March 1st 2019

TAHS Weekly Newsletter.

Dates for your diary


Revision skills evening at 6.00pm on 06/03/2019 we would love you to join us – the session lasts for just 1 hour. All year groups welcome.

Please join us for our parent and Student Revision Evening with Tim Benton, author of ‘Brain Box’ (Useful for any parent or child interested in techniques for revision.)

14/03/2019 Year 10 Parents Evening

 Headteacher blog:

This week our school canteen was inspected. The team who run the canteen are a fantastic group of people who look after us day in, day out. If your son or daughter hasn’t tried the hot meals we recommend them to you! The inspection report reflects their commitment to serving us healthy and delicious food.

Comments from inspectors:

”Today’s visit to Thomas Alleyne’s High School was an absolute pleasure, First of all I must give praise to you (Lisa Lister canteen manager) and your team in creating a showcase venue.  Thomas Alleyne is in the premiership of our canteens.

Food quality and presentation was of the highest I have experienced in all my years with Chartwells”

Our congratulations to the team. 

It was my pleasure to bring the week to a close by meeting our ‘Stars of the Week’. Amongst the achievements this week, they had attained the Queen’s Scout Award; the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award; captained the school netball team and represented the county; taken on a new sport and within 2 months achieved their yellow Karate belt; achieved 130 credits since starting in Year 9; and finally, I had the chance to say thank you to one of our students who has stood out for her positivity and kindness throughout her time at the school. 
I have enjoyed seeing the photographs of Year 9 students on their Outward bound residential trip in Aberdovey. It looks like they all relished the opportunity to try new sports and activities. Thank you to parents for your support, and to the staff who looked after them whilst away. Congratulations to all the students who took part. 
There are not many schools able to offer the breadth of facilities we are fortunate to have. The unique school farm; Sports Hall including a gym and climbing wall; wonderful art rooms and Photography dark room; Drama Studios and well resourced Design Technology rooms; are just a few of the facilities accessed by students. It is my pleasure to be able to report that we have now raised sufficient money to refurbish our swimming pool. 

Lane1 to set up a Swim School at Thomas Alleyne’s High School. 


The decision comes just over a year after the school announced it would have to shut the swimming pool from January 2018 because it could not commit to the necessary funding to repair it.

The closure prompted the school, local swimmers, Dove Valley Swim Group, Lane1, members of the community, Tescos, Sport England, East Staffordshire Borough and Staffordshire County Council  to work together to raise the funds to complete the repairs on the pool. 

The final funds for completion were handed over on 1st March. 

The School will continue to use the pool for swimming lessons during the day, to run life-saving courses and to offer schools within the Uttoxeter Learning Trust the opportunity to bring first school children to the pool to swim. In the evening Lane1 will be offering swim lessons to the community.

Headteacher Julie Rudge said: ”The pool was originally built utilising funds raised by the local community and it is fantastic to be able to start work on refurbishing the pool so that the opportunity to learn to swim will be available for generations to come.”

“Along with the re-building of our Pavillion which will provide a sports gym , new changing facilities and three new classrooms; the pool now has a strong future at the heart of Uttoxeter. ”

“I would like to thank all of those who have supported us in our campaign to save the pool, particularly Cllr. Atkins, Cllr Colin Whittaker, David Brookes, Graham Hunt, Phillip Hudson, Mark Rizk, Melina Greensmith, Lioncourt Homes, Ken Hardy and John Plant. 

Pool sessions will commence in September please contact Lane1 Swimming school for details.




This week in TAHS Sixth Form has been a quiet week, apart from the Senior Prefects working hard to get the Year Book completed. If your son or daughter has not provided a comment for the year book or submitted photographs by today, Friday, then sadly they have missed the deadline.  This is a wonderful keepsake, so much better than the scruffy notebook that I had when I left school!


As a community, we like to celebrate success and this week I would like to take the opportunity to share the success of Adam Burrows in Year 13.  Adam is a hard working student who has participated in Auschwitz project and helped to put together the assembly to highlight to scale of Holocaust.  As well as this commendable work Adam has working well as part of a team and also on an individual level and will be attending Buckingham Palace in May for his Gold Duke of Edinburgh presentation.  This was not enough for Adam and he has also completed his Queen’s Scouts Award (the highest award you can get in scouting).  He is only the fifth person in Staffordshire to get it this school year and the youngest by far. So Adam Burrows – Well done!


Adam will now be going to Windsor Castle where he will parade around the castle, meet Bear Grylls and a representative of the Queen or possibly the Queen herself before having a church service in St Georges Chapel inside the castle. This is a highly sought after accolade I’m sure you will agree.  

