December 4th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 


We would like to congratulate all students who picked up their GCSE and A level certificates this week. These certificates are a reflection of the hard work and determination that students showed throughout their time in school.

As they have now moved into the next stage of their education we know that the GCSEs and A levels may feel like a distant memory. However, it is the skills they showed in achieving these grades that will stand them in good stead for their futures. These are qualifications that they will have for the rest of their lives and we are proud of all of their achievements.

If your daughter or son is in Year 12, and has not shared their certificates with you please ask them this weekend and remind them to keep their certificates safe.

As I always say on the prize giving evening, which we were unfortunately unable to host this year, it is always important students take a moment to pause and celebrate their achievements.

Tuesday afternoon was our form tutor study skills session on personal finance and budgeting. Thank you to all Sixth Form students who attended this session.

Students are no longer allowed to park at Bradley House. Please do not park on staff car parks. Parking is available at Tesco. Please use the spaces near the recycling area.

We would be grateful if parents could support us in speaking with your son/daughter regarding the wearing of masks. It is a statuary requirement to wear masks in communal areas including the common room and the wooden gym.

Many thanks to all parents who joined us for the Year 13 parents evening. It was a very successful evening with high attendance. Anyone who was unable to attend the evening and would like to receive feedback regarding your son/daughters, progress please email

Reminder that the schools internal UCAS deadline is Friday 18th December. Applications need to be completed and with the Sixth form team by this date to ensure they are checked and sent off in time before for the national deadline in January 2021.  Please email if any support is needed.


School Transport – Message from SCC

We would like to thank you for your continued support with encouraging pupils to wear face coverings on school transport and in dealing with any behavioural issues and non-compliance in relation to the wearing of face coverings.

Now that we are entering Tier 3, the guidance from Public Health England has been updated.  PHE are expressing the view that face coverings are essential on school transport.  Our guidance has always been that face coverings are highly recommended and going forward we would like to ask with your help to encourage all pupils to wear face coverings on school transport unless exempt.  If you could please pass this message onto all pupils and parents. Thank you for your assistance.

School Transport Team

Staffordshire County Council

News from MFL

Year 11 Assessment Week

All year 11 French groups have their second round of trial exam papers beginning next week. Revision should focus on listening (use and writing (learn and revise conversation answers plus opinions, reasons, tenses, time phrases, connectives). Focus on topics like school, holidays, family/friends, shopping, jobs.


Read all about a French graduate who managed to get into the highly competitive world of journalism here  If you like the sound of being as flexible and confident in your communication as David Taylor, you should look at French for GCSE and A Level.

Random link
Find out what a volunteer is, on one of Mr Noon’s favourite French websites.

Trips for academic year 2021 / 2022

We are planning a study trip to the Opal Coast for the current year 10 French groups. Students will be able to register their interest in the new year. leadersSo first of all, special mention should go to Aiden and Ben in 11A, who have both used TiL a lot this week  – Ben has built up over 700 points! They have helped to push 11A even further ahead of the other groups.

Geography Revision Sessions

Well done to the Y11 students that attended the revision sessions this week, especially those students who attended both of these sessions. Next week’s revision session will be on Tuesday 8th December from 3:15-4:15 with Mr Harris’ 11C group invited to attend the classroom session (in room 6a) whilst the other Y11 groups are invited to join via Teams. This session will be on Coastal Processes from the Coasts topic that was studied in Y10. 

This week’s ‘Geog your Memory’ that is attached is recapping your knowledge on the Demographic Transition Model (from the Economic World topic), reducing the risk of tropical storms (from the Natural Hazards topic), and sustainable urban transport strategies (from the Urban Issues and Challenges topic).
Y13 exam technique revision session is on 

Thursday 10th December from 3:15-4:15 in room 6b. 

English Success

English students of the week this week are:

Yr 13

Lucy J

Yr 12

Sophie W

Yr 11

Mollie B, Ben A, Charlie A

Yr 10

Katie D, Thomas Y, Harriet E, Charlie A

Yr 9

Charlie E, Georgie S

PE Update

Over the last 2 weeks we have been reintroducing swimming into PE, which has enabled our Yr11 competitive swimmers to get in some much needed training. We are further increasing our swimming programme over the next few weeks so make sure your swimming kit (Black swim shorts/black swimming costume) fits. If you are an elite swimmer, please make yourself known to Miss James or the PE department. If you are a non-swimmer don’t worry our pool is ideal for learning to swim with a shallow end and only 17m by 8m, Our swimming programme is tailored to all ability groups.

