May 21st 2021

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Sixth Form Tip of the Week from Mrs Dodd

Year 12 students are now starting to formulate their personal statements and will soon be making applications to universities. One important aspect of both is to know of the latest developments in their subject fields. This week, I was introduced to a free app called ‘Feedly’ which allows you to channel news feeds from the same topic/field/subject from a variety of sources into one place. It is a fantastic way to keep up to date with the latest developments in your area of interest from around the world. If you don’t believe me, take a look. 

Sixth Form Transition Lessons 2021.

As part of transition to the Sixth Form, this year we are offering preparatory lessons in all Sixth form subjects, in the three weeks after May half term. All Sixth form applicants will be receiving a letter with further details and a personalised timetable. Subject specialists are leading all sessions, and it is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn more about their Sixth Form subjects, alongside supporting their transition from Key Stage 4 to 5, whilst ensuring they are fully prepared for September.

To further support transition, Mrs Featherstone, is offering careers drop-in sessions in room 74 during period 3 on the 7th, 10th, 21st and 24th of June should students wish to discuss their post-16 options to ensure that they facilitate their future intentions. If you wished to contact her directly, her email address is

At the end of this transition period, all subjects will issue summer bridging work, which must be completed and returned to the subject teacher(s) upon arrival to the Sixth Form in September.  The compulsory bridging work will enable us to support students more effectively as they make the transition to post-16 study. 

If you have any questions about Sixth Form Transition Lessons or wish to apply for a place in the Sixth Form, please contact Mrs Walton in the Sixth Form office on 01889 561820 or email

Reminder to Year 12

After half term you will be expected to remain on site during the school day including your non-contacts. The Sixth Form study room, common room and room 75 will be available for you as study areas.

There will be plenty to be doing with Sixth Form 7, future intentions planning, and homework tasks. It is important that you develop effective study habits to prepare you for your post-18 options. 

Eco Schools Award

We are pleased to announce that Thomas Alleyne’s High School has been awarded it’s Bronze Certificate. There are three awards and we have taken our first step towards becoming an Eco-School.

Students in Year 13 have carried out an action plan and have submitted this to Mrs Young, they have created a notice board where minutes of previous Eco-Team meetings are displayed. They have considered changes that needed to be made at TAHS and have spear headed these issues. The most memorable change is that all school buses and minibuses are not wait with their engines running whilst waiting for students to board the bus.

We are now contacting students in Year 8 to invite them to become part of our team upon their arrival at Alleyne’s, we would like to encourage students currently in Years 9-12 to apply to become members of the Eco-Team.  The Eco-Team have worked with the Town Council by being part of the Bio-Diversity Sub-Committee and our next task is to add the progress of this team to the school website with links for students, parents and carers and members of our wider community to visit.


Lions den roars into action!  Uttoxeter Lions are organising a Dragons’ Den style event where individuals or teams are invited to put together a bid for a project of their choice. 

It must be a project which will improve the local community.  You can bid for any reasonable amount. 

Applicants will be asked to produce a static display and to present their project to the dragons.  If you are interested, please see Mrs Bell for details. Deadline is 31st July.

Year 13 – Gofundme

Can you help support our Year 13 students.

Over the past 18 months students education has been massively disrupted due to COVID-19 and everyone has had to work tirelessly to adapt to an unprecedented and ever-changing environment.

Normally, the Senior Prefect Team, would have been organising Sixth Form balls, fundraisers, and activities for the sixth form to raise the funds to provide an end of year celebration of what we have achieved in the Sixth Form. Sadly, however, this has not been possible ☹️. We feel like it is our responsibility to provide one final celebration for our peers so that they can finish off this chapter in a positive way.

We are therefore reaching out to the community in trying to raise money to support us in paying for our formal leaver’s celebration, making it accessible to everyone in Year 13, regardless of their circumstances. 

If you would like to support us you can make a donation on our gofundme page by clicking on the link :

Thank you for helping us achieve our goal!


The Senior Prefects have organised Leavers Jumpers for Year 13.  If you would like to order a jumper please click on the link below:


Students who have not received their next GCSE certificates can collect them from Mrs Walton in the Sixth Form office

COVID-19 Test Kits

Any Sixth Form students who have not received their next batch of COVID-19 test kits can collect them from Mrs Walton in the Sixth Form office

What’s coming up for students

Liverpool universities
Five leading universities talk about studying and living in Liverpool.

– Tuesday 18 May @ 18:00

Explore subjects with the University of Law
An introduction to different subjects, their career paths, and the skills required.

– Criminology Monday 24 May @ 17:00
– Policing Monday 7 June @ 17:00
– Law Monday 14 June @ 17:30

Apprenticeship panel: Hear from the apprentices
Current apprentices at Google and Morgan Stanley discuss what it’s really like to do an apprenticeship.

