September 4th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 


Welcome back.

This week has been a very positive return to school for our Year 12 and 13 students.  This is a year like no other, and we are pleased that our Sixth Form students have taken on board the changes that we have implemented.

Each student has had a session delivered by their form tutor which explains all the changes that we have implemented, inlcuding the change in breaks and lunches and where they are able to purchase food from at break and lunch.  We have ensureed that all are aware of the one way system that we have in operation around the whole school site and they are aware of all the academic opportunites that they can access this year.

Students in Year 12 and 13 are one ‘bubble’ and as such we have provided them with areas that they can use during lesson tim if they have a study period.

Periods 1 and 2 – in addition to the Sixth Form area(s), they can study in the wooden gym if on a non-contact, Sixth Form 7 and/or Study Skills. 

Period 3 alongside the Sixth Form area(s), they can study in the Canteen, Theatre or the Ede Studio 

These areas have been set up to reflect the government guidance and we cannot permit students to alter the seating arrangements in any way.  All chairs and tables are facing forward.  We have explained the inportance of this to students, could I ask that you reiterate this with them. Whislt students are in these areas they must be considerate of others and keep noise to a minimum. Chairs and tables must be kept in the same place, for example chairs cannot be moved so a group of students can sit together and tables must not be sat on. 
We had agreed that students may leave the school site in their study period but we request that this should be kept to a minimum and masks should be worn.

We request that if a student has a driving lesson that these are not arranged during lesson time and that if medical appointments are needed, where possible, these are also made outside of lesson time.

If you need to communicate with any of the Sixth Form Team then could I ask that you email

French Leaderboard

Congratulations to Polly Jones in Year 11 and Joseph Hall in Year 10, the current all-time high scorers on for Thomas Alleyne’s High School, with a combined total of 5300 points, which is the equivalent of around 45 hours of work. How long can they stay there though? Kacper Wielechowski and Grace Atkin aren’t far behind …

Pastoral Round Up

As a new member of staff, I feel that was able to share some of the feelings that many of our returning students would have felt this week, particularly our Year 9 students starting their first day at High school. The changes that have been made to school however have meant that everybody is working together to ensure that we can all adapt to our new surroundings and systems. I personally want to thank all the student’s for dealing with so well and supporting each other at this time. I have really enjoyed my first week at Thomas Alleyne and I am now looking forward working with you all in the future.

Helen Major Assistant Head for Behaviour and Wellbeing.

Elkes News

I’m sure I’m echoing the sentiments of colleagues when I say how tremendous it was to welcome Elkes students back this week, and also to see the year 9s finding their feet in their new environment. We’re all at different places in terms of familiarity with the site and systems, with our groups, changes to lesson structure and so on, but the adaptability and maturity shown by so many has been hugely impressive, and I wanted to thanks those students who have just come in, taken on board why certain things have had to change and got on with it, because they are the ones who make this school community a safe and positive place for us all. As ever, if parents or students need anything at all, just get in touch.

Mr Parker

Torrance News

It has been lovely for me to meet the students of Thomas Alleyne’s this week and as the new Head of Torrance I can definitely relate to the nerves that our new Year 9 students will have felt starting here at Thomas Alleyne’s this week. I have been so impressed with them all getting to grips with the new safety measures around school.

To start the academic year, all students completed recovery sessions as part of their RESPECT programme with their form tutors. It was great to see them engaged in discussing the events of the last few months, how lockdown may had impacted on mental wellbeing and looking at strategies that can be helpful if they are feeling anxious about returning the school, COVID-19 or any of the challenges they face. As part of this session, staff and students also took time to consider gratitude and benefits of taking time to focus on the positives in their lives and our communities. Gratitude for our key workers and the NHS was a clear part of these discussions which is also reflected by the impressive news that I heard on my first day here, that 19% of our Year 13 leavers are going on to pursue careers in the NHS.

I’d like to say a big well done to all the students this week as we get used to our new normal and thank them for a wonderful welcome to the Thomas Alleyne’s school community.

Miss Keeling


It has been fantastic to welcome all of the Whitmore students this week. You looked really smart in your uniform and approached the return to school with maturity. 

The routine of the school day and route around the school are hugely different but it has been reassuring to get back into the classroom and deliver lessons face to face and communicate verbally with students. 
In PE lessons, we have been discussing the importance of exercise and physical activity and the role that plays on both physical and mental health. Many students are enjoying having the walk to school back and some sporting clubs returning in the community. I hope that we are all able to enjoy some physical activity at the weekend so we are energised and prepared for a full week in school next week. 

Miss Jones 

Orme News

First of all, a huge welcome to all Orme students as you begin the 2020-2021 academic year!

For those of you returning to Thomas Alleyne’s, we are glad to have you back as you continue your journey through education. For those new students who are just joining us in year 9, I encourage you to make the most of your time here. The experiences you will have at Thomas Alleyne’s will always improve with both the effort and application you put into being part of both the Orme and wider school community.

It has been a real and welcome pleasure for me to finally return to my classroom this week and teach. Whilst the work we have completed through remote learning has been worthwhile it cannot truly replicate the experience of being face to (socially distanced) face in a classroom. Whilst I, like many of you I am sure, felt a little anxious about being back in a classroom it very soon felt like the most natural place to be, even with all the new rules.  

Each week I select quotes, thoughts or lines from literature to hopefully help the school community reflect on the challenges that are part and parcel of each and every day. For this week I have used a line from The Foresters that I am sincerely hoping will prove to be true, “Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier’.”  Alfred Lord Tennyson.

As always the orme team are here to help you with any issues that may arise as you begin this new challenge.

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