Yr13 BTEC students should all be working to complete their final coursework assignment for the end of term. Yr 12 BTEC students should be revising in preparation for January Exam.

BTEC Tech Award Sport Activity & Fitness- Yr11 students have got an online revision session on Teams – saved. This is in preparation for exam in Feb which will give students the opportunity to improve on the grade they were allocated by the exam board in the summer. Students have taken home a revision resource booklet – please ensure you are using this.

BTEC Tech Award Sport Activity & Fitness- Coursework. Both Year 10 and 11 all have a piece of coursework due in NOW. This can be uploaded to Teams.  All support resources for this are on Teams.

We have been really impressed with students’ engagement in PE lessons since September. We are now delivering practical PE lessons.  The activities delivered are based on the government’s guidance.  Please ensure all students in Years 9, 10 and 11 have all items of PE kit and that they fit correctly.

PE kit / Uniform List

  • Black TAHS polo shirt
  • Reversible TAHS rugby shirt ( This is for all outdoor lessons not just rugby)
  • Black Shorts
  • Black Football socks
  • Black Swimming shorts / Swimming costume
  • Shin Pads (Must be worn for Football and Hockey)
  • Gum Shield (Must be worn for Hockey and Rugby)
  • Football Boots 
  • Indoor Trainers

Optional – Black Skort, Black TAHS fleece, Plain Black leggings, Plain Black Tracksuit bottomsCoats can be worn outside in inclement weather for PE.

Students will be informed of the activities they are doing on Insight. Due to the nature of the timetable and the changing government advice it is important students check this before each PE lesson for any changes.

Science News

Y11 Assessment Week – Mon 7th December to Friday 11th December

All science students will be assessed on work completed this term. This is chance for pupils to show evidence of the progress they are making and ensure a robust bank of evidence should the exam board call for pupil grades (as they did this year).


(sets 3,4 and 5)

BIOLOGY TOPICS                             

  • Pathogens                                                                   
  • Fighting Disease                                                         
  • Vaccination                                         
  • Drug development       

CHEMISTRY TOPICS                         

  • Atomic Structure                                                       
  • Calculating RFM                                                          
  • Calculating % Element
  • Practical Chemistry                                        
  • REVISION GUIDE P96,123-126



(sets 1 and 2)




You can also use the following sites to help with your revision; (BBC Bitesize) (GCSEpod) (Physics and Maths tutor)

Good luck!

Each week in the run-up to Christmas the Science Department would like to share some ‘did you know?’ science facts.  This week’s fascinating facts are all chemistry-based. 

The Science of Christmas Crackers

When you pull your Christmas crackers at the dinner table have you ever thought what produces the ‘snap’?

Inside each cracker are two narrow strips of card, one coated with small amounts of silver fulminate, which is a highly unstable chemical, and the other strip has an abrasive surface.  Pulling the cracker produces friction between the two strips causing the chemical to detonate!

You can’t carry Christmas crackers on most airlines – they come under the category of ‘Prohibited Items – Explosives and Flammable Substances and Devices’!

To discover many more brilliant Christmas chemistry-based facts – there is one for each day of Advent! – click on the link below.  

This week’s Science Students of the Week

Year 9

All of the students in Class 9U2! – Mrs Dykes was so impressed with the whole of Class 9U2 for their excellent attitude to their latest Chemistry assessment – every single one worked hard and was completely silent for the full 20 minutes!

Year 10

Jenny P, 10U5, Ryan B, 10T2 for excellent work on motion graphs, selected by Mr Melland.

Students in 10H1 – Finlay B, Joseph H, Charlotte J, Thomas L, Sam P and William S all scored over 95% in their Physics assessment. Brilliant work!! Selected by Mr Mitchell.

Year 11

Reece A, 11H5 for good answers in Physics, selected by Mrs Dykes.

