February 5th 2021

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Future Intentions update

The deadline for applying to university was 6.00pm on Friday 29th January. 116 students applied for University this year and of those 12 are students who left Sixth Form in July 2020.  As always we have a range of courses and universities being applied for and are very proud all the students in completing their application. Special mentions go to those who never thought in Year 11 that they would be applying to university. We are so proud of each and every one of you for making this decision. So far we have one successful Oxbridge application, we have 4 students who have already confirmed and accepted their place at their chosen university. The Sixth Form team will be continuing to offer information, advice and guidance to the students who have not applied to university, who are considering options in either a gap year and applying next year or looking at apprenticeships or employment.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Sixth Form team on sixthform@tahs.org.uk if needed.

Year 12 virtual Parents Evening – Thursday 11th February 2021

Running between 4.00pm – 7.00pm. The evening will comprise of 5-minute appointment slots where you are able to speak to your son/daughter’s subject teachers.

Booking of appointments became live on Wednesday 3rd February after 3.05pm.

A letter about the parent evening was emailed to parents earlier this week on how to book appointments and how the evening will run.

If you are unable to attend the evening but would still like feedback on how your son/daughter is progressing please email sixthform@tahs.org.uk

Year 12 Unifrog pastoral workbook

You will receive a Unifrog workbook.  You need to register yourself on Unifrog if you have not already done so.  Instructions on how to do this are in the workbook. On page three you will see three tasks which you will need to complete.  Your form tutor and the Sixth Form team will be tracking your progress on Unifrog and support you if needed.


Derby University are providing online support for students thinking of applying to university, for example live subject chats on Saturday 6th February where students can talk to teaching teams about subjects on offer, or to current students about their experiences, and to admissions advisors about the application process.  TAHS Sixth Form team will also be supporting students on applying to university via our tutor activities.

Year 9 – Subject Choices

I hope that you have now had some time to start to think through and discuss your potential subject choices for next year. It was fabulous to see so many of you at the careers event last week.Over the next few days we continue with an emphasis of future intentions. Students will have received a hard copy of the Y9 subject choices booklet in their grab-bag from school.


Please take time to read through this carefully. There will be another live event on Monday night, as a drop in session to discuss anything you wish about your subject choices. 

I would also like to make you aware of a change of date – in terms of the link to the choices form. This is so the staff can complete as many individual future intentions interviews and students have the opportunity to ask any final questions at our live drop in event. This will mean that the link will be available from 4pm on Wednesday 10th February. It will be sent to the ‘Pupil’ section of insight. It must be the student who logs in and completes the form through their account.

It is not a first-come-first-served basis. 

The application deadline remains as Wednesday 3rd march. This gives students plenty of time to carefully consider their subject choices with the help of; personal choice, parent guidance and support staff guidance and support, Future careers in mind, Links form the school careers Library

Please make sure you carefully enter the information on the form and then submit. You will only be able to submit this form once.

Thank you and kind regards, Mr Mitchel

Pastoral Update

Next week in the ‘Pastoral Resources’ area the focus will be on promoting ‘Safer Internet Day’ which takes place on 8th February. In a time where our young people are spending a significant amount of time online ensuring their safety is paramount to staff and parents.  Students will be able to access an assembly that introduces the day and also take part in online sessions around this topic area.

More information will be uploaded to Insight and Teams for students to access these.

Please see the advert below to promote the Emotional Wellbeing Support Session Virtual Groups being ran by YESS- Your Emotional Support Service. Groups will be advertised on their YESS Facebook & Instagram pages also. They will be continuing these groups throughout the year with new topics and opportunities to catch up with topics that may be repeated such as Anxiety/ Low Mood. 

The Emotional Wellbeing Support Sessions, funded by Children in Need, is a service for children and young people. The aim is to support children and young people’s emotional wellbeing and managing our emotional regulation with tips and strategies. 

The groups for Burton & Uttoxeter are held on a Thursday evening and take up will be on a first come, first serve basis. Group timings will be from 16:30pm- 17:30pm. They also offer a telephone service for young people and parents to call through for more information, advice and signposting between 15:30pm- 16:15pm. They can contact YESS directly on 07794473442.

If you haven’t already, or would like more information about their service, please do not hesitate to contact YESS on 01889 567756.

You can check out their webpage www.yess.uk and their schools commissioning service catalogue is available to download. 

Also, please follow their Facebook page (Your Emotional Support Service), Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube Channel for the latest updates, more information and resources. 