– Tuesday 25 May @ 17:00

CV and Cover letter writing masterclass
Two experts show students how to make their CV and Cover letters stand out. 

– Wednesday 26 May @ 17:00

PE Update 

PE – Update

It has been great for students to return to PE lessons.  We have begun the term with, rounders, cricket, softball, swimming and frisbee. Please ensure all students have full PE Kit. They will all require , Black Polo shirt, Black Shorts, Sports socks, Indoor Trainers. Students also require a black swim costume / black swim shorts. If students are injured or unwell they should bring a note and their PE kit as the will still have a role to play in the lesson and should have a coat if the weather in inclement.  BTEC Sport

** We have purchased on line learning resources for BTEC Students in Yr10, 11, 12, 13. Please see Teams for Log In details and how to access the resources **

Year 10 –  students are working towards coursework on Sports Injuries and Technology

Year 11- All Component 3 coursework needs completing on Teams. 

Year 12-  Students are now working on Unit 3 developing understanding of the sports industry. Students should now be using homework and independent study time to work on their Coursework. During lessons students are taking part in practical methods of training.

Year 13- Students have received an individual mark breakdown via email. It is important that they use this to access lessons and resources they require. With uncertainty around summer exams it is vital students are fully prepared for the units they are taking to give them the best chance of their highest grade.

Science News

This week’s Science Students of the Week are:

Year 9

Miss Lowson would like to nominate Dylan H (9T2) and Lucas W-S (9T1), for excellent contribution in lessons.

Mrs Dykes would like to nominate Connor W (9H3A) for excellent answers on Electromagnetic Waves during physics revision.

Miss Thorley would like to nominate Ciaran M (9T1) and Lucas W-S (9T1) for fantastic contributions in lessons this week.

Mrs Dykes would like to nominate her 9U3 Chemistry class for a great attitude towards completing this week’s assessment under exam conditions.

Mrs Hughes would like to nominate Charlie F, Bethan P, Luke N, Joshua Ba and Neve C, for fantastic results in their assessment tests.

Mr Mitchell would like to nominate Carly D (9U4) for fantastic work on the C2 Topic – Global Warming.

Year 10

Miss Lowson would like to nominate Dylan C (10O3), Eloise P (10O2) and Rhys R (10W1) for excellent contribution in lessons.

Miss Thorley would like to nominate George P (10W2) and Mya P (10O3) for a much-improved work ethic.

Year 11

Mr Mitchell would like to nominate Lily W (11U1) for awesome revision work!

And also, Josh B (11U1) and Leanne P (11H1) for continual high-level Chemistry results.

Year 12

Mrs Dykes would like to nominate all of the students in her Year 12A Physics class who got up and did a presentation on Materials!

Well done!

English Stars

As we enter the final week of this half term and, for some of our students, the final week of their current courses, the English department would like to thank all of those students who have been continuing to work so hard over the past week. In particular, the students of the week are:

Year 9: Aimee Sh, Aimee Sm, Keira B, Chloe S, Alex L, Edwin S, George C, Henry McB, Joe N, Lily C, Poppy B

Year 10: Livvy E, Sadie O, Jack VH, Harriet E, Joe H, Charlotte J, Hannah C

Year 11: Josh G, Robbie H, Lily W, Will G, Ollie B, Lucy C, Leanne P, Nadia D, Maggie C, Finn M, Lizzie S, Harry S

Year 12: Martha M

Year 9 & 10 ICT

All of year 9 have now started in lesson. The nationally recognised Digital Literacy certificate

You will have one more lesson before the end of the school year and we would like as many of you as possible to attain your Bronze certificate.

You must spend time at home before your last lesson doing idea so that you are able to complete the Bronze award in lesson time. This has been set for you on insight.

Remember you need 50 points in each section.

If you have forgotten your password go through the password reset procedure on the sign in page and the link will be sent to your school email.

Congratulations to the following in Y10 who have attained Bronze already:

Jake L, Ben R, Eloise, Daisy C, Harry B, Ed F, Tommy C

Torrance News

During the Skills session this week, the Year 9 and 10 form tutors had the opportunity to present students with their pin badges in celebration of their achievement points so far this academic year. It was great to see students being presented with bronze, silver and even gold pin badges. Congratulations go to the following students:

Bronze (30+ achievement points)

Ellie B, Sam B, George C, Aminah K, Maisie L, Joseph N, Lauren N, Ethan O, Aaron P, Amelia R, Emily S, Hannah S, Lucas W-S and Megan W-B.

