November 13th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

I would recommend that you read Mrs Rudge’s Parent News each week. It contains relevant and up to date information regarding Covid 19, this week’s edition was sent to parents on 12th November.

Due to the ever-changing situation we find ourselves in can I ask you to remind your child that Years 12 and 13 need to use separate study areas within the school.  Year 12 are to have access to the wooden gym (face coverings must be worn in their unless eating or drinking) and Year 13 must use the common room and the study room (again face coverings must be worn).  When students are moving from lesson to lesson they must wear a face covering when inside the building, they must also be socially distancing.

Bradley Street car park is not to be used by our Sixth Form students, we do not have an agreement in place from The British Legion. Students must also not park their cars in the staff carpark as these spaces are needed by school staff. 

As the weather is starting to become a little colder can I ask that the uniform is maintained as much as possible. If needed then please were a jumper or ‘layers’ to ensure warmth, we do have to keep the windows open in the lesson to ensure airflow.

UCAS applications are being sent every day, if your son or daughter would like some help with theirs then please ask them to email their form tutor or myself ( and we will assist.  Remember that each week there are apprenticeships being added to Unifrog, again if any help is needed with this then ask them to email me.


As part of scheduled tutor time, there will be a Y12 and Y13 skills session on Monday p3.  As a priority, Y13 are being encouraged to complete their UCAS applications during this session.  Please can students bring in a laptop or mobile device which they can work on.  There will also be advice on personal branding and interviews.  Y12 will be working on enrichment such as EPQs and moocs.

Important reminder to all Sixth Form students.

All students must sign in and out, please scan the QR code and complete the online form with name, date and time of signing in and/or out.

Images of the QR code to scan are situated upstairs in the Sixth Form area.
All students must use this system if they are leaving school and when returning into school if it is on the same day.  This is in order for us to ensure the safety of our students and to adhere to safeguarding and fire safety regulations.

Year 11 Parents Evening

Year 11 Virtual Parents Evening Tuesday 24th November 4.00pm – 6.00pm

This is now open for bookings, meetings will take place on MS Teams via your child’s account and full instructions will be sent next week

News from MFL

Year 11 Assessments

The next formal year 11 assessments will take place at the end of this half-term. Students will take both a listening paper and a writing paper. The writing paper could include the topics of school, house/home, holidays, relationships, pocket money and shopping, and future employment. You can find vocabulary for those topics here

Year 11 Revision sessions

The first wave of revision sessions start next Thursday, 19th November, and will run for three weeks. Foundation will be in room 10 with Mr Noon, and Higher will be in room 11 with Mrs Clemett. Spaces are limited, so some students will be invited. All materials and a recording will be on TEAMS. leaderboard

In no particular order, the top scorers for each group are currently:

  • Polly
  • Leo
  • Eloise
  • Ben
  • Ellie-Mae
  • Kacper

Polly currently reigns supreme, closely followed by Kacper. More interestingly, 11C are dominating the class leaderboard, with over 1000 points more than their nearest rivals, 11A.

Year 9 Bebras Challenge

All of year 9 have been set a homework with Computing to take part in the Bebras Challenge. A national computational thinking competition that also gives us a fantastic insight into the skill level of the students.

This is run and adminiastered by Oxford University and we encourage all students to take part over the coming week.

Full details are on insight and for any login details simply send Mr Cartwright a chat message on Teams.

Geography Revision Sessions

Well done to the Y11 students who attended Wednesday nights revision session. For anyone who was unable to attend, the session was recorded on Teams and is available to be watched back (this is on the Y11 Geography Teams, under the live revision sessions tab).

Next week’s revision will be on Tuesday 17th November running at an earlier time from 3:15-4:15. Again, this will be recorded and available on Teams if you are unable to join the live session. Miss Robinson’s 11D Geography class are invited to attend the session in person (please come to room 6a), with the other Y11 Geography classes invited to join via Teams.

Any questions, please see Miss Robinson.

SEND Appeal

In these, uncertain times facing us all it becomes even more important to reach out to those around us who need support.  The community of Thomas Alleyne’s over the years has prided itself on the way it supports diversity and the school mission statement for all is opportunity, progress and individuality. As a special needs department, we request that you discuss these with your son and daughter and what do they mean in support of pupils with SEND or if they are aware of pupils who  

Special needs are not always visible, they can be cognitive or emotional, we are asking that all pupils be supportive of each other if they see their peers or friends in distress with a situation or a task.  Where the need is physical please encourage the young person to be supportive of the individual, rather than the first question being can I have a go (of the crutches) or what have you done? Ask how can I help you?  Or hold a door open.  Small acts of kindness and appreciation can go a long way in an already busy, stressful climate.

