January 15th 2021

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Year 13 – UCAS Applications:

Reminder the national UCAS deadline for applications is the 29th of January 2021 at 6pm. The Sixth Form team are presently working through the applications received and year 13 students will receive an alert from UCAS once their application has been sent off.

If there are any queries about individual applications, the Sixth Form team will email students directly, so it is important that applicants continue to check their emails regularly until they have received notification from UCAS that their application has been sent off.

If you have any questions about UCAS please email the sixth form sixthform@tahs.org.uk

Sixth Form Tutor activity programme 

Our pastoral programme will recommence next week.  Please can students and parents look out for these activities on Insight. 


The 6th form team are here to support students and parents all the way through the university application process.  Whilst we will do all we can in school through our tutor activity programme and face to face tutor time when it is safe to do so, please rest assured that you can also find support online.  We can recommend the UCAS website for both Y12 and Y13 students and parents.  It gives undergraduate information on areas like courses, student life, choosing what and where to study, key dates, tracking your application and even apprenticeships.  Visit the page by clicking this link:  https://www.ucas.com/undergraduate.

We would also recommend that students use their Unifrog account to research universities and courses.  Unifrog also offers tools for creating CV’s, for live apprenticeship vacancies, logging competencies/skills and for starting personal statements.  Y12 will be guided through beginning this process via their tutors very soon.

Please contact sixthform@tahs.org.uk for any further information or queries.

Pastoral Programme

During the national lockdown Thomas Alleyne’s are keen to ensure that students are being provided with and are able to access a pastoral programme. Each week students will be able to view an online assembly and complete pastoral sessions that will be in place of their usual SK sessions. SK sessions will cover a range of important topics such as: 

  • Strategies and practical steps to coping with the lockdown
  • Careers
  • Options choices (Year 9)
  • Online Safety
  • Basic first aid skills.

Students are asked to use their core PE lessons or home learning time to access these materials. The assemblies and SK sessions will hold important information and therefore it is essential that students view these sessions. Guidance on how to locate these sessions will be published on Insight and Teams.

Writing Competition

This is the final opportunity to submit your entry for the Uttoxeter Rotary Club Writing Competition. I need all entries by no later than Friday 22nd January. Send your entries to brophy@tahs.net including your completed entry form. The details of the competition and the entry form are attached.

Home Learning – Free MS Office

Do not forget that you all have up to 5 free downloads of Microsoft Office in you Office365 account. www.portal.office.com

Log in with your tahs.net email and password and you can download, top right of the home page. You can also work on online versions within this website.

This will work on both Windows and Apple devices, laptops and tablets & phones.

Need support with home learning the follow the below

School websitewww.thomasalleynes.uk

Top Menu: Teaching & Learning

Left Menu: Home Learning

A number of resources are located on this page including a set of videos regards Teams Office 365 Plus many other support information

If parents still require assistance please email : schoolitsupport@tahs.net

Year 9 History 

Miss Patrick would like to say a big thank you to all of her classes this week for making her feel so welcome and for working hard despite the unusual circumstances and adjusting to having a new teacher. Thank you all, keep up the good work!

RE Work

A productive first full week of live lessons in RE showcased below by some of the best work that has been submitted this week from Mr Scotts classes across all year groups, a really positive start to the term and an amazing effort has been made not only to attend the live lessons, but also contribute to them and complete work in a variety of ways.

Science News

Attention Year 9 Students!

This week has been Science Week on BBC Bitesize, it has featured some amazing demonstrations conducted at the Science Museum in London – ranging from dramatic explosions and freezing the air to making the very impressive foam of ‘elephant’s toothpaste’.

There have also been interviews with top scientists with inspiring stories to tell, including Doctor Maggie Aderin-Pocock, astronaut Major Tim Peake and Britain’s first woman in space and the first woman to visit the Mir Space Station Helen Sharman.

All programmes are available on BBC iPlayer – you don’t have to be in Year 9 to find these demonstrations awesome!

This week’s Science Students of the Week:

Year 9

Aimee S and Hannah S for fantastic homework completing an experiment to demonstrate osmosis in potatoes. Selected by Mrs North.  See below for photographs of their excellent experiment.

Year 10

Joe H and Tom L for excellent performance in online assessments, selected by Mrs Simpson.

Year 11

Well done to Lilly W, Ronnie-Jac P, Evie N, Dan F, Lizzie C, Evie B and Ellie A for improved results in your end of term test, selected by Mrs Dykes.

Animal care Students of the Week

Year 10

Tim W, Luke N and Hannah C for excellent contributions to live lessons, selected by Mrs North.

