May 7th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

We are almost halfway to our aim of being able to provide 2400 visors for key workers, 50 laptops for children in need and 5 weeks of additional food to over 45 families.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far – we are so grateful to be part of such a supportive community.

At Thomas Alleyne’s High School, Uttoxeter, we want to support our community in the fight against COViD. 

As a school, we currently  have three projects running:

  • The design of PPE equipment for key workers.
  • Providing families in need with weekly food parcels. 
  • Providing vulnerable students with laptops. With exams next year every single student needs to be able to access online materials. 

Graeme and his team have been an inspiration to us all. We know we can do more but we really need your help. If you can spare anything at all it would be very much appreciated. 

School PPE

There are now visors available for key workers who need them. Please email with requests. A reminder that they are reusable and washable.

Another week has passed and we are still achieving.  Mrs Walton and Mrs Dodd have now ensured that every Year 11 student that has applied to the Sixth Form has had a personal response. All students who have received a letter are asked to complete the Google form as soon as possible.

Year 12 students need to log into their Unifrog account and start thinking about their personal statements ready for next year and get ahead.  They also need to ensure that they start looking at their  options, which university, which course or what type of apprenticeships are out there.

Year 13 students that have applied to UCAS should be looking at applying for their student finance. Read the government guide to see what information you need and then follow the instructions to apply. The sooner it is done the sooner you can tick it off your to-do list and relax. 

We recommend that all Year 13 students continue with their academic learning and look at online courses to keep themselves busy.

Y12 TAP (tutor activity programme)

It would be beneficial for you to start or improve your personal statements.  These form part of your UCAS application but can also form a great supporting letter for apprenticeship applications or job applications.  Therefore this exercise is suitable for all Y12 students.

The attached document from Unifrog will take a while to work through as it is really detailed and takes you through each step.  

To put the best into your personal statement, you might need to spend time researching courses, taking moocs or reviewing and improving your competencies.  Be prepared to spend some time on this – it will be worth it.

Mrs Dodd will also put some information onto Edmodo about personal statements.  Your tutors and the sixth form team will be giving you plenty of support with your personal statements later.  However, please make a start on them and try to get a good draft ready if you can.

Any questions, please email

Maths Puzzle

Year 11 A-Level Maths Bridging Work

The A-level maths bridging work has been put on Insight so if you have chosen to study A-level maths next year (either at TAHS or elsewhere) please make sure you check Insight to see what you need to do.  Any issues please email Mrs Ibbs

Thank you to everyone who submitted a solution to the twenty twenty vision problem. Here is the solution..

Please email your answers with workings / pictures to  The correct solution and names of those who got it correct will be put in round-up next week. 

VE Day Bunting

As we can’t get to the shops to buy bunting for VE Day here is some you can either print in colour, or print and colour in yourself

English Success

Year 9 English pupils have been working hard on an introduction to Shakespeare and have produced some fantastic versions of some of his works, including re-imagined versions of his famous ‘All the World’s A Stage’ speech, Sonnets and modernised versions of his plays. Here are a few examples which we thought you would enjoy.

RE Year 9

Year 9 in RE have been learning about the concept of ‘Anicca’  (Impermanence) – everything changes. Some students have been set this quiz to see if they can recognise famous people from their baby / childhood photos.It may be something you would like to have a look at!  Answers will be shared next week.Please let us know if you think you can identify them all!

Science News

This week’s students selected by Mr Melland are:

Year 9

Connor Bassett and Sophie Johnson for making good effort with their distance learning.

Year 10

Ollie Birch, Harry Bassett and Joely Davis for making good effort with their distance learning.

Year 11

Max Houghton, Freya Hadgett, Amelia Hadgett, Tom Johnson and Matt Jackson have all made a good start with their bridging work.

Year 12

Jess Eardley, Gregor Hayes and Alex Ford for asking good questions about their work.

Mrs Hughes has also selected the following students:

Year 9

Jack Bright, Owen Morgan and Mia Simon for excellent effort and attainment.

Well done!

To support you through remote learning and in the future when we return, all students now have access to an online textbook and resources. Some resources may get set through “Kerboodle” by your Science teachers, but all info will still be linked through INSIGHT.

Initially we would ask that you follow the information on the log in sheet attached to access your account. If you have any difficulties logging in, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SCIENCE TEACHER in the first instance. Contact with your science teacher can be made using your office365 account.

The extra attachments are to provide you (and parents/carers) with an overview of the topics we cover in science.Kind regards, keep safe and well.

Mr Mitchell

Elkes News

Nobody warned me that having a child was going to mean living in constant fear of it injuring itself. I should be pleased that she’s starting the hobby I enjoy so young, but actually, having a toddler trying to climb on to high shelves whilst finding it all absolutely hilarious is getting a bit exhausting.

Yesterday, while leaping up to stop the child from diving head first off a table, she managed to kick the sofa and break one of her toes. Cue a call to NHS 111, a trip to A&E, a stop at a different hospital and she’s x-rayed, bandaged and discharged, every step dealt with safely, efficiently and kindly by NHS staff, and you are one of the reasons they’re able to do their jobs, because you’re staying at home and staying safe too.

We were very thankful to the staff, but I’m also thankful to our students for making sacrifices in following the guidelines during lockdown. I hope you’re well, and email or to get in touch.

