January 24th 2020

TAHS Weekly Newsletter. 

Headteacher’s Blog

It was a pleasure to see so many parents at Year 11 parents’ evening this week. If you were not able to make it and would like to speak to your son or daughters teacher, please contact the school to arrange a phone call home or meeting. This week we have Year 12 parents’ evening. We hope you are able to attend to see how well your daughter or son has moved from GCSe to A level studies.

There are a wide range of revision classes now running to support students in these final weeks before their examinations – we urge them to attend. Next week, we will be running GCSEplus in the morning as additional support. We hope students find it a useful addition to their curriculum. Students will be told which sessions they are to attend on Monday.

To all our readers who currently have students in one of our middle schools, we look forward to welcoming your sons and daughters to the Ryman Challenge Business Studies transition event on Thursday. With over 150 students involved this is always an excellent day. Thank you to Mrs Featherstone for organising the day and to our students who will be mentors to Year 7 and 8 students during the event.

Good luck to all students competing in the Boys’ House basketball and Girls’ House Football competitions this week and to all students who are sitting their art examinations.

All Year 13 students have now received their mock results and today Mrs Dodd ran an enrichment session to celebrate the success of these results and to offer support to students who may still require help with revision skills and motivation for their Post-18 journey.

In assembly this week we explained that our Year 12 and 13 students are role models and as such reminded them that they need to ensure that they are acting as such. We stated that uniform must be perfect and that hoodie, t-shirts and trainers were not part of the school uniform.   As part of the safeguarding this morning we also stated that lanyards must be work at all times, if students forget these then they must collect a replacement one from MRs Walton at the start of the school day and lastly that coats should be worn in the canteen.

As part of our enrichment programme we would like all Year 12 students to complete some work experience. I asked them today to think about what they want to do as a career or what they may like to do at university and suggested that they start writing to companies to see if they would be willing to accept them for a week in the summer term. We will of course help and support all students to find work experience placements by providing them with writing frames and letters to give to the companies. We feel that this will be a great opportunity for all of Year 12.

Tutor Activities for next week are:

Year 12

Revision Time!!

Year 13

Preparing for uni:  a guide to accommodation

Preparing for Uni life:

Ace your Exams

Straight after getting their mock exam results,on Monday yr 11 pupils received a talk from an outside speaker on 10 steps to exam excellence.. They spent an hour working on revision and top tips to be successful in their up GCSE’s.  The pupils found the session informative and practical.


Assemblies: w/b 27th January

In a small change to the planned assembly Mrs. Rudge/Mrs. Dodd will be leading assemblies this week on the theme of ‘ ‘Staying Safe and Respectful Online’

Thought(s) for the Week 

“Don’t be content in your life just to do no wrong, be prepared every day to try and do some good.” – Sir Nicholas Winton, who rescued 669 children from Nazi-occupied Europe


From Monday 27th January Year 11 will begin the second round of GCSE+. for 3 weeks.  All year 11 pupils will be working with subject specialist for 20 minutes on exam technique and revision strategies.  Pupils will attend these sessions instead of their tutor groups.  Further details will be available on Monday in Tutor time.


This week the assembly was on our three core values, Respectful, safe and ready to learn. Mrs Young explained what these core values mean to us at Thomas Alleyne’s and how we would like the students to embrace them. 

We have encouraged students to wear correct uniform and thank all of those that have done so without the need for reminders. Branded jumpers and hoodies are not permitted in school and nose piercings are also not accepted as uniform. We have given students who have acrylic nails a weeks notice to allow them to have these safely removed. 

On Monday, as part of the uniform check during tutor time, students who have acrylic nails will be given a lunch time detention and we will contact parents and ask that they arrange for these nails to be safely removed. Please support us in our drive to improve uniform which takes away the need for negative conversations between staff and students.

Fire Alarm

You may be aware that the fire alarm was activated this week. Students evacuated the building sensibly and quickly. Please remind your sons and daughters that they must not touch any fire panels or alarms on the school premises unless they need to sound the alarms in the event of a fire.


We would appreciate all parents sharing the dates of the GCSE interventions with Year 11 students. A link to the timetable is below:

England Netball trip.

 On Wednesday evening a group of 12 students travelled to Arena Birmingham to watch some international netball in the Nations Cup. We were able to see world champions New Zealand beat Jamaica, followed by England and South Africa. The atmosphere for that game was pulsating and the game was very close but England took the victory 58-54. It was a fantastic opportunity to watch the game being played with such intensity and athleticism and also to see the tactics which were deployed by both teams. A great time was had by all, even Mr Wright. 

House Matches

House Matches

Next week is the next round of House Sport.

Friday 31st Jan P2 Year 9 Boys Basketball and Year 9 Girls Football

Friday 31st Jan P3 Year 10 Boys Basketball and Year 10 Girls Football

Friday 31st Jan P4 Year 11 Boys Basketball and Year 11 Girls Football


Tue 28th Jan U18 boys football v Walton Home 2pm ko

Tue 28th Jan U14 netball v John Taylor A

Wed 29th Jan U16 boys football v Trentham A

Sat 1st Feb County Cross Country

BTEC Technical Award in Sport

Activity and Fitness – Information for internal assessments

Students following the BTEC Technical award have to complete 6 internal assessments, which contribute in total 60% of their final award. These make up components 1 and 3 for the award, with the full award made up of 3 components. 

The final 40% is the examined unit, which is due to take place on 4th February 2020.  This is component 2.