Calling Year 9 Art Students

 The Art Department is running a 3 week competition to find the best Illustrative Portrait … Three winning entries will receive £10 Hobbycraft vouchers… Challenge yourself, be creative and have a go!!! – All entries sent to Mrs. Simmonds-Vaughan. MORE PRIZES AND COMPETITIONS ARE ON THEIR WAY… GOOD LUCK

Excellence in Remote Learning for Health & Social Care Year 10

Year 10 are currently working on their first piece of coursework in Health & Social Care where they are researching the life stages of a chosen celebrity.  I have been blown away by the engagement, the effort, imagination and commitment shown by everyone in the group when completing this work remotely.  Attached are a couple of examples of their brilliant work, but every student is putting in a tremendous effort.  Congratulations and keep it up, I am very proud of you! Mrs Varga.

ICT / Computing – What’s the Difference?

An oft heard question at this time of year when year 9 are considering their future intentions and options.

In summary:

ICT – the course for computer users, software, MS Office, Project Management

Computing – the course for the developer, programming, how the CPU / memory work, algorithms, binary etc

Next week Mr Cartwright will be putting some sample questions out to all of year 9 to aid with the decision making process – keep an eye out for them!



I just wanted to mention at the end of this week how grateful I am to all those teachers who have been able to send me details of students who’ve been going above and beyond in terms of their effort and attainment. We’ll have a form of our normal half term achievements / celebrations assembly next week, and putting it together is going to take a little while because there are so many people the teachers want to acknowledge. Students, you are doing amazingly –  please make sure you keep an eye out for this assembly next week.

LGBT+ History month

February marks LGBT+ History month which is an annual event aimed at educating young people about the issues experienced by members of the LGBT+ community in order to promote a more inclusive society.
The theme this year is, ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’ and supports the RSE curriculum. 
Below is a link to a resource from ‘Diversity role models’ where students can access video clips from LGBT+ role models who speak openly about their experiences in the aim of improving understanding and empathy. A number of these videos have been made free of charge for this month.


PE Update 

Year 9 Options – Next week in Core PE we will be running Live presentations on the option subject we offer for PE, Entitled BTEC Tech Sport Activity & Fitness. This will be on Teams and will give students the chance to find out more about the course and ask any questions.

We hope you are keeping active- Please share your exercise plans on Teams. We are mindful that everyone enjoys different forms of exercise, but it is important you are keeping active and if possible getting fresh air each day. You can run, walk, bike or skate but try and get in a routine of being active each day.

Joe Wicks is running “PE with Joe” on Mon, Wed and Friday at 9am on YouTube – “The Body Coach TV” This is a simple way of getting your day off to a good routine. The sessions are available on demand if you have live lessons at 9am.

We also have a range of Fitness Challenges you can try on our Core PE Teams pages. We also have a number of healthy eating videos on Teams which you can try.

It is important you are trying to get 60 minutes of physical activity and eating healthily each day. Why not have a go at making your own fitness or healthy cooking video and send it in on Teams? For Ideas and inspiration have a look at files on the Core PE Team.

This week students have been sent Netball and Basketball specific activities to do at home on Insight. Each week will have a different sporting focus.

BTEC Sport

** We have purchased on line learning resources for BTEC Students in Yr10, 11, 12, 13. Please see Teams for Log In details and how to access the resources **
PE students of the week – Lucy Calladine, Leighton Thomas and Abi Garland for excellent engagement in coursework

Year 10 – All students should have submitted Body Systems coursework before Christmas- If this hasn’t been uploaded to assignments on Teams or needs improving, homework time should be used for this. Year 10 students have been taking part in Live practical lessons as they start to design training plans.

Year 11- We have been really impressed with attendance at Live Lessons this week. As you know February exams have been cancelled. Students need to be working on Leadership Coursework (Component 3) All resources required are on Teams. Due to the nature of BTEC students need to complete all 3 Components to get a grade at the end of the course. We are waiting for information from the government about how students can improve their exam grade.

Year 12-  Students are now working on Unit 3 developing understanding of the sports industry. Students should now be using homework and independent study time to work on their Coursework.

Year 13- Students have received an individual mark breakdown via email. It is important that they use this to access lessons and resources they require. With uncertainty around summer exams it is vital students are fully prepared for the units they are taking to give them the best chance of their highest grade.

Science News

This week’s Science Students of the Week:

Year 9

Harriet K (9E1) and Hannah S (9T1) for fantastic assessment scores this week! Selected by Miss Thorley.

Mrs Simpson has nominated:

Calli H (9U1) for an excellent stop-motion animation.

