October 2nd 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Please ensure that your son or daughter is aware of the sign out and in procedure that we have implemented.  In order to sign in and out all students must scan the QR code and complete the online form with name, date and time of signing in and/or out.

Images of the QR code to scan will be situated upstairs in the Sixth Form area.

All students must use this system if they are leaving school and when returning into school if it is on the same day.  This is in order for us to ensure the safety of our students and to adhere to safeguarding and fire safety regulations.

As we have now taken most o the photographs of our Year 12 students we can start putting their ID together, for those that were not able to have their photograph taken then they will be required to be in school at 1.20pm on Thursday 8th October.


Students will need to:

Please complete pages 1 – 5 of the new ‘personal finance’ workbook which supports the 2 PowerPoints.  Find out about different payment methods and the best times to use them.  Also explore the costs of managing a household budget.  Fill in the blank budgeting sheet first then check your answers against the ‘budgeting sheet’ which is filled in.  This will be really useful for your future, including managing your budget (such as maintenance loan at university, or your first pay packet from an apprenticeship).  Please download these files from Teams – Mrs Dodd and myself will be checking to see who has accessed these.


The new focus for Skills lessons at the moment is personal finance.  For your Skills Session this week, please complete pages 1 – 5 of the new ‘personal finance’ workbook which supports the 2 PowerPoints.  Find out about income tax, NI, minimum wage etc and how council tax is spent.  Also find out about banking and explore which banks offer the best deals for students.  This will be really useful for your future, including setting up an account ready for a maintenance loan at university, or for your first pay packet from an apprenticeship.  Please download these files from Teams – Mrs Dodd and myself will be checking to see who has accessed these.

PE Update

We have begun practical PE lessons this week.  The activities delivered are based on the government’s guidance.  Please ensure all students in Years 9, 10 and 11 have all items of PE kit and that they fit correctly.
PE kit / Uniform List

  • Black TAHS polo shirt
  • Reversible TAHS rugby shirt ( This is for all outdoor lessons not just rugby)
  • Black Shorts
  • Black Football socks
  • Black Swimming shorts / Swimming costume
  • Shin Pads (Must be worn for Football and Hockey)
  • Gum Shield (Must be worn for Hockey and Rugby)
  • Football Boots 
  • Indoor Trainers

Optional – Black Skort, Black TAHS fleece, Plain Black leggings, Plain Black Tracksuit bottomsCoats can be worn outside in inclement weather for PE.
Students will be informed of the activities they are doing on Insight. Due to the nature of the timetable and the changing government advice it is important students check this before each PE lesson for any changes.

Assessment Weeks- Year 11 and Year 13

A reminder to students in Year 11 and 13 that next two weeks are your first Assessment Weeks. You will be asked to complete some assessed work so that you can chart your progress against your targets grades. Your teachers will be able to guide your revision and help you develop skills for answering questions.  These will be completed in your classroom, but you will be expected to work in exam conditions, so completing tasks independently and within a specific time period. 

However, don’t worry- your staff have been planning assessments that will show your learning up to this point with a focus on what you have covered since returning in September. The best advice is to revise from what you have covered so far this term. 

Revision tip 1: Make a page of CORNELL NOTES summarising what you have learnt so far… See the link for how to make Cornell notes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtW9IyE04OQ

A Well Done…

Edwin from year 9 went above and beyond to make 44 boxes at home that all fitted inside each other. He worked out all of the sizes, assembled them in his own time. This was an extension from Miss Arrowsmith’s lesson in graphics!

Great job – Well done Edwin!

News from Science

This week’s Science Students of the Week are:

Year 9

Harriet and Daniel for excellent attitude and enthusiasm to learning, selected by Miss Thorley.

Year 10

Joseph for his consistent strive to better understand Science, selected by Mrs Simpson.

Year 11

Maddy for an excellent start to Chemistry, selected by Mrs Evans.

Billy and Daniel for brilliant cross curricula work to use maths skills to create a formula for calculating Half-Life in Nuclear Physics, selected by Mr Mitchell.

Year 12

Kerys, Caitlyn and Eleanor for excellent effort in lessons, selected by Mr Crum.

Year 13

Katelyn, Aimee, Ben and George, all for awesome participation in remote lessons, selected by Mr Crum.