Please discuss the above with your son or daughter and if you have any concerns or require further support please contact Mr Godwin or Mrs Oliver at school.

Pastoral Updates


Congratulations to the students below. These students have accrued the most achievement points in their house this year so far. It is a fantastic achievement and reflects their continued hard work. 
Orme – Aimee S 54

Whitmore – Tim W 51

Torrence – Georgie S 50

Elkes – Martha B 47

In addition over 90 students have now achieved their Bronze Award. Well done everyone.


As a result of the increasingly cold weather, given that windows need to be open, students are being able to wear jumpers in classrooms. Jumpers should be dark blue or black and blazers can be worn over these. All hoods must be down in lessons and hats removed. Students must wear school trousers or skirts. 

Face Coverings

We would like to remind students and parents that students have a social responsibility to protect themselves and others against the spread of Covid. We want to remind students that they must use their face coverings at all times when inside in communal areas. We appreciate that on occasion students may forget or lose their covering and we do therefore have provide students with a covering in these circumstances. That said we are encouraging students to be responsible with their covering and if the student requires a replacement on more than 3 occasions within a half term an after school detention will be issued with a HOH


Please can I remind students of the importance of being on time to school and to lessons. Students should be on the school site at 8.35am in order to commence their lessons period one at 8.40am. 

Community conduct

As a part of Thomas Alleyne’s School it is important that when you are out in the community behaviour reflects the standards that we would expect to see in school. Students are representatives of Thomas Alleyne’s and we are very proud of our students. We want the community of Uttoxeter to also be proud and therefore it is important that we behave in an appropriate and respectable manner. 

Year 11 Future Intentions

All Year 11 students have been given access to a Year 11 Future Intentions Team. This is to support them in making their Post 16 choices. Access to the online application form for Sixth Form entry September 2021 is available in this team.

Any questions please email Mrs Walton via


Miss Jones and I have been impressed at how well students have adapted to the changes since returning to school. We would like to take the opportunity to celebrate the fantastic achievements of Whitmore students who have achieved more than 30 credits since September. Your bronze badge and certificate will be with you shortly. Well Done!

Year 9 – S. Omuso, O. Radley, L. Edwards, M. Hemmings, O. Plant, B. Smith, H. Timmis, L. Cunningham, J. Boot,  T. Thompson, T. Martins, G. Spink, A. Walker, H. Brandrick, W. Bulmer, J. Clay, P. Bettany, and V. Heathcote,

Year 10 – T. Wild, N. Wilson, and B. Jones

Year 11 – H. Leech, E. Naylor, M. Plant, L. Lowther, Te. Shelley, Ti. Shelley, I. Rose, and S. Archer

If you need email myself at and Miss Jones at


Now that we are two weeks into the new half term I would like to congratulate students on adapting to the new timetable changes and continuing to follow all guidance around school to keep each other as safe as possible. There are a number of students who I would like to congratulate on achieving 30 or more credits. Their bronze pin badges will be awarded in the skills session on Monday if they did not receive one before half term. 

Well done to…

Georgie Slack, Vicky Nowak, Ali Moustapha, Carly Dowling, Liliana Kelsall, Willow Moss, Alex Endsor, Charlie Fairbrother, Oliver Humphreys-Paige, Lucas Waldron-Slater, Shannon Bagnall, Isla McFadzean, Chloe Nixon, Alisha Clarke, Polly Jones, Maisie Lawrie, Molly Wood, George Astbury, Keeley Slack, Holly Thompson and Lauren Nixon.

I look forward to presenting more students with their pin badges in the future and I am sure it won’t take long for students to reach their silver pin badge. 

In skills sessions this half term Year 9 and 10 students will have time to reflect on the first half term of this academic year and discuss with their tutors that has gone well, how to progress further and any support they may need. They will also be focusing on the topic of e-safety with both year groups having a session dedicated to the use of social media. Year 11 skills sessions will be focusing on careers and their post-16 options following on from the apprenticeship talk they had at the end of last half term.  

