May 17th 2019

TAHS Weekly Newsletter.

Dates for your diary


24/05/2019 End of Term & start of study leave for Y11 & 13

03/06/2019 Lessons start for Y9, 10 & 12


 Headteacher blog:

Firstly congratulations to our football and athletics teams who have performed superbly this week. Full details of their success is below.
We have seen an improvement this week in the equipment students are bringing to school. Thank you to everyone who has checked their sons/daughters bags to ensure they have pens, pencils, calculators etc. If you can also remind them to be quiet around the examination venues that would be much appreciated.
Year 11 and Year 13 attendance at examinations has been excellent, as has their behaviour. We wish them well for next week. We are pleased to see that Year 10 and Year 12 students are preparing for their internal examinations.


Our thought for the week for next week  is:
“You are always responsible for act, no matter how you feel”

Assemblies will be for year 10 only and be in the sports hall.


Well done Year 13, one full week to go! We are so very proud of all our Year 13 students.  All those who have worked so hard in all of their chosen subjects. Well done to those that have already completed their exams and finished all their coursework.  You should be basking in your success and achievements.

On Monday we see the first A Level exam of this summer season, it may be a shock to the system but I am sure that all students are fully prepared for it.  If not, don’t worry, give yourself enough time this weekend to go through your notes, complete a few exam questions and then spend some time focusing on yourself.  Mrs Bell sent some links round to form tutors this week that maybe useful to look at.  They explain the science behind the stress and explain that all students have anxiety of some kind before an exam, and that this is perfectly normal. I will add the links at the end.


On Friday 24th May at 1pm we will be holding our Year 13 Leavers Celebration afternoon at Uttoxeter Racecourse. This is an afternoon for the Year 13 students to dress in their finest outfit and celebrate their success and the ‘end of an era’. I have attached the letter to go with this day.


Monday 20th May is the deadline for current Year 11 students to accept their place at TAHS Sixth Form so please return your slip to Mrs Walton or hand it in to the office. Letters will be sent out to Year 11 students who have applied to the Sixth Form to explain about the taster sessions, there will also be a timetable with all the taster sessions, so if you fancy looking at a different subject then please just pop along.  We do ask all students to enter through reception and sign in upon arrival and to sign out when they leave the premises.  The taster sessions will be held week commencing 24th June, we are aware that some students will not be able to attend due to other commitments, if you could let us know if this applies to your son/daughter then we would be grateful.

Leavers Day letter 2019

Elaine is the Careers Adviser linked to Thomas Alleynes.  If you need any help or advice you can get in touch with her now and after leaving the 6th form.  Her email is

Elaine can help with deciding what career you want to do after 6th form as well as help with how to plan the next year. She also has information on a range of topics including CV writing, application forms, interview tips, using social media to find employment, how to find apprenticeships. Please email her if you have any questions, need any help or would like one of the information sheets she has created.

Attached below is a useful information sheets on Internships, Gap year, School Leaver programmes and other options.

Careers information sheet


Intervention for May & June

Intervention May.png


RE Revision

Thanks for the great attendance at last weeks revision session – we are in school on Monday morning from 7.45 for any student who wishes to drop in – room 33A and 33B.


Parental Advice



Advice for parents, carers and students about sexting on on line safety

Mental health awareness week 13th May.
Advice for parents, carers and students about body image,


PTA Meeting

PTA meeting Monday 20th May 7pm in the staffroom.
All welcome.
Also do not forget the Lottery check out this link for all the details.

Search for Thomas Alleynes. 

Thomas Alleyne’s High School SSAT Award Winners





This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mr Crum are:

Year 9

Katie Boot for exceptional hard work

Katie Large for consistent effort and attainment

Sam Archer for always trying his best

Year 10

Sam Spooner for continued excellence

Willow Gregory for excellent effort and enthusiasm

Year 11

Charlotte Cope for nailing moles!

Emily Wright for excellent preparation for her exams


Well done! 



Year 11 and 13 Pastoral Reports are now available on Insight.

News from PE

Sentinel Schools Shield
So near yet so far- a great effort but sadly not the result we wanted losing 3-2. Goals came from Lewie Thornton and Archie McNair. Man of the Match Jenson Bosworth.  All players should be immensely proud of their efforts. 
More pictures can be seen here:
East Staffs Athletics Championships
Well done to all athletes that took part- results in next weeks edition.


Maths  – Year 11

The maths department will be holding a pre-exam revision session before each of the GCSE maths exams.

The sessions will take place from 8-8.40am on Tuesday 21st May, Thursday 6th June and Tuesday 11th June.

The sessions are a great way to get your brain into maths mode before entering the exam.  We will go over a few key topics, ensure you know the formulae you will need and make sure everyone has the correct equipment!  In past years the students have found these sessions very useful to attend.

Equipment you need: black pen, pen, ruler, rubber, protractor and compass.  Also for paper 2 and 3 you will need a scientific calculator.  All of this can be purchased from the maths department or online shop (maths sets £1.20, calculators £7.80)

After school revision sessions on Tuesdays – Fridays are still continuing.

Maths – Year 10

The Year 10 end of year maths exam takes place on Thursday 20th June.  It is one non-calculator paper worth 80 marks.  The exam lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.

A list has been put on Insight of all the topics you have covered in Year 9 and 10 for you to use as a revision list.

You will need the following equipment for your exams:  Black pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, protractor and compass.

If you do not turn up with all of this equipment you will get an afterschool detention – be warned!

 A great way to revise for your exams is to use          username: surnamefirstname2digityearofbirth@tahs  eg smithjohn04@tahs  password: triangle


Photography Winners

Year 13 A-Level Photographers Livia Robinson, Adam Burrows and Abbie Keeling celebrated success with wins in the Rotary Young Photographer of the Year awards at Graham Balfour School in Stafford last night.  There were wins in both colour and Black and White Portfolio categories, along with commendations for Erin Pleasance and Tom Johnson -We are really proud of them.  


Technology Competition 

Last Friday Uttoxeter’s middle schools were invited to take part in a Technology Tournament held at TAHS. Three teams of 4 students from Year 7 in each school competed against one another in what turned out to be an extremely close and competitive competition. Students did not know what the challenge was going to be until arrival on the day.
Tension was high and the students were extremely eager to discover their challenge for the day. Once the challenge was explained students got straight to work exploring possible design solutions, analysing ideas and modelling their best solutions. The behaviour, attitude, team working skills and work rate could only be described as inspirational. Students used a range of materials along with tools and equipment to manufacture their working prototypes ready for the final challenge.
The challenge involved building a crane with working motor that could travel down a straight track, collect an item from a container using a working mechanism and return to the start line without allowing the item collected to touch the track.
All teams attempted the challenge and most had working prototypes. However, the overall winner was Ryecroft who displayed excellent making skills and a fully working prtotype and mechanism.
Congratulations to all who took part and a huge thank you to the staff who made it possible and we hope to run this Tournament again next year.




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