Internal assessments consist of 3 assessments for component 1 (Understand the body and the supporting technology for sport and activity) and 3 for component 3 (Applying the principles of sport and activity).

Component 1

Students have covered all learning content for this component.  Assignment deadlines for this component are as follows:

Assignment 1 – Understand the use of technology for sport and activity

Issue:  07/01/2020  Submission: 22/1/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 24/1/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 31/1/2020 to their class teacher. 

Assignment 2 – Explore common injuries in sport and activity and methods of rehabilitation 

Issue:  05/02/2020  Submission: 14/02/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 24/02/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 28/02/2020 to their class teacher. 

Assignment 3 – Investigate the impact of sport and activity on body systems 

Issue:  02/03/2020  Submission: 20/03/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 23/03/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 03/04/2020 to their class teacher. 

The work for the assignments above is to be completed in class and for homework as guided by staff.  This will be done in lesson with Mr Godwin and Mr Barrow.

Component 3

This is a synoptic unit which covers learning students will have completed for components 1 and 2.  The leadership content is currently being delivered in lessons with Miss Arrowsmith and after half term, this will include core PE lessons where students are leading activities for others as part of their assessment.  Assignment deadlines for this component are as follows:

Assignment 1 – Understand the fundamentals of sport and activity leadership 

Issue:  05/02/2020  Submission: 13/03/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 18/03/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 27/03/2020 to their class teacher. 

Assignment 2 – Understand the fundamentals of sport and activity leadership 

Issue:  30/03/2020  Submission: 20/04/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 27/04/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 01/05/2020 to their class teacher.   This piece is a shorter piece, consisting of an activity plan.  Leading the activity planned is assignment 3, which is videoed (completing a 10 minute video).  Some of the videos may be completed in an activity session after school to support the particular choice of sport a student has made.

Assignment 3 – Delivering and reviewing sessions for target groups  – video evidence and evaluation of leadership of the activity above in assignment 2

Issue:  30/04/2020  Submission: 08/05/2020   This is then reviewed against the criteria and returned to students for improvement by 11/05/2020 for resubmission of final piece on 14/05/2020 to their class teacher.   This piece is the video and evaluation.  For some students, the video and evaluation may well have been completed prior to the submission date due to the timing of their chosen sport.  All sport and core lessons are dedicated to this assignment with all staff during this period.

For all assignments, students have been given a brief which outlines what is required to be submitted in order for the to maximise their potential and reach their target grade. There is a revision/coursework support session after school each Friday in room 43. Students can also work on the assignments at home.

Science News

This week a group of our Year 9 students visited the ‘Big Physics Quiz’ held in the Great Hall on the campus of the University of Birmingham.  There were 103 teams representing 36 schools from across the region.  All of the students participated in the various rounds of the Quiz which focused on different aspects of physics.  Below is an account from two of our students.

‘On the 21st January 12 students left school for a trip to Birmingham University.  Upon arrival we made a trip through the amazing campus (the weather, however, was not on our side – it was freezing!). Then we were taken to our seats where we began the first challenge. After three rounds we listened to an interesting lecture on the ‘Physics of Hot and Cold’.

 After we were filled up with food, we began rounds 4 and 5. This was followed by a specialist round on Medical Physics – this was what we had studied at home, but was still extremely hard.  Then came the awards ceremony. One Thomas Alleyne’s team won a prize for getting the closest answer to a specialist question – precisely in fact! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it into the top three overall but it was an amazing day, enjoyed by all!’

By Joe Hall and Ella Russell (Year 9).

‘Big Science Question Competition’

Following the launch of this term’s chemistry-themed ‘Big Science Question Competition’ we hope that research is already underway.  The Competition is open to Years 9, 10, 11 and the 6th Form; the details of the questions and how to enter can be found on the posters displayed around the Science Department. 

Year 11 Revision Sessions

Revision sessions are ongoing for all Year 11 Science students – please see the poster below for details of times and locations.

This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Miss Thorley are:

Year 9

Ellie-May Brown for fantastic enthusiasm and positive attitude to learning

Callum Grant for great participation in class discussions

Year 10

Joshua Briddon for consistent high standard of work resulting in fantastic assessment results

Maddie Winters for continued hard work in class work, homework and revision

Year 11  

Melanie Birch for determination to do well in every lesson

Freddie Whitehead for consistent hard work in lessons and assessments

Year 12

Katelyn Poole for fantastic evidence of successful exam practice.

Lewis Brookhouse for a mature attitude to his studies, working independently yet asking for help to improve.

This week’s Year 10 Animal Care Students of the Week selected by Mr Harris are:

Ben Brittlebank and Ollie Birch for to real commitment to coursework and moving forward through the topic.

This week’s Year 11 Animal Care Students of the Week selected by Mrs North are:

Millie Watson and Maddie Perry for their commitment to the revision sessions and for making an excellent start to the final piece of course work.

Well done!

PTA Quiz Night

Geography Revision

Reminder to all year 11 students that geography revision is on Tuesday after school from 3.05-4pm.

This weeks session is on Coasts.

Year 11 Talking the Talk!

The English department were proud to host Talk the Talk for a second time this year, delivering workshop on oracy skills related to interviews and employability.

Students took part in interviews and interviewing, understanding the importance that first impressions and ‘waiting room behaviours’ can have on their job prospects. 

The following students were exemplary throughout the day and named ‘Oracy Champions’ by the Talk the Talk trainers: 

Leon Bareham, Connor Cockeram, Mya Dain, Sian Hancocks, Vaughan Holmes, Brandon Kirkham.

Congratulations! Talk the Talk will return in March! 



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