English Success

Congratulations to those students who have been put forward for this week’s student of the week by your English teachers.

They are:
Year 9: Will D, Oakley P, Cameron B, Kristers L, Lily C

Year 10: Jacob R, Alistair D, Edward F

Year 11: Alex P, Tiffany B, Duncan C, Lily M

Year 12: Rob F, Imogen N

Year 13: Tom F, Maddie A

Year 9 Photographs

The Year 9 student photographs have arrived and will be given out during the skills lesson on Monday 16th November. Please be aware, if your order form was handed in late then your photographs have not arrived yet and will be given out in a skills lesson when they do. 

PE Update

BTEC Tech Award Sport Activity & Fitness- Yr11 students have got an online revision session on Teams – saved. This is in preparation for exam in Feb which will give students the opportunity to improve on the grade they were allocated by the exam board in the summer. 

BTEC Tech Award Sport Activity & Fitness- Coursework. Both Year 10 and 11 all have a piece of coursework due in NOW. This can be uploaded to Teams or handed in on paper.  All support resources for this are on Teams.
We have been really impressed with students’ engagement in PE lessons since September.

We are now delivering practical PE lessons.  The activities delivered are based on the government’s guidance.  Please ensure all students in Years 9, 10 and 11 have all items of PE kit and that they fit correctly.

PE kit / Uniform List

  • Black TAHS polo shirt
  • Reversible TAHS rugby shirt ( This is for all outdoor lessons not just rugby)
  • Black Shorts
  • Black Football socks
  • Black Swimming shorts / Swimming costume
  • Shin Pads (Must be worn for Football and Hockey)
  • Gum Shield (Must be worn for Hockey and Rugby)
  • Football Boots 
  • Indoor Trainers

Optional – Black Skort, Black TAHS fleece, Plain Black leggings, Plain Black Tracksuit bottomsCoats can be worn outside in inclement weather for PE.
Students will be informed of the activities they are doing on Insight. Due to the nature of the timetable and the changing government advice it is important students check this before each PE lesson for any changes.

Science News

Y11 will be sitting a short trial exam during the next assessment window.

Students taking triple award science will sit a separate exam in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students taking trilogy science (sets 3,4 and 5) will sit one exam which covers all 3 sciences.

Triple Assessment

Biology Assessment – B6 – Infection and Disease, B3 – Bioenergetics (Respiration and Photosynthesis)

Chemistry Assessment – C6 – Quantitative Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, C4 – Rates of Reaction

Physics Assessment – P6 – Nuclear Physics (Radioactive particles), P5 – Electricity

Trilogy Assessment

Biology – B6 – Infection and Disease

Chemistry – C6 – Quantitative Chemistry

Physics – P6 – Nuclear Physics (Radioactive particles)

Please take time to review these topics using revision guides, revision workbooks, bbc bitesize, GCSEpod and your school exercise books.

This week’s Science Students of the Week

Year 9

Alex H, Sam L, Joseph N, James R, Tom L and Lily C – all students were selected by Mrs Hughes for excellent work in Chemistry lessons and a great result in their first test.

Year 10

Henry A and Casey H for excellent effort and exemplary behaviour in lessons – selected by Mr Crum.

Lucy O, Hannah C and Charlotte J for excellent contribution to Physics lessons – selected by Mr Mitchell.

Year 11

Lucy C for great engagement and contribution in lessons and Sam P for fabulous independent revision for the end of unit assessment – selected by Mrs Simpson.

Poppy B for brilliant balancing of combustion equations in Chemistry and Leia W for consistently high scores on all Biology assessments – selected by Mr Mitchell.

Year 12

Jack D and Isobel W for an excellent result in their Chemistry test – selected by Mrs Hughes.

Year 13 Applied Science

Lily E and Georgia F for excellent effort in a recent past exam paper – selected by Mrs North.

Vicky C and Rachel A for determining a very accurate melting point of methyl 3-nitrobenzoate – selected by Mr Mitchell.

Year 10 Animal Care

Keira F and Erin B for excellent commitment to course work – selected by Mrs North.

Year 11 Animal Care

Lucy M, Lucy H, Fallon C and Gabby S for excellent engagement in lesson and in homework – selected by Mrs North.

Well done!

After school revision sessions for year 13 biology, room 100, 3.15-4pm.

