April 24th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

We would like to extend a formal welcome to our new Year 12 and class of 2022. Thank you to Mrs Walton and Mrs Dodd who have shared the Sixth Form offer letters via email and organised the options process. Bridging work will now be set to get our new year 12 students started on their Post-16 Curriculum. In some ways you could see this as a fantastic opportunity. Never before have a year group had over 2 years to be engaged in their A level and BTEC courses.

If students have not received a letter, or have any have any queries about their place in the Sixth Form please email the team sixthform@tahs.org.uk We have some places available in the Sixth Form for 2020 entry. If anyone is interested in submitting an application, please also email the Sixth Form.

This week I would like to champion our very own Mrs Walton and Mrs Bell. Both have been working tirelessly on the every day jobs – lessons, Sixth Form options etc, but they have both found the time to show their support and give back to their community and other key workers that are doing their up most to keep us all safe and well.Mr and Mrs Walton, and Beth, have pained the telephone boxes that they have in their museum in an assortment of rainbow colours to show their support for the NHS and Mrs Bell has given up her time making masks and scrubs for the NHS workers.

We are aware that some students are struggling with the challenges that working from home brings, could I ask that you encourage your child to contact their teachers or the Sixth Form email address to access support.

Opportunities with Virgin Media

Check out what Virgin are offering school leavers, jobs and apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships Advice

To improve your knowledge about apprenticeships, have a go at these 2 fun quizzes provided by Amazing Apprenticeships: 



Maths Puzzle

Thank you to everyone who submitted a solution to the window problem.  Here is the solution..

Here is a puzzle specifically devised for 2020.  It has a UNIQUE solution!

In this puzzle, each letter represents a different digit from 0 to 9

(but every time a T is used, it stands for the same number)

Corona Conundrums

Why not have a go at some of these short maths conundrums (loosely connected to the current Covid-19 crisis) set up by Chris Smith a maths teacher from Scotlandhttps://bit.ly/2UuPPqA

and remember… all maths is good maths!

Please email your answers with workings / pictures to ibbs@tahs.net.  The correct solution and names of those who got it correct will be put in round-up next week. 

Update on Y10 options 2020

I am pleased to announce that all option pools and student selections have been sorted for the next academic year and were posted out on Thursday of this week. You should receive your letter by Monday (at the latest) but please allow for any postage delays.

Thanks again and keep well!

Free Training

Parents Protect

The confidential Stop It Now! helpline  from the Parents Protect organistaion is available to anyone with questions or concerns about child sexual abuse and its prevention, including parents and professionals – call 0808 1000 900 (9am-9pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm Friday).  Please share  with friends, family and colleagues to make sure everyone knows how to play their part in protecting children.

English Success

RE Year 10

Year 10 RE  – Virtual Discussion on Gender As we are  missing some of our whole-class discussions currently; students in Year 10 RE have used some lesson resources, Ted Talks and documentaries to formulate views on Gender to help them with their  ‘Ethical Themes’ work. Have a look at some of the different views expressed about male and female stereotypes – generated by these resources.

Thank you for another great week of work and for the positive feedback we have received about the screencast lessons.  Your efforts are really appreciated. The quality of work is consistently impressive so do not worry if you need more time to complete some tasks – you can complete work at a pace that suits you.

Students of the week have been chosen by Mrs Lindsay

Year 9 Students of the Week are:

Jack, Joe, Sophie, Alice, Billy, Lucy and Harry

Year 10 Students of the Week are:

Isla, Evie, Lydia, Lily, Heather, Kacper and Harry

Each will receive their online certificate explaining the reasons they have been chosen.

Science News

Over the Easter period our Science students were set a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) challenges.

One of the students’ challenges was to build a harness to safely transport a chocolate cream egg down a zip wire.

Consideration had to be given to the best material for the zip wire, the incline of the wire, the mass of the egg and the design of the harness. The forces of friction, air resistance and gravity all affect the experiment and also have to be considered.

Joe in Year 9 designed a superb harness and zip wire; the egg safely reached the end of its journey!  Joe also produced a video of his experiment and set it to music!