Silver (60+ achievement points)
Shanai B, Alex E, Charlie F, Oliver H-P, Chloe N, Vicky N and Keeley S.

Bronze (30+ achievement points)

Isabelle A, George A, Rebecca B, Myles B, Caitlin D, Jocelyn E, Charlie G, Jack G, Dylan H, David H, Amy H, Lily O, Bobby P, Millie W, Daniel W, Holly T and Kieran S.

Silver (60+ achievement points)
Carly D, Alisha C and Willow M.

Gold (90+ achievement points)
Georgie S

Bronze (30+ achievement points)

Spencer D, Harriet E, Charlotte J, Roisin K, Zita M, Bren P, Abigail R, Mia S, Ethan W and Thomas Y.

Silver (60+ achievement points)
Shannon B and Ali M.

Gold (90+ achievement points)
Ben L.

Bronze (30+ achievement points)

Connor B, Molly D, Katie F, Katey G, Odette H, Cora N, Ruby O, Joseph R, Megan S, Rhiannan T, Matilda T and Bradley W.

Silver (60+ achievement points)
Charlie A.

Any students who were not in and therefore have not received their pin badge can collect one from myself next week.

Miss Keeling

Consent Forms

Thank you to all Parents and Carers who have completed our electronic Consent Form.

If you have not completed the form please use the link below to update your consent preferences.  Please tick the box where you give parental consent and leave it blank if you do not consent.  Thank you for your assistance with this form.

Data Collection Sheets

Thank you to all Parents and Carers who have completed their Data Collection Sheet.

If you have not yet completed the form please complete it and ask your child to return to the School Reception as soon as possible.

If you have not received a data collection sheet through the post please contact us.

It is very important that we have at least 2 contact people for your child as it allows us to contact you in the event of an emergency.

If you require a new Data Collection Sheet please email


Thank you to the parents and pupils of our three middle schools who attended our Learning Support evening on Thursday.  It was lovely to meet so many of you and to be able to start to get to know you.  We are delighted that so many pupils attended and had the opportunity to tour the school, meet the teaching assistants and answer any questions you had about transition and life at Thomas Alleynes. 

There will be other opportunities to visit the school next half term as well as another Learning Support Evening on Thursday 1st july, 4.00pm – 6.00pm. 

In the meantime if you have any questions regarding SEND at school please contact Mr Godwin or Mrs Oliver.

National Numeracy Day 19th May

Happy #NationalNumeracyDay everyone!

This year one focus is on helping adults build their confidence with maths to be able to support children’s learning.
There are loads of fun, free resources through the link below, so get involved!

Information from Staffs Police

Please se information in the two files below regarding County Lines from Staffordshire Police.

Springpod Virtual Work Experience Opportunities

Last week I shared the opportunities for virtual work experience in round up. There are still plenty of places on these courses and so if you are interested click on the link below and get signed up! They can be done alongside school work and may also be really beneficial to some of our year 11 and 13 students to study at home.

Find Virtual Work Experience | Meet Springpod – SpringPod are offering a wide range of virtual work experiences aimed at students between the age of 14-18 in June this year. The experience is completely free and is a great way of exploring careers within different sectors. The experience is spread of 2 weeks and is approximately 10 hours of live webinars and activities to complete so you can fit them around your school studies. If you cannot attend one of the live sessions they are sent to you to watch when you are able.

Work experience opportunities like this look great on your CV and will help you to develop practical skills and knowledge which are important to your employability when you leave school.

All opportunities below are hyperlinked to the registration page. They all start on 1st June so get signing up!

