September 7th 2018

Thought for the Week 

Assemblies: w/b 10th of September

Mrs Dodd will be leading assemblies this week on the theme of ‘Emotions’.

Thoughts for the Week on the theme of ‘Emotions’

‘Emotions have taught mankind to reason.’ Marquis De Vauvenargues

Emotions are the fuel to really move you along – that’s the only way you can create music. If you don’t feel any emotions, it’s not going to happen.  Jan Hammer

 Headteacher blog:

I have very much enjoyed welcoming students back to the start of our Academic Year.

Year 9 students have settled in very quickly, finding their way around our large school site and making new friends. Our initial assemblies have focused on encouraging all students to aim for their personal best and to take up the opportunities offered to them across the school. Be that, spending their lunchtimes in the art or technology rooms, or getting involved in sports, drama or music.

Many of our Year 10 and Year 11 students are clearly inspired by the work of last year’s students. They are applying themselves well in their lessons, and have been preparing for lessons by accessing over 200 podcasts on GCSEpod in the first 4 days back at school. We know that, the students who made the most progress last year, started their revision from the first week back and some accessed over 1200 podcasts over the year.

Over the summer, our students celebrated some outstanding performances at GCSE this summer for the fourth year in a row. My congratulations to them all and also for the wider achievements. Year 11 and 12 students contributed to many charity events throughout their school career alongside events such as the National Citizenship Programme, Duke of Edinburgh and a trip to Vietnam with World Challenge. 

At GCSE 76% achieved a pass in English, compared to 74% in 2017 and 74% achieved a pass in maths, compared to 69% in 2017. The strong performances in English and Maths followed on from the success in A levels in the previous week.

Performance in science was particularly strong with 33% of students, who studied physics, chemistry and biology, achieving an equivalent of an A/A* known in the new measures as a 7, 8 or 9 grade. History students also performed well with 28% of students achieving 7, 8 or 9 grades.

These results are based on the new GCSEs, which are graded on a one to nine scale. The grade 9s have been designed to recognise the top 3% of students in individual subjects across the country.

Within the headline figures lie some highly impressive individual student performances with 18 students achieving at least 8 grades at the equivalent of A/A*.

Thomas from Uttoxeter achieved an incredible 8 grades at the equivalent of A* or above with six 9s and two 8s, one A.

Matthew from Uttoxeter achieved five 9s, two 8s, two 7s.

Lorna from Uttoxeter achieved a superb three grade 9s, two A*s and five grade 8s.

Alfie from Denstone achieved four 9s, four 8s, one A and one 7.

Thomas from Uttoxeter, achieved five 9s, one A*, one 8, one 7.

Elliot from Uttoxeter achieved four 9s, four 8s.

Emelia from Uttoxeter achieved four 9s, two 8s, three 7s.

Emma-Jo from Doveridge achieved four 9s, two 8s, three 7s.

Georgia from Stowe by Chartley achieved one 9, one A*, one Distinction*, four 8s, two 7s.

Reece from Cheadle achieved four 9s, two 8s, two 7s.

Carys from Kingstone achieved one 9, one A*, three 8s and five 7s.

Emmaley from Tean achieved two 9s, one D* three 8s, two 7s.

Megan from Bramshall achieved one A, two 9s, three 8s, and three 7s.

Emily from Denstone, achieved two 9s, three 8s and four 7s.

Elliot from Alton achieved one 9, and four 7s.

Ellie from Abbotts Bromley achieved one 9, one A, three 8s, three 7s

Laura from Denstone achieved three 8s, two A grades, and four 7s.

Similarly, Thomas Alleyne’s High School sixth form students produced another fantastic set of individual results in their exams this year.

The pass rate was 95% which has once again enabled students to secure top university places including Cambridge University and Higher Apprenticeships in companies such as Barclays Bank as well as enter into the world of work. Vocational subjects have continued to secure superb results with a 100% pass rate.

A high proportion of students achieved exceptional A-level results, with 47% of all grades being achieved at grades A*- B and 69% of all grades at A* – C. The vast majority of students have been successful in securing places at their first choice university.

There have been some exceptional individual performances:

Trudy from Rugeley, senior prefect and sixth form council leader,  has been successful in securing a place to read History at Cambridge University. Trudy achieved A* in History, English and Extended Project as well as an A grade in Biology. Trudy has been awarded a bursary from OCR for when she commences her studies at Peterhouse College.