Year 11

Mrs North would like to nominate all of the Year 11 Animal Care students for showing commitment and resilience in turning up for their external exam on Monday.

Well done!

PE Update

We hope you are keeping active- Please share your exercise plans on Teams. We are mindful that everyone enjoys different forms of exercise, but it is important you are keeping active and if possible getting fresh air each day. You can run, walk, bike or skate but try and get in a routine of being active each day.

On Monday 11th Joe Wicks is running “PE with Joe” on Mon, Wed and Friday at 9am on YouTube – “The Body Coach TV” This is a simple way of getting your day off to a good routine. The sessions are available on demand if you have live lessons at 9am.

We also have a range of Fitness Challenges you can try on our Core PE Teams pages.

BTEC Sport

Year 10 – All students should have submitted Body Systems coursework before Christmas- If this hasn’t been uploaded to assignments on Teams or needs improving, homework time should be used for this. All students have been entered for the exam in May and at this stage the exam will be going ahead. It is important that students are learning content and practicing exam questions. Support materials will be on Teams as well as Live Lessons. The official Exam board revision guide is available on Amazon £5.99 entitled ” Revise BTEC Tech Award Sport, Activity and Fitness Revision Guide, by Ms Jenifer Stafford-Brown”

Year 11- We have been really impressed with attendance at Live Lessons this week. As you know February exams have been cancelled. Students need to be working on Leadership Coursework (Component 3) All resources required are on Teams. Due to the nature of BTEC students need to complete all 3 Components to get a grade at the end of the course. We are waiting for information from the government about how students can improve their exam grade.

Year 12- All students took their Unit 1 exam on Friday! We have been really impressed with their dedication to revision lessons in what is a very difficult time. We now move onto Unit 3 next week with lessons and resources on Teams.

Year 13- Students have received an individual mark breakdown via email. It is important that they use this to access lessons and resources they require. With uncertainty around summer exams it is vital students are fully prepared for the units they are taking to give them the best chance of their highest grade

English News

The English department would like to congratulate everyone who has been engaging so positively with their online learning this week. In particular, well done to the following:

Year 9 Savannah O, Jess C, Harry W, Kian S, Layla T, Zara J,

Year 10 Alfie H, Charlie A, Jake L, Tom Y, Ben L, Xanthe S, Charlotte J

Year 11 Katie L, Teegan B, Charlie A, Maddie W, Toby W, Dylan N, Millie Y

Year 12 Martha M, Rob F

Year 13 Maddie A, Torin N

Well Done from Art

Well done to our super artists in Year 9 who have submitted some simply stunning work based on the artist Georges Seurat and the technique of pointillism. It was really exciting to see you master this technique in our live lessons this week following on from these awesome homework submissions.


Looking for work?Puma (the sports brand) are looking for a financial analyst, if you’re interested in working for a global athleisure brand. Luckily you get to do French at Thomas Alleyne’s, because that might be pre-requisite for this job: https://about.puma.com/en/jobs/contrleur_de_gestion_h_f_r9639?title=Contr%C3%B4leur%20de%20Gestion%20H/F 

If you’re interested in German, there’s an endless amount of opportunity with Puma at their head office – it’s where the CEO of Women Who Code started her career: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/alaina-percival


Well done to everyone who has worked so hard this week. Year 9 get the bulk of the praise, they have been our online assessment guinea pigs! Here’s hoping you’ve done well.

ThisIsLanguage.comWell done to Y11 who were in the top 100 classes globally this week – someone is working hard….

In French news

On 1jour1actu they’ve been asking why children go to work in some countries https://www.1jour1actu.com/info-animee/travail-des-enfants

Career of the week

My inspiration for this week’s career of the week came from a conversation with an old school friend who moved to France just before Christmas.

At school we both studied French and did the exchange together which is a memory I look back on now really fondly. We had so much fun and it was a great learning experience.  She was saying that her GCSE French even though it is now 18 years rusty, was proving essential for her as she looked for accommodation, found her child a nursery place and dealt with registering the family for other local services. She was certain that without it she wouldn’t have been able to set up home out there. It made me consider the opportunities that speaking a second language can bring a young person and so I thought I would look at language related careers this week!

I could have chosen interpreters, translators, teachers, publishers, civil servants and cabin crew to name but a few, however I found a job in Intelligence which sounds so exciting as a career, I thought I would share it! To find out more click on the link attached – the MI5 also offer apprenticeships!