Joe has very kindly given us permission to share the video of his winning design.

Very well done!

This week’s Science Students of the Week:

Year 9

Lucy Manton for consistent hard work and Alice Morris for excellent work, selected by Mr Crum.

Chloe Ford, was also selected by Mr Crum for spotting his mistake in the video lesson!

Year 10

Liberty Carr for consistent good work, selected by Mrs Pavey.

Lucy Lowther for continued excellent work in Chemistry, selected by Mrs Evans.

Jodie Birks and Liv Coldwell for excellent effort, selected by Mr Crum.

Tilley Shelley and Lilly Williams for excellent engagement and effort, selected by Mr Crum.

Year 12

Aaron Gwynne for achieving 100% in his Chemistry work, selected by Mr Mitchell.

George Mothershaw for superb effort, selected by Mr Crum.

Year 13

Amelia Barnacle for consistent excellent effort, selected by Mr Crum.

Well done!

Elkes News

My thoughts this week have been on the wins we’re making in the midst of this situation, and how we should celebrate what we can each day. Talking to students (and parents as well), lots of us are finding some days easier than others, and some days can be a struggle. I thought that reflecting on positives has been really helpful in not getting overloaded.

For me, the best thing about this week has been taking the time to sit down, sort the technology out and have an online meeting with Miss Attwood. It reminded me (as if she ever lets me forget) what a wonderful person she is to work with and to be around, but also made me look forward to a time when she and I can see you all, in the normality that will arrive. We’re both speaking to students and parents each day, and also hearing from other staff about how you’re getting on, and so many of you are dealing with this situation in strong and inspiring ways.

Yesterday was my daughter’s twentieth birthday, and while spending your birthday in lockdown (as lots of you have found in the last 6 weeks) isn’t ideal, she said something that really helped to see it more positively. We’ll celebrate properly when this is all over. Some things aren’t being cancelled, they’re just being postponed for a while, and we look forward to them in the future. Miss Attwood and I hope you’re all safe and well, and if you need us for anything, email parker@tahs.net or attwood@tahs.net so get in touch!

Mr Parker

Orme News

The current situation has, like many people, left me thinking are trousers weird? Does cheese solve boredom? And, most importantly, how can I keep a positive mindset?  One way I have found to remain optimistic is to bear in mind the acronym HALT (Hungry – Angry‐ Lonely ‐ Tired). If you are feeling any of these emotions it could be a signal to HALT‐ stop and regroup before those emotions become overwhelming. How we care for ourselves when we’re not overwhelmed by stress has a real impact on our ability to cope if that stress arrives.  

This has helped me this week as I have I have been hangry quite a lot and so have planned my meals/snacks more carefully to make sure I don’t have to repeat my attempt at French toast pizza toasties from last weekend (here is the recipe if you are interested http://teenyrecipes.com/eggy-bread-pizza-sandwich/ though I would not substitute the mozzarella for a cheese slice and pepperoni for Fridge Raiders as I tried to do). I have found that by building my day around meal breaks it has given me structure and a break from work, but also time to spend with my daughter as we try different combinations in the Breville I found at the back of a cupboard in my early lockdown cleaning frenzy (a Breville is what we had in the 80’s before toasted paninis had been invented).  So, my advice to you this week is if you get stressed and too busy to eat, become irritable, forage for junk food which leaves you feeling unsatisfied and empty, HALT. Plan your meals and snacks and think of food as fuel for your system.

Here at the Orme team we hope you are all safe and well and remember that if you need us for anything at all please contact us using brassington@tahs.net  or moore@tahs.net

Torrance News

Since we started our virtual learning, I have been setting work for the RESPECT programme (PSHE), that students usually study on a Friday morning in tutor time. Students have been completing work around the topic of ‘Resilience’, because now more than ever, we are all having to be resilient as we face the challenges of these difficult times. I have received so many fantastic responses from students, about how they are being resilient at the moment.