Year 12 students have been given the tools, on paper and with the use of Unifrog, to start putting together their personal statements. On Unifrog they have seven competencies to complete, this will enable them to see the good, to see what they have achieved so far and how they have achieved it. By seeing this aspect of themselves they can start to piece together their statement.  We don’t expect all students to know which courses, jobs or apprenticeships they want to apply for yet, but starting now makes it easier in September.  The deadline for these personal statements to be handed to your form tutor is April 5th





Year 9 Options

Thank you to all of those students who completed the options form by the deadline. We will now begin the process of creating the option groups based upon the options that students have chosen.
 We hope to get confirmation of option subjects out to students by Easter. If parents/carers have any questions about the options process, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Washbourne.



MOMO Safeguarding

You may be aware of a harmful po-up that appears during YouTube videos aimed at children, on Fortnite and other social media called Momo. It shows disturbing images and encourage viewers to hurt themselves.

A statement on the National Online Safety website said:

“There have been recent reports that some seemingly innocent videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids (such as ‘surprise eggs’, unboxing videos and Minecraft videos) have been edited by unknown sources to include violence provoking and/or other inappropriate content. Even though YouTube monitor and remove videos that include inappropriate content, clips can be uploaded and viewed thousands of times before they get reported and removed. As a parent, it’s difficult to spot these videos as the harmful content doesn’t appear until partway through the video.”

Please be aware if this and talk to your children about clicking on unidentified links.


Puzzle of the Month 

For March the adventures of Ian and Chris continue and this month they are off on a coach trip:
Ian and Chris decided to run a coach trip to Windermere. Charges were –
All the way and back £15 and children half price.
For an extra payment of £13.25 (£11 for children) there was an extra additional attraction of a trip on a steamer to Bowness.
Chris said ‘ I have taken exactly £2000
One – quarter of the bookings for the steamer had been adults.
1. How many tickets did they sell for the steamer
2. How many adults and children went to Windermere
Answers and solutions to Mr. Askey


Year 11 Geography

This week’s knowledge organiser is focused upon the Physical landscapes of the UK. This topic involves understanding how there are a variety of upland and lowland areas of the UK and then focuses upon two specific landscapes – coasts and rivers. Students will need to understand how different processes result in different types of landforms in these two environments. Students will also need to understand the different ways in which we can manage these environments. This is an optional part of Paper 1 so there will also be a section in there that looks at glaciation but students DO NOT have to do this section.
Also just a reminder that Yr11 students will be completing their primary data collection in Uttoxeter next week. Students will be collecting river data and pedestrian counts for their Paper 3 exam. The letter regarding the trip is attached. Can students please make sure that they are in uniform but dressed appropriately for the weather and that you have completed the consent form. Students are to register first and then go to room 7. 


Geography Letter

Intervention Timetable

The latest timetable for interventions and revision in linked below. Make sure you make the most of the opportunities that are presented to you.

Interven TTFeb19


Ski Trip Parents Evening New Date

As emailed please be reminded that we have had to move the Parents evening to Thursday 7th March at 6pm.

Please ensure you bring your child’s passport with at least 6 months validity and a valid EHIC card. Order your EHIC here…..…/apply-for-a-free-ehic-european-health…/ 

As it stands we are planning for the status quo to maintain post Brexit day at the end of March. Thus the need for you all to still have a valid EHIC card, should we leave with a deal then these will still be valid. I have been in constant consultation with Interski and should we crash out with no deal the insurance policy already in place covers all participants on the trip for medical expenses. 


English Evening

On Tuesday 5th March, from 6.30pm until 7.30pm, Mr Hulme will be delivering a presentation to parents about the content and structure of the two English GCSE examinations, GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.  The presentation will also include advice on how to help pupils best prepare for these examination.  The presentation will take place in the school theatre. 

All are welcome.


Business Studies Trip To Prague

This week we took 30 A level Business Studies students to Prague. It was a busy schedule!
We started with a walking tour of the city which enabled us to see the castle and many of the key attractions of the city. After a lunch break at Hard Rock Cafe we then made our way up to the Pietron watch out tower where some of our students climbed to the top to see the view across the city.
After a day of being tourists we then had two days of trips to see some Czech Businesses. We were given a tour around the Skoda Factory and Museum where we were able to see the cars in manufacture. We visited a Brewery, where we learnt about how the brand had been affected by nationalisation after the war and how it had grown since being privatised again in 1989. We saw the beer being bottled and met their brand mascot, a goat!
On the final day we visited the Rukl glass factory in Nizbor. This visit was my favourite! The students were able to watch glass being blown, cut and polished by hand into trophies, vases and ornaments. Our guide explained how the employees need to work as a team to ensure the quality of their piece, as one mistake means the item has to be destroyed and noone gets paid.  We watched as one employee worked on a vase which only he is trained to make, it takes 50 hours in total and the final piece is sold for £6000! It was very beautiful.
The students also enjoyed a trip on a tour bus, a boat cruise and we successfully navigated the metro and tram lines!
Thank you to Mr Brunt and Miss Beevor for coming along too.