Virtual Coffee Morning

Career of the week

Job title:Events managers organise and run promotional, business and social events.
Entry requirements:University: You can take a foundation degree, higher national diploma or degree in: events management marketing communications Apprenticeships: You could do an events assistant advanced apprenticeship. ·        Entry requirements You’ll usually need: 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, including English and maths, for an advanced apprenticeship   There is no set entry route to become an events manager but it may be useful to go to college to do a relevant course like: Level 2 Certificate in Event Planning Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Event Management Some courses in travel and tourism may include an events planning option.You’ll usually need: 2 or more GCSEs at grades 9 to 3 (A* to D), or equivalent, for a level 2 course or 4 to 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, for a level 3 course   You can also apply directly for jobs within Events management directly, it is incredibly competitive but you can work your work up within the industry. Volunteering for events is also a good route in as it enables you to establish a network.
What skills will I need?You’ll need: Customer service skills to be thorough and pay attention to detail the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure the ability to work well with others to be flexible and open to change leadership skills excellent verbal communication skills maths skills to be able to use a computer and the main software packages competently
Day to Day tasks could include:In this role you could be: discussing what the client wants coming up with original ideas for events agreeing budgets and timescales with the client researching venues, contacts and suppliers, and negotiating prices booking venues, entertainment, equipment and supplies hiring and supervising contractors such as caterers and security publicising the event making sure that everything runs smoothly on the day ensuring that health, safety and insurance regulations are followed managing a team
What you’ll earn:£17,000 Starter to £80,000 Experienced
Working hours, patterns and environment:You will need to be willing to work weekends, evenings and bank holidays. You may also need to travel away from home and working hours during events can be long.
More information:

Information sourced directly from If you have any suggestions for a career you would like to know more about then please email us at

A spotlight on BTECS

BTECs are high-quality, career-focused qualifications grounded in the real world of work. This means BTEC learners develop and apply the knowledge, skills and behaviours that employers and universities are looking for. At sixth form we are offering a wide range of these applied courses in Health and Social Care, ICT, Applied Science, Forensic Science and Sport. You can find out more about these courses and our entry requirements in our 6th form prospectus.

The BTECworks website also offers a comprehensive guide to the different courses and helps students to explore potential career routes.

Information sourced directly from If you have any suggestions for a career you would like to know more about then please email us at

Success for School parent booklet

Success for schools have put together a free guide on careers. It is full of advice to help you steer your child through the confusing world of careers choices and has information about university, apprenticeships and work experience.

To download your copy you need to click on the link below:

Link to Parent’s Guide

Upcoming Events

Army Officer – A Female Perspective – 9th November  – 7-9pm

Join a panel of female Army Officers and Officer Cadets from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to hear about life in the Army from a female perspective. Spaces are limited and so if you are interested the register as soon as possible on the link below.

Army Officer – a female perspective – booking link

Virtual Apprenticeship sessions for Teachers and Parents – 19th November – 6.30pm 

The ASK project and the National Apprenticeship Service are hosting sessions aimed at parents and teachers to give them information to fully understand apprenticeships. The sessions are free to attend.

The session will aim to break down myths and challenge misconceptions about the apprenticeship pathway. We’ll give a complete overview on what the apprenticeship pathway now entails, the levels of apprenticeships available, and how to best support their children through the application process. Plus, there’ll be the opportunity to ask our expert presenter questions.

Full information and session times can be accessed on the link below. Places are limited for sessions, so sign up quickly to avoid disappointment!

Click here to sign up for the parent session

The National Apprenticeship Show – Virtual – Wednesday 2nd December

The National Apprenticeship show will take place virtually this year with over 40 Exhibitors promoting apprenticeship opportunities. The day will run from 9.30 – 4.30pm If you are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship then this is worth a look. You can register your interest on

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Toyota have sent us an email to inform us of their new apprenticeship opportunities for 2021.  They will be hiring 36 students for our Production Apprenticeship and 12 for our Maintenance Apprenticeship. They are hosting open evenings which need to be booked  on

Production Apprenticeship Dates

Tuesday 10th November 2020

Thursday 19th November 2020

Maintenance Apprenticeship Dates

Monday 9th November 2020

Wednesday 18th November 2020

This could be a fantastic opportunity for some of our students and worth having a look at.


School Website

School Shop


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