nominate Caitlyn J (12A), Callum P (12E), Alex P (12B), Eleanor W (12C) and Caitlyn W (12B) – all for getting their Applied Science coursework in on time for the interim deadline.

Well done!

English Stars

English students of the week are:

Year 9 Ella H, Tom B, Elizabeth W, Bella R

Year 10 Zita M, Jake L, Megan L and both Mrs Peers’ year ten classes for excellent commitment and perseverance in their preparations for their assessment weeks

Year 11 Freya S, Erin H

Year 12 Victoria M

Well Done D of E

It’s been a funny old pandemic. The numerous lockdowns have meant that for many of us we have spent far too much time wearing pyjamas and eating our bodyweight in biscuits whilst staring at screens for endless hours. Routines were shattered, motivation was sometimes a scarce commodity and our mental and physical strength has been put under strain.

Against this backdrop, some went above and beyond: This year our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme candidates managed to accrue 676 hours of voluntary hours, equating to a social value of £3075.80. A highly creditable number, made even more so with the additional challenges wrought by Covid-19. The young people volunteered for a diverse range of activities: raising money for charities; animal welfare; coaching younger children in sports and youth organisations; supporting elderly and vulnerable people both with practical needs and with companionship and company.

At the end of all this the candidates will, along with their other completed sections, have earned a D of E award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. More importantly they will have learned a lot about themselves along the way and their community will be a much better place for all their hard work.

Music News

Please see Mrs Todd in the music department if you are interested in having instrumental lessons in school.  There are a few taster lessons available in the next few weeks before they fully start again in September.

After school music clubs continue to meet and anyone is welcome to join their year group bubble. Please see Mrs Todd for further details;

Tuesday; Year 10 bubble music group
Wednesday and Thursday; year 12 bubble music group
Friday; Year 9 bubble music group

Please see Mrs Todd if you are interested in creating an end of term music performance!!

Holiday Activities

Career of the week

With Euro 2020 (21) in full swing – I thought it might be interesting to look at Careers in the Football industry this week.

Nearly 450,000 people are employed in sport across the UK, with 100,000 full time employees employed in football alone. The premier league adds just over £2.4 Billion to the UK Economy each year and possible careers include sports coaches, instructors, dieticians, broadcasters, events and finance managers to name just a few!

In the images below you can see some of the key statistics for the industry as well as the different career paths. There are also some links for you to do some further research into the roles yourself 😊

For more information on courses and routes into football careers click on the links below:





School Website

School Shop


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