Well done!

English Success

From English, we have had a lot of nominations for student of the week. Clearly all of the teachers are very impressed with the work being produced and the effort so many of you continue to make. Well done in particular to:

Year 9

Maisie Lawrie, Sam Lawrence, Garard Wall, Charlie Edge, Alisha Clarke, Amina Kirby, Ellie Baker, Joshua Beckett, Jayden Davies, Aaron Pike

Yr 10

Harriet E, Ella R, Liam A, Jack Van Hoek, Charles Fradley, Cerys Doughty, Tim Wild, William G, Neve Rounthwaite

Yr 11

Mollie B, Isla M, O’Shea Poole, Larbi Fadili, Alex Price, Bailey Redshaw

Yr 12

Lizzie Steele, Katie Gilbert, Eve Bednall, Sophie Whieldon, Rob Fuller

Yr 13

Aidan Rowland

Pastoral Update

With 5 weeks now completed I wanted to once again congratulate students on how well they continue to cope with their return to school. In particular the following students have made a tremendous start with the number of achievement points they have accrued: Martha Bednall (29), Ali Moustapha (25) and Savannah Omuso (25). Well Done!

The first half term is always a long one but we are over half way through and students need to be commended for their acceptance of all the new procedures that have enabled all year groups to remain in school not only safe and well but also to be able to resume and enjoy their learning within their classrooms. The atmosphere around school is extremely positive. PE lessons have resumed this week which has given both staff and students a real lift. It has been a pleasure seeing students out on the school fields enjoying their practical lessons. 

3 weeks until half term. Lets keep up all the hard work and progress we have made.

Mrs Major (Assistant Head : Pastoral)

Orme News

It’s incredibly inspiring to see the achievements made by Orme students, the number of credits accumulated is really very impressive. A special mention must go out to Aimee, Luke and Maddison in year 9 and Joseph and Milly in year 10. Well done to everyone for  all the positive behaviours across a number of different lessons.  The credits and attendance totals are even more important this year as we head towards the half term celebration assemblies, we may not be able to beat Elkes, Torrance and Whitmore on the sports field right now but we can beat them in the classroom.

House captain applications are still open, If you think you have the qualities we need; leadership, positivity, resilience and empathy then please write a letter of application and send it to me at Brassington@tahs.net  This should be no more than a single page so try to be clear and concise.

This coming week Mr Mitchell will deliver an assembly as it is Space Week. This will be delivered during our recovery session on Thursday, I am looking forward to learning something interesting about what’s going on out there.

“Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.”  Jules Verne

Torrance News

The first month of this academic year seems to have flown by! I’d like to congratulate the many students who had adapted to our new normal so well and have approached the last few weeks with positivity, patience and resilience. 

In this week’s skills session Year 11 have started to look at money matters, gaining an understanding of money management, credit scores and the impact they can have on future options and opportunities. We feel that an understanding of these matters is an essential life skill and  supports the work they have covered on mental wellbeing and self-awareness.  A number of students have expressed that they are keen to cover these topics so I look forward to hearing what they have learnt.Year 9 and 10 have continued their work on mental health and wellbeing, this week focusing on positivity and resilience. This has included stress management techniques and a range of activities to equip our students with the skills they require to handle stressful situations throughout life. As part of the focus on positivity, students were introduced to the Action for Happiness calendar. This month’s calendar is ‘Optimistic October’ and helps to give a positive focus through a short daily activity. Please see the link below if this is something you would like to engage with as a family during these challenging times. I have also included a number of other websites which support our PSHE curriculum delivered during skills sessions. 

Miss Keeling 




Drama News

Many thanks to our year 11 GCSE Drama students for developing and performing their powerful, socially distanced dance piece for our open evening film. Well done to: Lily Williams, Heather Leech, Leanne Painter, Alyssa Whitehall, Lucy Lowther and Lara Taylor-Caine. 

Our GCSE Drama achiever of the week is Ella Russell in year 10 for her excellent response to her component 3 exam question, as well as her ongoing dedication and focus.

Well done to Ella. 

Message for all Year 9 parents

Year 9 have received their school photograph order forms in the skills session this week.  If you wish to place an order, please follow the guidance on the forms to pay order online directly through Tempest. If this is not an option, order forms can be handed in to the office up to Friday 16th October.