Engineering Work Experience | Springpod

Finance Work Experience | Springpod

Journalism Work Experience | Springpod

Marketing Work Experience | Springpod

Law Work Experience | Springpod

Graphic Design Work Experience | Springpod

Veterinary Work Experience | Springpod

Fashion Work Experience | Springpod

Technology Work Experience | Springpod

Dentistry Work Experience | Springpod

TV and Film Work Experience | Springpod

Business Management Work Experience | Springpod

Charity Work Experience | Springpod

Psychology Work Experience | Springpod

Healthcare and Support Work Experience | Springpod

Allied Health Professional On-Demand Work Experience | Springpod

Career of the week

Job title:Psychiatrist Psychiatrists are doctors who diagnose and treat patients with mental health problems. In this role, you could: assess your patient’s condition by asking them about their thoughts get information from other sources, like GPs, relatives or social workers carry out blood tests or scans to rule out other health conditions. carry out psychiatric tests prescribe medication recommend treatments like counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) suggest practical ways to stay well
Entry requirements:University To become a psychiatrist you’ll need to complete: a 5-year degree in medicine, recognised by the General Medical Council a 2-year foundation programme of general training 3 years of core training in psychiatry 3 years of training in a speciality You may be able to join a 6-year degree course in medicine if you do not have qualifications in science. This includes a one-year pre-medical foundation year. If you already have a degree in a science subject, you could take a 4-year graduate entry route into medicine. Some universities will also accept non-science graduates. When you apply for a course in medicine, you could be asked to take the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) or BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). They test the skills you’ll need on the course, like critical thinking, problem solving, data analysis, communication and scientific knowledge. There’s a lot of competition for places on medical degrees. Most university admissions departments will expect you to have done some relevant paid or voluntary experience. Entry requirements You’ll usually need: 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, including English, maths and science 3 A levels, or equivalent, including biology and chemistry a degree in a relevant subject for postgraduate study
Skills required:You’ll need: counselling skills including active listening and a non-judgemental approach knowledge of psychology knowledge of medicine and dentistry the ability to understand people’s reactions excellent verbal communication skills active listening skills knowledge of English language sensitivity and understanding to be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device
What you’ll earn:£24,907 Starter to £87,754
Working hours, patterns and environment:You could work in a prison, in an NHS or private hospital, at a client’s home or in the community. Your working environment may be emotionally demanding. 41-45 hours a week – potentially shift work
Career path and progression:With experience, you may go on to lead a team, or manage a unit or department. You may also progress to teaching and training students, trainee doctors and other healthcare professionals.

With experience and entry on the General Medical Council (GMC) Specialist Register, you could apply for senior (or consultant) roles.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

We have a number of students looking out for level 2 and 3 apprenticeships in Year 11. If you are able to offer apprenticeships then please do not hesitate to contact the school! In particular we have students looking for plumbing, bricklaying and electrician opportunities.

A.P.Webb Plant Hire Limited – Apprentice Plant Maintenance Technician

Job title:                              Apprentice Plant Maintenance Technician

Department:                      Workshop

Responsible to:   Workshop Manager

Based at:                             Common Road, Stafford, but will be require travel to client’s sites throughout the UK

Job Type:                             Full Time

Salary:                                 Applicable National Minimum Wage            

Job summary

Plant fitters repair, service and maintain light and heavy plant equipment. This includes machinery such as bulldozers, cranes, excavators and also smaller items such as air compressors, pumps and generators.

As a new member of a young diverse group of mechanical engineers you will learn how to fault find/repair and maintain construction/rail plant using a combination of first principles diagnostics and experience. You will be expected to attend college for 3 years and achieve at least a level three Plant Technician qualification.

Role and responsibilities

  • Supervised periodic servicing: scheduled preventative maintenance and servicing of construction/rail plant
  • Supervised pre delivery inspections: check and inspect road rail plant to an industry compliant company standard
  • Inspect documentation to a national rail standard: the inspection of machine related documentation to check its serviceability and compliance with company and industry standards and policies
  • Using a working knowledge of LOLER assess lifting equipment prior to examination
  • Supervised machinery and attachment repair:
  • With mentored instruction and supervised use of hand tools and equipment, repair road rail equipment and machinery.
  • Travel to site as part of a team of two under the supervision of a mentor and with a valid PTS (Personal Track Safety Accreditation) inspect rail plant as part of a current and live maintenance plan.
  • Replenish fluid levels as part of a pre start checks regime.
  • Engage in an operational training programme for road rail plant: learn to drive 1 Tonne to 45 Tonne road rail plant including dumpers, bulldozers, cranes and excavators.
  • Rotate through all commercial areas of the business to understand plant hire operations, compliance and transport management.
  • Observe question understand and stay safe.

Qualifications and education requirements

  • GCSES English, Maths and ICT to grade 4,5,6 (C) or above are desirable however not essential as Functional Skills support are offered as part of the Apprenticeship.
  • It is not essential, however if you have completed any relevant prior training such as an engineering or automotive vehicle technician course this will be looked on favourably.

Behavioural skills required

  • Mechanical and Technical Skills
  • Knowledge of Machinery and Metals
  • Good Computer Skills
  • Good Communication skills
  • Practical with good hand skills
  • A passion for plant or similar machines
  • Ability to work as a part of a team of Fitters
  • Accurate, methodical and systematic
  • Punctual and professional

Additional notes

  • AP Webb Plant Hire is a growing company there are roles within the company that we don’t even know we need yet, as a minimum a hard working fourth year improver apprentice can expect to have his own stocked van, or an equivalent operational apprentice would be required to drive nationwide to site in a smaller van within 3 years.
  • Selection days in the first two weeks of July 2021

To find out more about A P Webb Plant Hire go to

If you would like a discussion to see if this role might be right for you, please email your CV and contact details to Ian Harrison at:

School Website

School Shop


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