Lowri from Uttoxeter, achieved A* grades in History and English Literature and an A  grade in Drama. Lowri will be reading English at Oxford University. (More needed here Richard)

Laura from Mayfield, secured A grades in Chemistry, Further Maths and Physics alongside an A* in Further Maths. Laura has been accepted to study History at Loughborough University.

Peter from Alton, achieved an A* in Biology, and A grades in Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths. Peter is planning to study Biochemistry at York University.

Sarah from Uttoxeter, who is an outgoing senior prefect, achieved an A* in English Literature, A grades in History and Maths and a B grade in Physics. Sarah will be studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Nottingham University.

Lucy from Doveridge, achieved an A* in Geography, grade As in Biology and Maths and a grade B in Chemistry. Lucy will be taking a year out before commencing her studies at university.

Laura, outgoing deputy headgirl, from Kingstone achieved an A* in Maths and grade As in Further Maths and Chemistry. Laura will be taking a year out before commencing studying Maths at university.

Kirsten from Denstone, achieved A grades in Psychology and Maths and a B gradw in Chemistry. Kirsten will be studying Maths at Lancaster University.

Ellie and Amy both from Uttoxeter, secured A grades in Biology, Chemistry, and Maths. Ellie will be studying Pharmacy at Cardiff University whilst Amy will be studying Biomedical Sciences at York University. 

Holly achieved 2 grade As and a grade B in History, English and RE respectively. Holly will be studying Classical Civilisation at Nottingham University.

Louise of Uttoxeter, achieved A* in Maths and B grades in Further Maths and Physics. Louise will be reading Mathematics at university. 

Niamh from Tean, Harry from Church Leigh and Anna  from Doveridge achieved 2 A grades and a B. Niamh will be studying Forensic Science, Harry and Anna, senior prefects, will be studying Physics and English respectively. 

Tom and Kate both from Uttoxeter, achieved an A*, B and a C grade. Tom will be studying English at Derby University and Kate has been accepted to study Illustration at Sheffield University.

Deputy Headboy Ben from Tean has secured a highly competive apprenticeship at Barclays Bank. Chloe has secured an apprenticeship at Unilever.

Joshua from Leigh, achieved A grades in Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and Physics. Joshua will be studying Medicine at Queen Mary University of London.

Niamh from Uttoxeter, achieved a triple starred distinction in Health and Social Care. Niamh will be studying Midwifery at Nottingham University.

Jess from Uttoxeter, achieved a starred distinction in Sport and distinction grades in Applied Science and Health and Social Care. Jess has accepted a place in Sports Coaching at Loughborough University.

Matthew from Hixon, achieved A* grades in Chemistry and Physics along with an A grade in Maths and a B in Geography. Matthew has secured a place at Leeds University to study Mechanical Engineering.

Saul from Leigh, who is an outgoing senior prefect and led a team who raised over £3000 for Dougie Mac Hospice achieved A grades in Maths and Physics and B grades in Chemistry and Further Maths.  Saul intends to study Aerospace Engineering at Bristol University.

Laura from Mayfield, secured A grades in Chemistry, Further Maths and Physics alongside an A* in Further Maths. Laura has been accepted to study History at Loughborough University.

As we welcome our new Head Girl, Maisy Bettany and Head Boy, Mackenzie Smith to their roles in our school, we are thrilled that the outgoing Head Girl, Iona will be studying Law at Manchester Metropolitan University and Head Boy, Ryan, who I am looking forward to seeing playing Emmett Forrest in Legally Blonde at Derby Theatre this weekend, will be studying Acting at Drama School.

Finally I wanted to thank our support staff and site staff.  Over the summer, we have also been focusing on further developing the environment in school. The site staff have led the refurbishment of 6 classrooms and extended our dining facilities by over 70 places. I encourage all students to try out the food in our canteen which is excellent.

Thank to parents, governors and school staff for the support they have given to our young people last year. We look forward to another successful year at school.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support your son or daughter.

Mrs Rudge



Welcome back to all our Year 13 students and a very big a welcome to all the new Year 12 students.  It has been a very busy week; all day induction for Year 12 and handing in summer work for Year 13. 
Within the first week back we have seen, as usual, a sense of community amongst both Year groups, working along side each other in the Common Room and Canteen as well as supporting each other with charitable events. I won’t give too much away this week as photo’s are needed to see the commitment these wonderful students have for our forever charity Dougie Mac. 
All Year 12 have now completed their first week and are proving to be a lovely cohort of students. A few grumbles or teething problems with aspects of uniform but nothing that can not be quickly rectified.  
21 Year 12 students have signed up to be an ABC mentor which helps to support Year 9 in their tutor group. Thank you to all that offered this valuable level of support.
We still have places available in the Sixth Form and if you would like more information the  please contact Mrs Walton at

INSET Day 3rd September

On 3rd September, school staff had their first INSET day of the new academic year.  As well as looking at the exam results and celebrating the wonderful achievements of the Year 13 and 11 students, staff also had training on various issues such as the new national safeguarding changes, first aid and meta-cognition.

