May 10th 2019

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13/05/2019 GCSE Examinations Start

24/05/2019 End of Term


 Headteacher blog:

Mrs Lindsay and I were delighted to collect the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Educational Outcomes Award for Student Progress on behalf of staff, governors, and students on Thursday of the week. This is a testament to everyone’s hard work. 
Year 11 and year 13 joined me for an assembly this week. We reminded them to – check their timetables (exams have been missed in the past purely because a student got the date wrong); make sure they have all the equipment they need (if they do forget anything on the day please tell them to come to us as early as possible); leave smart watches at home or hand them in with their mobile phones; and do their individual best. We are there to support them throughout this challenging time.
We are regulated by the exam board and if a student misses an examination due to illness it is highly unlikely they will be awarded a grade. Therefore if they are unwell, whilst they may have stayed at home on a normal school day, they should check with us to see if we can support them in an individual venue. Equally, if they are late for an examination due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible;e as we will be ready to receive them in reception and will do everything possible to get them into the exam. 
On a number of days, prior to half term, we will be moving lunchtime to 12.20 to prevent disruption to our students sitting afternoon examinations. We would very much appreciate it, if you can remind your daughters and sons in other year groups of the importance of being quiet around exam venues at all points during the day to give their peers the best possible experience. 
Students were also told that when their examination starts at 1.00pm or 1.15pm and we have not moved lunchtime for the whole school, candidates are invited to join us in the canteen at 12.20 when we will give them a break before the start of the examination. A wide range of food is always available at 11.00 – 11.20 for students who wish to eat early. 
We are pleased to see Year 10 and Year 12 preparing for their annual examinations which will be interspersed with our GCSES/BTECS and A levels. 
We wish everyone well as they move into their examination season.
As we have conducted learning walks across the school it has been noticeable that we have a significant number of students in year 9 who are not arriving in school with the correct equipment. (The basics such as pens/pencils rulers but also calculators and glue sticks) We are aware that as a parent you will have made sure they had the correct equipment at the start of the year and would ask if you could check their bags and do another check. If there is anyone who would like support in providing their sons or daughters with equipment please let us know. 


Our thought for the week for next week  is:
“You are always responsible for act, no matter how you feel”

Assemblies will be for year 9 only and be in the sports hall.


With only one week to go until the Year 13 students start their A Level exams we are making sure all students are prepared. Simple things like making sure they know their exam start times and their seat numbers, ensuring that they have all the right equipment needed for that exam and that they have all the correct amount of time needed for revision, all help the students to feel ready to enter the exam venue.  Suggestions that we have made is that they ask about reducing their hours of work so for this short period of time they are fully focused on their revision.  We have also informed all Year 13 students that after May half term they must still attend lessons where they still have their exam to do.  This is important as it will be guided revision focusing on exam skills and technique.  These are small changes will help our students to be even more successful.


This week the Year 12 students, who have been nominated by their peers and staff to apply to be Senior Prefects, have had their interviews. These were short and informal interviews and only lasted up to 15 minute. These have now been completed and the Sixth Form team will discuss the interviews and as soon as a decision has been made about the roles, the students will be informed. It is always a very difficult decision to make as all students who apply for these roles present themselves outstandingly.


Intervention for May

Intervention May.png


RE Revision

Year 11 RE Revision will be available on Saturday 11th May, next Saturday between 10 and 12.
In this session students will have the chance to opt into quick topic overviews for each religion and a walk through some potential questions. 33B
In 33A students can revise, work through practice questions and ask individual questions to a teacher. 
It would be great to see you there, we are here to help!

TikTok App

Are you concerned about the dangers of the video-sharing app TikTok (formerly

The Safeguarding Training Centre have created the below fact sheet to help you.



There is also some great advice from CEOP on other E-Safety issues under this link:


PTA Meeting

PTA meeting Monday 20th May 7pm in the staffroom.
All welcome.
Also do not forget the Lottery check out this link for all the details.

Search for Thomas Alleynes. 


Year 11 – A reminder that History revision will take place in school on Friday, 31st May, room 16, 10.00am – 2.00pm. This session is primarily for pupils who feel insecure about any areas of Paper 1 content / skills – if you feel happy with your knowledge and understanding of this examination paper then you are probably better revising at home.
See Mrs Johnson if you would like more detail or help deciding whether this revision session is relevant for you.
Year 10 – after school revision sessions are now available for everyone in the run up to Year 10 exams.
See Mrs Johnson or Mrs Young for details.



This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs Evans are:

Year 9

Cheyanne Sutton and Tyler Benton for always working to the best of their ability

Year 10

Ricardo Goncalves and Jack Doyle for 100% effort in Chemistry

Year 11

Mackensie Paterson and Tish Fry for revising well in Science


This week’s Animal Care Students of the Week selected by Mr Gilson are:

Year 10

Laura Backhouse and Millie Hodges for commitment to the Animal Care Course

Year 11

Morgan Perry and Rachel Spence for maturity and determination completing the Animal Care Course


Well done!


News from PE

Sports Clubs
Tuesday 14th May – Year 9 & 10 Rounders 3:15-4:30
Wednesday 15th May – Athletics meet at Shobnall, if selected return approx. 6:30
Thursday 16th May – Girls Cricket 3:05-4:30
Friday 17th May – Trampoline  3:05-4:15
U16 Sentinel Schools Shield Final
The final is on Monday 13th May at Port Vale FC. Kick off 7pm  Entry £4 adults £2 concessions. All money raised goes to charity. 
Please support the boys if you can, they have worked very hard to get there.
Exams are on Wednesday (paper 1) and Friday (paper 2) revision resources are available on insight. Revision sessions will take place on both days from 8.15 in room 83a.
East Staffs Athletics Championships
This will take place on Wednesday 15th May at Shobnall. Competitors will receive a parent text on Monday. If anyone would like to take part see Mr Barrow on Monday morning.

French Intervention

Warm up for GCSE French room 10 8.10 Tuesday 14th May. Come and get prepared for the listening exam.


Well Done to Elkes Students

Elkes students of the week – Becky Wooliscroft and Lily Brassington for kindly helping Windsor Park year 8 students with their transition.


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