Orme News

Hello students of Orme,

I hope you have all had a productive and calm week. Continuing with the acronym HALT I would like to talk about anger.

When I think about all the things that cause this emotion I realise that they are all things that are far beyond my control and are an incredible waste of time. I find if I think of anger like an Instagram advertisement – I have two ways to deal with it, I can look closely, click the link and get lost in pages of useless endeavor over something that serves no purpose, alternatively I can just glance at it, accept it’s there but then scroll on giving it no time or space in my thoughts. The most important thing to try is this; pay attention to your feelings. If you’re angry, don’t act. Try talking calmly about it, take a time out. Breathe. Remove yourself from the situation. Anger causes us to act rashly and irrationally. Take control of your anger before it controls you!

I have also been continuing with my adventures in toastie experimentation this week (If you are still wondering what a toastie/Breville is imagine a swoll pop tart). This week I tried an Australian toastie (they call them Jaffles to make this extra confusing) and I can heartily recommend it using lesftover lasagna from the freezer.

The Garlic Bread Lasagna Jaffle!

Makes 4 jaffles

1 small clove garlic, crushed

75g/2.65ozs. butter

4 squares of lasagna just smaller than the slice of bread, warm

8 tablespoons extra pasta sauce

8 slices bread

Step 1 – Combine the garlic and butter and spread onto one side the bread. Place the bread butter side down on the jaffle maker and top with the lasagna. Add 2 tablespoons of sauce per jaffle (otherwise it can be a bit too dry). Top with another slice of bread butter side up. Heat until the outside is golden and crisp.

I have continued to enjoy the work I have seen from you this week, especially the contributions from the assembly I sent out on Tuesday and will hopefully share some of these next week. Enjoy your weekend and try to scroll past your anger

Mr Brassington

Torrance News

This week, I want to celebrate some of the fabulous stories I have had from Form Tutors and students, of how Torrance students and I’m sure students in other houses have been supporting others. In these challenging times, I think it’s so important to celebrate people coming together and supporting each other. I have heard about students who are supporting their parents by helping to look after their younger siblings and supporting them with their school work, of students helping out on family farms or with other family businesses and also of Year 11 students working in local care homes, to support the most vulnerable. I have heard so many wonderful things about how our students and our community are supporting each other that it is difficult for me to have to choose and mention only a few, but I am so proud of all of our students.

Please get in touch with us and share your stories of what you have been doing whilst we are all apart.
Please also remember that myself and Mrs Collier are here for you if there is anything you need.

We miss you all and enjoy hearing from you! Our email addresses are and

PE Department

2.6 Challenge

Mr Barrow is continuing to do the 2.6 challenge to support the schools fundraising efforts. If you would like to sponsor him please email or

So far he has -26th April 2.6km run in 15min 53sec, 27th April 26 press ups in 26 sec, 28th April 2.6 mile run in 26.20, 29th April 2.6 min plank 30th April 26 sec plank with 26kg on back and 2.6 min crusifix with 2.6kg hand weights, 1st May 26 squats with wife on back, 2nd May 26 times to top of stairs 5 min.47 sec, 3rd May 26 alternate hand catches with tennis ball in 27 sec, 4th May 26 kick ups with a rugby ball, 5th May 26 min yoga challenge, 6th May 26kg bench press 61 reps (continuous to failure), 7th May Connor in Yr9 challenged me to his work out 26 press ups, 26 squats, 26 bicep curls, 26 sit ups. Connor did it in 1min 45 , Mr Barrow did it in 1 min 54 (not sure if weights were the same)

Why not see if you can beat Mr Barrow on any of his challenges or send in a 2.6 challenge for him to try.

Year 9 student Sam Pickup has completed a virtual Coast to Coast outdoor bike ride! See attached pictures of his rides. Well done!

If you have completed any fitness challenges over this period please let us know.

World Changer Awards

Click the image for more information


Geography Year 9 Easter Competition

Students were set the task of researching and exploring an interesting landmark within China, Russia or India. They were asked to complete an information fact file on the landmark, inclusive of a bibliography of their research. We had some excellent contributions from a range of different Year 9 students, with our student teacher Miss Patrick running the project and deciding the winner for us.

Runner up: – Jack Bright researching the ‘Five flower lake’ in China

Jack used detail of a very high quality and it was evident how much he had researched to find out local legends and understand how the landscape can be explained from a cultural perspective as well as an environmental one. 

Winner: – Joe Hall researching Yuncheng Salt Lake, China

Joe’s research was of an exceptionally high standard, showing a very clear understanding of the size, scale and importance of the landform he was researching. This piece of work was very detailed, clearly well though out and presented well.
Well done to all those that took part.


Congratulations to all the Y9 students who recorded their own French shopping conversations at home and submitted them online. I was impressed by the effort both linguistically and technologically by everyone. Well done.

Mrs Clemett

Health & Social Care

Students in Health & Social Care have been producing some fabulous work at home.  The following students have produced some great work this week:

Year 12

Ellie Matthews, Georgia Fleeman, Caitlyn Emery, Tya Messer, Holly Irving, Holly Derbyshire

Year 10

Lydia Martin, Maddy Capewell, Lib Carr, Evie Robins, Nat Salmon

Year 10 have been researching the lives and life experiences of some celebrities to look at how people change through their life span.
Some pictures below of their research. 


School Website

School Shop


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