Teachers know that if students reflect on how they learn, they become better learners.  For example, learning strategies that work for maths may be different from those applied in the study of a foreign language. For some, it takes more time to understand biology than chemistry. With greater awareness of how they acquire knowledge, students learn to regulate their behaviour to optimise learning. They begin to see how their strengths and weaknesses affect how they perform. The ability to think about one’s thinking is what neuroscientists call metacognition. As students’ metacognitive abilities increase, research suggests they also make progress at a faster rate.  Teachers will be focussing on strategies to help support metacognition.



Pastoral students of the week

There are too many to mention, but we want to thank the ABC mentors, the House Captains and all of those students who have assisted our new year 9s settle in by helping them get around our site this week.

Dates for your diary

03/10/18 – Y9 Open evening

11/10/2018 – Post 16 Open Evening

16/10/2018 – Y11 Core Subjects Revision Evening
24/10/2018 – Y9 Tutor Evening


w/c 29/10/18 – Half term 

05/11/2018 – Inset day

20/11/2018 – Y13 Parents Evening
29/11/2018 – Y11 Parents Evening
20/12/2018 – Last day of term
21/12/2018 – Inset Day


A level results
Congratulations to our A level historians who secured some excellent results in 2018. We wish you all well for the future and are really pleased with the success of those who are going on to study history at university.
Congratulations to last year’s Year 11 on excellent GCSE results and welcome back to those taking A level history.
Well done to those Year 13 students who worked hard on their coursework during the summer holiday – a special mention goes to Rachel Clemmet, Sara Coxon and Aimee Deacon.
Follow in the footsteps of last year’s Year 11 by making revision notes, using our revision knowledge quizzes, GCSE Pod and quizlet to consolidate your learning each week.
Year 11
Mock exams are closer than you think! History lunchtime revision is held everyday in rooms 15 and 16 – why don’t you bring your lunch, bring a friend and make a weekly date with either Mrs Johnson or Mrs Young? Alternatively, come after school. Talk to us to choose a day which is best for you.
Year 10
Mrs Johnson and Mrs Young are always available at breaktime and lunchtime if there is anything you are unsure about whilst you make the transtion from Year 9 work to GCSE.
Year 9
Welcome to all our Year 9. This year we will be focusing on 20th century history and will begin with events at the start of the century. If you want to get a head start, find some images of early 20th century Britain to help you think about similarities and differences between then and now.


Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 Science students are strongly encouraged to purchase the appropriate Revision Guides, which will help with their studies throughout the course.

Students studying the three separate science courses require three GCSE AQA Complete Revision and Practice Guides: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students studying the Combined Science course require one Revision Guide, Foundation Level: GCSE Combined Science for AQA.

Revision Guides are available to purchase from the School Online Shop, please click on the link at the bottom of this newsletter.



Our new and improved larger canteen is open for business and is busy at both break and lunchtimes. Can we remind all parents to ensure that accounts are regularly checked and kept up to date via parentpay. 


Insight is up and running for all students at Parents with an account can continue to use their existing login and if you now have an additional child in year 9 they should be visible by clicking on the picture icon top left whereby you can switch between children.

Year 9 parents will start to receive their logins w/c 17th September and an email will go to the registered email address held in school. Please keep an eye out for an email from, in particular your junk / promotions tabs as it may get redirected there.

Sports News

Barton hocky club have asked us to promote their sessions, so if this is of interest to you please see this link:

Uniform at Thomas Alleyne’s

Please see the specific details of our uniform policy. It is a clear expectation that this is followed correctly and we ask for the support of parents and carers with this. Please note skinny fit trousers are not accepted as part of our uniform policy. Any student who wears incorrect uniform will be asked to change and parents/carers will be contacted. 
Your support is very much appreciated, particularly to ensure we all make the best start possible to the new school year.
Any questions, please do contact your child’s Head of House.


Follow the links to; School Website, Facebook, Twitter & our Online Shop

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. If there are any changes you would like to see to it please let us know.


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