Job title:Security Service Personnel  –  protect the UK against threats to national security ‘Whether spoken by millions or whispered by a few, we know the power of language. MI5 needs people who can speak, understand and listen to a wide range of languages and dialects. The ability to work in one or more language is a vital skill which helps us in our daily efforts to keep the country safe. As a Foreign or English Language Analyst you will be listening to and analysing a wide range of audio material which will assist and support our teams of investigators. Not only do our Foreign Language Analysts listen, translate and analyse information, they also provide expert insight into a country’s culture, political landscape and history’. Languages | MI5 – The Security Service
Entry requirements:A university course To enter the Security Service with a degree, you’ll need a pass at upper second class or higher. Relevant degree subjects include: history languages politics economics maths law With a degree you can apply for job roles, like: intelligence analyst internet and computer technology specialist security exploitation officer foreign language analyst An apprenticeship You could enter some roles through an intelligence analyst higher apprenticeship. Entry requirements: 4 or 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) and A levels, or equivalent, for a higher or degree apprenticeship Direct Application For some roles within the Security Service, like foreign language analyst or security guard, you would not need any specific qualifications. Entry would be based on the experience and skills you could bring to the role, for instance fluency in a language like Russian or Mandarin. There could also be opportunities for you if you have technical, vocational or professional qualifications in subjects like electronics or accountancy. For support jobs such as business officer or administration assistant, you may need five GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) or equivalent including English and maths, or have relevant office-based experience.
What you’ll earn:£18000 – £35000 or more dependent on skills and languages spoken
Day to day duties:collecting information on threats to national security watching and reporting on suspects’ movements and actions using specialist IT or electronics equipment to record and observe meetings, conversations or activities reading emails and letters and checking social media deciding if something poses a potential threat
What skills will I need?A language customer service skills knowledge of public safety and security the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations legal knowledge including court procedures and government regulations to be thorough and pay attention to detail the ability to work well with others the ability to use your initiative to be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device
Career path and progression:With experience and a good performance record, you could move into management. You could also move to another station in the UK or apply for opportunities with SIS and GCHQ.

Information sourced directly from www.nationalcareersservice.gov.uk and  Languages | MI5 – The Security Service

If you have any suggestions for a career you would like to know more about then please email me at featherstone@tahs.net

Upcoming open events

TAHS Future Intentions Evening – our annual event – with a difference!

On 28th January at 5pm we would like to invite you to our ‘Virtual Future Intentions evening’. Our annual event will be a little different this year, however we will still have a wide range of exhibitors who have kindly recorded an on demand video for the evening, allowing you to watch at your own convenience. The evening will launch with a virtual presentation from Carole Dodd (Head of Sixth form and Careers Lead) and Anna Featherstone (Teacher of Business and Careers Advisor) at 5pm, following which you will be invited to log on to our live portal where many of our exhibitors will be available to answer your questions about your child’s next transition stage. On the same evening there will be a range of videos regarding the options process at Thomas Alleyne’s High School for Year 9 and details on attaining the English Baccalaureate. The careers evening is aimed at students from Year 8 through to Year 13. All students will receive an invitation on their Teams calendar before the evening which will also contain information about how to register. We very much hope you will be able to join us.

Careers advice and guidance

We are in the process of getting our virtual careers appointments up and running and will aim to begin meeting with year 11 students on the week commencing 18th January 2021.

In the meantime if  you are wanting to explore potential career options then these websites are really useful:



Barclays Life Skills

As many students move to remote learning, LifeSkills created with Barclays, the free employability programme, can support them in building their employability skills and resilience. They are going to be hosting a range of virtual work experience opportunities to which students can participate and a range of Q&A sessions for students to learn more about careers. Students can register on the young peoples hub by clicking on this link: Employability Skills | Young People Job Skills| Life Skills (barclayslifeskills.com)

In addition, they are hosting a live Q&A session with astronaut Tim Peake on Thursday 21st January from 5-6pm. To register for the event then click on the link below. Future Talent Group

InVestin Virtual Work Experience

InVestin Education have a number of paid for ‘Virtual Work experience’ programmes which you can subscribe to over the Easter term. They have a number of programmes in areas such as Architecture, Investment Banking, Publishing and Veterinary Science. The programmes include careers support and a chance to experience the profession. To register and find out more follow this link We Bring The Internship To You (investin.org).

Springpod – free virtual work experience 

Springpod are offering a range of different work experience options for young people. They are collaborating with a number of large businesses and their opportunities are well worth a look. To register your interest or to find out more click on the link below:

Buxton & Leek Colleges Virtual Information Event 

Buxton & Leek College has over 200 further education courses, both full-time and part-time, including adult learning courses, industry short courses, SEN, paid apprenticeships and in the future T Levels. They are hosting a number of virtual information events during February. You can register your interest by clicking on the link below.

Virtual Information Evening – Buxton & Leek College (blc.ac.uk)


School Website

School Shop


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