Rotary Writing Competition

Mrs Brophy is coordinating the Rotary club annual writing competition this year.brophy@tahs.net for those interested in entering. Details on support and guidance sessions to follow. Could you include the competition outline but not the privacy notice or application form please.

Career of the week

Having looked through some of the future intentions questionnaires there are a few of our Year 11’s interested in pursuing a career in rail. So this week we have chosen Train Drivers as our career of the week.

Job title: Train Driver    Train drivers operate trains on the rail network, carrying passengers and freight around the country   In this role you could be: check controls and equipment before a journeydrive the train between stations or freight depotsspeak with control centres along the route about any issuesfollow track signalling, safety and speed instructionsleave platforms and pull into stations safelymake passenger announcementscontrol automatic doorsposition and hand over engines to drivers on the next shiftrecord incidents like equipment problems, onboard issues or delays
Entry requirements:You can get into this job through: an apprenticeship working towards this role by taking on another role for a rail company applying directly   Employers expect you to have GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 in English and Maths or equivalent qualifications.  
Skills required:You’ll need: concentration skills to be thorough and pay attention to detail patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations the ability to operate and control equipment knowledge of public safety and security observation and recording skills the ability to work well with others and on your own knowledge of transport methods, costs and benefits to be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device   You’ll need to: to be over 20 years of age    
What you’ll earn:Depending on experience a train driver can earn between £20,000 and £60,000 a year.  
Working hours, patterns and environment:Your working environment may be noisy and you may spend nights away from homeYou may need to wear a uniform35 to 40 hours a week
Career path and progression:Once you’re qualified, you could work on passenger, freight or engineering trains.   With experience, you could combine your job with instructing trainee drivers, who are learning new routes and cab controls. You could also become a driver trainer, teaching new starters in the classroom, working with driver simulators and accompanying trainees on journeys.   You could move into management, supervising drivers and making sure trains and crew are where they need to be on the rail network. Operations management is another possibility, planning future rail developments.

Source: https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/job-profiles/train-driver you can find more information and current opportunities on the national careers service website.

If you have any suggestions for a career you would like to know more about then please email us at futureintentions@tahs.org.uk

Upcoming events

Below are a number of upcoming events which students can independently sign up to.

UK University & Apprenticeship Search Virtual Fair on Wednesday 21 October from 12:00-18:00. The event is free, it will feature over 80 universities, colleges and apprenticeship providers, and it’s open to students in Year 13, 12 and 11. 

For more information and to register for the event click on the link below https://ukunisearch-west.vfairs.com/

The event will also include 10 webinars which will provide information on topics such as Choosing a course, Student finance, Personal statements, Employability and Apprenticeships

Once registered you will be able to access the virtual fair any time until Wednesday 4th November, but you will only be able to live chat with representatives and view the webinars on the day itself.

For help with registration or more information then please see Mrs Featherstone in the Careers office – room 74.

Medicine Seminars

The Medic Portal will be running three free Get Into Medicine Seminars over the coming month live online.

They will focus on how to succeed in the medical school interview (updated for this unique year) alongside top tips from admissions tutors.

Please can you share the free opportunity with your students from Year 11 onwards. They can sign up here.

They will run on the following dates and times:

       14th October: 5pm to 6.30pm

       4th November: 5pm to 6.30pm

       18th November: 5pm to 6.30pm

Your students will also get to hear from a top European Medical School, The University of Nicosia, on their unique programme.

London School of Dentistry – virtual work experience

London School of Dentistry would like to inform you about their online dentistry taster course for students! This course was created by current dentists to help younger students experience what it would be like to study dentistry at university, allowing them to make an informed decision before applying and pursuing it as a career. 

Their main aim is to help students realise whether dentistry is the career for them.

They are offering a 3 hour course which supporting materials covering various aspects of the dental curriculum at university, along with tips on securing work experience, writing a strong personal statement and performing well during interviews. 

There is a cost to the course of £44.99, but the London school of dentistry state that it will allow
aspiring students to obtain some work experience in the current pandemic where in-person experience is very difficult to organise!

If students are interested then they can sign up on: www.londonschoolofdentistry.co.uk


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