Molly R (9H4) for consistently good attendance and engagement to live lessons.

Mr Mitchell has nominated the following students:

Year 9 (9U4)

Carly D – Excellent work and high cores on Forms quizzes.

Ethan D – Great enrichment activity and participation in Chemistry lessons.

Year 10 (10H1)

Will S

Joseph H

Tom L

Charles F

Gemma B

All above 95% on Physics assessment

Year 10 (10U3)

Jake L

Jack V-H

Mia S

Livvy E

For excellent online learning 

Year 10 Animal Care Stars

Mrs North would like to nominate Alfie H, Kacie HW, Chloe S, Callum W and Korie H for excellent engagement in lessons and always being willing to answer questions either verbally or via the chat.

Well done!

Drama Opportunities

The New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-Under-Lyme are running free theatre design masterclasses, remotely until February 11th. The classes include sound design, lighting, animation, stage management and puppetry. 

Please see the website link for more details on how to sign up.
Drama Stars this week 

Year 9 Well done to Calli H for her excellent Blood Brothers mood board (pictured) made in preparation for her set design project. Great work this week from 9UL with the anagram challenge. 

Year 10 Well done to Isabella for going above and beyond in preparing drama resources for revision and to Roisin for student leadership in helping to organise the groups for our breakout sessions. 
Theatre at home

If any students wish to access the National Theatre library of live theatre at home, please contact Mrs Mood for log in details. 

English Students of the Week

Students of the week for English this week are:

Year 9 Morgan H, Laura G, Joseph N,
Year 10 Bren B, Amy-Lee J, Livvy E
Year 11 Polly J, Lewis T, Sophie G, Tess S, Tilly S, Nathan S, Ben B, Will G, Isla M, Joe P, Katie L
Year 12 Sadie B, Imogen N, Sophie W
Year 13 Emma K

YESS Support

MFL Musings

Year 9 taster session / Q&AClick here to find out more about GCSE French at TAHS Thursday 11th February 4:00

MFL careersAn honest look at how (not) knowing other languages helps and hinders Guardian journalists in their lives. https://www.theguardian.com/membership/2020/dec/14/i-speak-italian-with-a-croydon-accent-reporters-on-their-language-skills

Year 9 Legends

Congratulations to the following students who have officially improved at least a whole grade based on their assessments:Alex E, Keeley S, William B, Megan WB, Kai H, Sadie B, Maisie L, Harry N, Lauren N, Caitlin G, Milly D, Eben R, Molly R, Benjamin N, Lily U, Euan R, Morgan P, Finn BP, Jessie H and Lucas H.

We would also like to highlight the achievement of these students, who have been on top marks and grades for both assessments: Olly R, Luke N, Emily O, Charlie F, Olivia Y

Year 11

11A and 11D still have their remote assessments to complete next week – don’t forget to check Insight for revision hints and tips, which were set early last week.

Higher revision sessions currently take place on a Thursday on the Higher team, and all recordings of previous sessions can be found there as well.

Foundation sessions are being recorded and shared as quickly as possible – previous recordings are on the Foundation team.

Also, please check out this set of tips for revising for the listening exam https://www.titaniumtutors.co.uk/post/listening-exam-gcse-french-revision-tips

ThisIsLanguage.com leaders

A new challenger has not only entered the fray, but stolen top place in year 9, Emily has more than 3 times the score of her nearest rival. In year 10 Eloise has over 1,000 putting her at the top, whilst in year 11 there is less than 100 points between Isabelle and Polly, who rule the roost on 2,000 points each!
French meme:

2 read.jpg

National Apprenticeship week

Next week is National Apprenticeship Week 2021 so we are sharing Amazing Apprenticeships schedule for the week. If you are looking for an apprenticeship or supporting your child to look for on then click on the link to view and register for all the free and virtual events. Register here 

There are apprenticeship awareness talks for parents, students and teachers as well as strengths and employability sessions and employer workshops with the NHS, Autify Digital JCB, KPMG to name just a few! Please take the time to look at these events as there are some amazing opportunities.

The Big Assembly

On Tuesday 9th February from 11:10AM, the National Apprenitceships team will be hosting ‘The Big Assembly’ This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in signing up for an apprenticeship. They will be ‘turning on the lights, pointing our cameras, and talking about apprenticeships, traineeships, and other exciting career opportunities with our panel! ‘. There are some great exhibitors and a chance to find out more about some of the apprenticeships which will be on offer.