Tyler B, 11E1, Bethany H, 11E1 and Arthur M, 11T2 for continued great work in Physics, selected by Mrs Dykes.

Year 13

Alex G for continued excellent effort in A Level Physics, selected by Mr Melland.

Animal Care Students of the Week

Year 10

Chloe S and Callum W for excellent work dressing the turkeys, selected by Mrs North.

Katey G and Caitlin L for producing some beautiful Christmas wreaths, selected by Mrs North.

Year 11

Leanne W and Bethany H for their excellent approach to revision for the Animal Care exam, selected by Mrs North.

Well done!

Animal Care

Students are now busily preparing for their external exam which will take place on Monday 11th January.

They will sit a mock exam during their animal care lesson next week and have been given paper copies of past papers as well as a copy of the specification. All past papers, mark schemes and examiners reports are also on Teams for students to access. 

In addition, there will be revision sessions until 4pm in room 81 on the following nights:

Wednesday 9th December

Wednesday 16th December 

Wednesday 6th January

I will also do a quick revision session via Teams on Sunday 10th January at 4pm and will send an invite out to all students nearer the time

If you have any questions regarding the exam, please feel free to contact me on

GCSE Drama

Year 11, GCSE Drama have been working very hard to prepare for their practical GCSE Drama exam next week. They have risen to the challenges of devising work at a social distance with care, tenacity and creativity.

The performance work that they have produced is powerful, relevant and thought provoking.


Lucy L and Leanne P in Dominos
Katie L and Evie N in Life is a full circle         

Year 11 Careers Interviews

All year 11s will have had or will be due a 15 minute interview with their Head of house or member of senior team. Following this they will be scheduled a half hour careers appointment with Mrs Tomlinson from Entrust or Mrs Featherstone. This will give them the opportunity to explore their next steps and talk about their careers ideas. There will be some support for college applications and apprenticeships if your child has identified that this is of interest to them.

If your child is isolating at home and is well, you may have already received a phonecall from Mrs Tomlinson. Please contact if you need any information or have any questions about your child’s next step.

Career of the week

Job title: Marine Engineer  Marine engineers design, build, test and repair boats, ships, underwater craft, offshore platforms and drilling equipment.
Entry requirements:University You would normally need to complete a foundation degree or degree to become a marine engineer. Courses include: marine engineering marine technology naval architecture offshore engineering Entry requirements You’ll usually need: 4 or 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, including English, maths and science 2 or 3 A levels, or equivalent, including maths and a science for a degree Apprenticeship You may be able to do a marine engineer advanced apprenticeship, then take further training on the job to qualify. As a qualified engineer, you may be able to apply for a marine technical superintendent degree apprenticeship. Entry requirements You’ll usually need: 4 or 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, including English, maths and science 4 or 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) and A levels, or equivalent, for a higher or degree apprenticeship Work You could train as a marine engineering technician with the Merchant Navy or Royal Navy, then study for a marine engineering degree while working.
What skills will I need?You’ll need: maths knowledge knowledge of engineering science and technology the ability to use, repair and maintain machines and tools knowledge of physics design skills and knowledge thinking and reasoning skills excellent verbal communication skills to be thorough and pay attention to detail to be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device
Day to Day tasks could include: Depending on the industry you work in, your duties could include: shipbuilding, boat-building and repair working in the leisure boat industry designing, building and operating offshore gas and oil platforms marine surveying making sure engines, instruments and systems work safely
What you’ll earn:£24,000 – £55,000
Working hours, patterns and environment:You could work away from home. Evenings and Weekends may be required or a normal 35-41 hr working week.
More information:

Information sourced directly from If you have any suggestions for a career you would like to know more about then please email us at

Upcoming Events

College open days

There are a number of college open days coming up, we have provided students with this information on Microsoft teams. Using their log in they can access this information on the link below.

College Information Links

Please do keep a look out on our school website careers tab for information regarding upcoming events and opportunities, as well as a range of other resources to support students with their career planning.

Help with Domestic Abuse


Women’s Aid provide advice to women about domestic abuse


For men worried about domestic abuse, the respect advice line is a free, non-judgemental  service.



School Website

School Shop


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