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Parents Evening to help support your son/daughter with revision

 6th March 6.00pm. Tim Benton

It is with great delight that once again we have been able to secure the services of Tim Benton. Tim is a motivational speaker who delivers strategies to help young people go about learning, revising and more in an effective, purposeful and brain-friendly way,  Tim has been regularly used by the school over a number of years and holds the philosophy “Whether you’re ten years old or ten years teaching, I want you to live at your best.”  Through his disarming manner, his casual and entertaining style and his inarguable logic, Tim helps all those he works with – young and old – revaluate what they do, why they do it and whether they should be doing something else entirely.
Tim will be working with all year 11 pupils on revision techniques and strategies in the day and will run a workshop for parents in the evening.  Please come along at 6.00pm on 6th March, to gain valuable insights into how you can best support your son or daughter as they approach their public exams.

Learning about the English Language in London

A Level English Language students attended the EMC Student Conference on Tuesday this week. The students travelled by coach to London, braving a 6am departure, and were treated to a range of talks by academics from all over the country.

Alongside 700 other students, they learned how analysis of someone’s text message style helped solve a murder in Stoke; how someone’s accent changes subtly according to the different functions within a conversation; and how online anti-social behaviour becomes normalised. After a quick lunch out in the city, they were then able to listen to the country’s pre-eminent linguist, David Crystal, explain how babies understand the rudiments of language from in the womb, to one year old. This talk was highly enjoyable, with Prof. Crystal being cheered by the auditorium.

There was a final presentation from a contemporary poet, Luke Wright, who demonstrated how words can be chosen to shape a voice and a mood in poetry, including an impressive demonstration of a “univocalic lipogram” – a poem which uses only one vowel (in this case, o). Although everyone was somewhat tired when we returned to school at 8pm, students have come away with a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted nature of language study, and some have even chosen coursework ideas based on what they learned during the day. 


Fairtrade Fortnight 

Fairtrade Fortnight takes place from 25 February to 10 March. The There will be many events during Fairtrade Fortnight to highlight the importance of Fairtrade as a way of supporting poorer people in the developing world. These will include:
Fairtrade Coffee Morning 27 February Friends Meeting House: This will take place at the Quaker Meeting House, 39 Carter Street on Wednesday 27th February and will run from 10.30 to 12.00.  Fairtrade drinks and cakes will be served. All proceeds will go to charity. 
Mayor’s FT coffee morning 8 March 10-12 noon – Uttoxeter Town Hall
Information Stalls at Tesco (25 February) and Waitrose (29 February)
Both Tesco and Waitrose will be running Spot the  Fairtrade logo children’s competitions
There will be Fairtrade displays throughout Fairtrade Fortnight at Uttoxeter Library, the Town Hall and St Mary’s Parish Church
The  Lenten Lunches. These will take place 12-2 pm at the United Reformed Church – Fridays in Lent from 8 March onwards offering FT refreshments.”
FT 2019

News from PE

Girls County Rugby Festival
Jess, Holly, and Lucy were all selected to represent the County at the U15 rugby festival held at  Lichfield Rugby Club last Sunday. The girls enjoyed a fantastic day playing full sized games in the morning session and having their first experience of rugby 7’s in the afternoon. Courtney also played representing at Under 18 level. Well done!




U16 Football

Congratulations to our year 11 footballers beating Endon 5-2 with goals from McNair (2), Dawson, Thornton, Martin. Reaching 2 more finals!




Year 9 Football
Year 9 football won 8 – 4 in staffs cup to reach final.
Whilst Mr Godwin has been in Aberdovey, Mr Askey took temporary charge of the team, now will Mr Godwin get his position back after such a thumping victory!
Rugby Success
Fantastic to hear of the success of Lewie, Ben and Dan all of whom have made it to the final of The Staffordshire U16 rugby final this year. Great story here from Staffordshire Live. 


sci week

Next Friday 8th March will be the start of our celebration of British Science Week.  We begin with our Millionaire Quiz for our Year 9, 10 and 11 students.

The following week will feature a range of activities and demonstrations at lunchtime. Details will be revealed soon; look out for the Science Week posters around the School!


This week’s Science Students of the Week selected by Mrs North are:

Year 10

Saffron Forrester, Ruby Taylor-Caine and Anna Adams

Year 11

Rachel Spence, Samantha Cotterill and Rachel Holloway

All of the students were selected for excellent recent results in biology assessments.

Well done!



MFL Revision

French intervention 
Foundation  room 10 Tuesday after school
Getting to a 9 room 23 Tuesday after school
Higher room 10 Friday after school
GCSE speaking exams are the week beginning 1st April.


Respect Spring Term 2

The in school respect programme followed every Friday registration moves onto the following topics from 1st March: 
Year 9: Diversity
Year 10: Teenage Pregnancy
Year 11: Financial Capability


Year 11 Group Photograph


We are pleased to let you know that we now have a web collection for the school. We have password protected your image using your account number 380431. 

Please note these images are available for viewing only, ordering takes place via the order forms available from your tutor.


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Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. If there are any changes you would like to see please let us know.




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