To register for this event – click on the link below – this will be a great opportunity for anyone considering an apprenticeship at all levels.

The Big Assembly #NAW2021 – Register Now – Big Assembly

Looking for an apprenticeship?

Keep an eye out on the future intention’s library on the vacancies channel for apprenticeships as they get released! On Monday IBM are releasing new apprenticeships and there are already links to apprenticeships with DHL and Vodaphone on there.


  • MediCamp at UWC Atlantic are pleased to be able to offer a full Scholarship worth £2,450 to one 16-18 year-old student attending a school or college within the UK.

Taking place between the 31st July and the 14th August 2021 at UWC Atlantic, MediCamp is a residential 14 day medical programme delivered by sector-leading professors, clinicians, partners and practitioners to dissect the anatomy of the medical world.

Combined with adventurous personal development sessions offered at UWC Atlantic including canoeing, rock climbing and kayaking, MediCamp sets itself apart from many other summer courses. MediCamp equips young people with self-confidence, problem-solving and teamwork – all crucial skills for medics and healthcare professionals in the making. To find out more click on the link below: MediCamp Scholarships – UWC College (uwcatlanticexperience.com)

  • DR.EAM Dentistry Virtual Conference 

Birmingham Widening Access to Medical Sciences society (BWAMS) is hosting its annual DR.EAM Dentistry Conference this year. The DR.EAM Dentistry Conference is a free outreach event aimed at Year 10-13 students who are considering a career in Dentistry.  

Our aim is to inspire and inform students about a career in Dentistry. We will provide students with an insight into life as both a dental student and dentist, as well as advising on next steps to prepare for an application. The day will consist of inspiring talks, workshops and panels made up of dentists and dental students from around the country. Workshops will include an introduction to clinical skills, Q&A with dental students from different universities and work experience advice.  

Widening Access at the Medical School will be helping us in the selection of these students according to the University’s widening access selection criteria, with priority given to pupils from areas with a low number of students attending University for this event.  

We encourage you to share this opportunity with your Year 10-13 students. 

This free virtual conference gives students the chance to learn more about a healthcare career and all it has to offer! 

Date: Saturday 20th February 2021  

Time: 9am to 5pm  

We believe that this event will be hugely beneficial for your students considering studying Dentistry at University. Please encourage students to apply before Wednesday 17th February 2021 12pm using the following link:  


  • Success Beyond School – Parents Events – Free expert advice on guiding your child to a successful career

‘We are delighted to announce our “Success Beyond School” events for this term: free-of-charge interactive ‘Live Online’ seminars designed to help parents supercharge their children’s career potential.

Wednesday 24th February: The Skills Surgery
How to break into careers in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science

Wednesday 3rd March: The Power of Networks
How your child can build a powerful professional network’

These events are for parents of students aged 12-18 and free to attend Further Information link

Career of the week

Job title: Dramatherapist
Entry requirements:You’ll need to complete a postgraduate qualification in dramatherapy, accredited by the British Association of Dramatherapists. To apply, you’ll need a first degree in a subject l drama creative therapies psychology You may also be able to apply if you’ve got a degree in a related subject, like occupational therapy, nursing or social work. You’ll be expected to have: practical drama experience voluntary or paid experience in helping people to deal with issues like mental health Entry requirements – you’ll usually need: a degree in a relevant subject for postgraduate study You may be able to do an arts therapist degree apprenticeship. You’ll usually need a qualification and experience in art, drama or music to apply. Entry requirements To do this apprenticeship, you’ll need: a degree in a relevant subject for a degree apprenticeship
What you’ll earn:£31325 – £44,500
Day to day duties:You could: help clients use their imagination and creativity to increase their confidence and self-esteemuse voice, movement, storytelling, mime, puppetry and masksencourage clients to form one-to-one relationships and also work as part of a groupsupport clients to express what they feel and think about the world around themenable clients to act out situations in a safe environmentwork closely with other professionals like psychologists, social workers, teachers and other therapy specialists
What skills will I need?You’ll need: counselling skills including active listening and a non-judgemental approachknowledge of psychologyknowledge of the fine artssensitivity and understandingthe ability to work well with otherspatience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situationsto be flexible and open to changecustomer service skillsto be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device
Career path and progression:With experience, you could become a senior or consultant dramatherapist and lead a team of therapists or manage a unit. 

You could also train other dramatherapists or set up your own practice.

Information sourced directly from www.nationalcareersservice.gov.uk

If you have any suggestions for a career you would like to know more about then please email me at featherstone@tahs.net


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