Students have been taking up hobbies they had previously given up on to help them pass the time at home and others have been researching how famous people such as Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe had to show resilience to overcome adversity and succeed. I particularly enjoyed reading work by one student who spoke so passionately about the resilience NHS staff are having to show in overcoming the current challenges the world is facing.

I think it’s important to remember that not all of us will be able to demonstrate resilience every single day. I know I certainly have days where I need time to reflect on everything happening at the moment, to re energise. Just remember that we are proud of you, however you are personally getting through this time, and we are here if you need any support

Whitmore News

Stop and take time to smell the roses.

For many of us life has changed dramatically. For myself it has been a reminder to become fully present in the moment. Instead of racing around from A to B I have appreciated saying hello to neighbours, seeing the blossom growing on the trees and spotting the rabbits and squirrels. If you are able to go out for a walk, please follow social distancing but also take notice of the environment around you and how it is constantly changing. 

PE Department

This week in PE as well as completing a First Aid Course, students have been completing home workouts and learning healthy recipes.We have attached some physical activity based games you can have a go at home.
2.6 Challenge

  Last Sunday 26th April should have been the London Marathon, as a result many charities have lost out on funding. The 2.6 challenge is to do some form of exercise with the numbers two and six in

To raise awareness of Thomas Alleynes fund raising efforts for School Meals, PPE, and laptops, Mr Barrow is completing a different 2.6 challenge each day from 26th April until we return to school. Maybe you would like to have a go and see how many you can beat him at. If you would like to sponsor Mr Barrow please send any donations to malbon@tahs.org.uk

Or maybe you would like to set him a 2.6 challenge for him to have a go at

Sunday – Mr Barrow ran 2.6km in 15.53    This was a steady run, see how many of you can beat my time. I will try again next week.

Monday- 26 press ups in 26 seconds Full press ups – perfect timing, can you do 26 secs of press ups or how long does 26 press ups take you.

Tuesday – 2.6 min plank  I love a plank- build up to it, can you do longer?

Wednesday – 2.6 mile run in 26.20  The timing of this was a fluke – see pic as proof!

Thursday – 26 sec plank with 26kg on back (I used a 20kg sand bag and 2 2.6kg hand weights – be careful if you try this and get someone to help you. and 2.6 min crucifix hold with 2.6kg hand weights (This was harder than it sounds – Just stand feet together with arms out stretched and stay still for 2.6 min I held 2.6 kg hand weights)

Friday – 26 squats with his wife sitting on his shoulders (This was easy! – Could you try this with a pet or sibling … A safer way would be a piggy back)

PE – Students of the week.

Gemma Butterworth and Joseph Hall for maximum engagement with online learning – well done.

Remember to email us with what PE you have been doing

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch, letting us know what workouts you have been doing at home. How far you have been walking and running etc. We have begun to send out some healthy recipes, many thanks to Gemma who shared her Chilli Con Carne photos her family enjoyed earlier this week. 


Well done to Year 12 history students who all completed an exam at home based on content largely studied during lock down. Their essays were really impressive.Year 10 groups nearly finished their unit on Norman England. We have been really impressed by the quality of work students have been emailing to us. We are about to start our next unit on the American West, 1835 – 1895, which has us on track with our progress through the GCSE specification – so well done to everyone who is keeping up. We realise that ‘keeping up’ can be difficult for a variety of reasons so please email Mrs Johnson or Mrs Young if you have a concern, need help or would like any lessons re-sending before the new unit is started.Year 9 history teachers have also been really impressed with the work that is being emailed to them – it’s lovely to see what students are doing and we are very proud of their commitment

Ski Trip 2020

Please be advised that we are awaiting the refund form the travel company to the school. Once we have this we will be in contact with all parents regarding the refund.

I will be working with the company next week to ascertain the current situation ans timescales. Thanks once again for your patience in this situation.

Staffs CC Vacant Seat Scheme

Applications for the vacant seat scheme for the academic year 2020/2021 will be available to complete from 07:30am on Monday 4th May 2020.

Please see the below document for further details.


School Website

School Shop


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