July 20th 2018

A Note from the Chair of Governors

Change of Chair of Governors

After being a Governor at Thomas Alleyne’s for around 22 years and Chair of Governors for 6 years I’ve decided to step down when my term of office expires in September.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with such a strong and committed group of governors, such a tremendously dedicated staff group, and of course a body of students who are a credit to our school and the town. 

It has been a demanding 6 years, dealing with Ofsted visits, with tough challenges as funding for schools reduced year on year, with decisions on academy status, and, most importantly, with the responsibility for appointing a new headteacher four-and-a-half years ago when we welcomed Mrs Rudge to the school. 

Now I am delighted to see Alleyne’s going from strength to strength as a founder member of The Uttoxeter Learning Trust, a Teaching School, a school rated ’Good’ by Ofsted and, most importantly, a school giving its students an excellent academic and extra-curricular experience.  Achieving funding for classroom building work is the icing on the cake, and I hope the funds can be raised to save the swimming pool for future generations.

My successor is Mike Prescott who will bring a wealth of wisdom and experience to the role.  I wish him and all students, parents, staff and governors well, and look forward to hearing of the school’s future successes. 

Alison Trenery

Thought for the Week 

Assemblies week beginning Tuesday 4th September
Tuesday: Mrs Rudge (Welcome assemblies)
Wed-Fri: Mrs Maingay will lead assemblies on the theme of ‘New Beginnings’
Thought for the Week
“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.” ~ Mary Pickford

 Headteacher blog:

As we come to the end of the academic year, we would like to thank you for your continued support this year. We know that it is by working together with you as parents, that we are able to support our young people most successfully.

I would also like to remind students that in addition to having a break, the summer holiday is an opportunity to review the learning from last year and to prepare for the year ahead. For Year 10 students who received their mock exam results this week, it is very important that the areas of development revealed by the mock exams are addressed. I would recommend GCSE pod as an excellent resource as a starting point for this exercise.

When students return in September they will see the benefits of an extensive programme of building work, which will have allowed us to remodel some of our classrooms and our dining facilities.

A number of staff will be leaving us this year. We would like to wish Mr Sabin, Mrs Blair, Mrs Ingram, Mrs Bracebridge, Mr Beeley, Mr Allen and Mrs Lyon all the best and thank them for their work during their time at Thomas Alleyne’s High School.

We are pleased that we are fully staffed for the start of the Autumn term and look forward to welcoming new colleagues to Thomas Alleyne’s High School in September.

Mrs H Khan MFL teacher

Mrs R Pavey – Physics teacher

Mr B Lloyd – Maths teacher

Miss S Robinson – Geography teacher

Mrs K Goodwin – Geography teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Mrs D Ainsworth, Teaching School Administrator

Ms A Bates, Inclusion Support Assistant

Ms R Rodi – Maths 1:1 teacher

Mrs L Massey English 1:1 teacher

Mrs A Grief – Curriculum Area Learning Supervisor

Ms E Oliver – Animal Worker

Mrs Rudge is looking forward to returning to the school in September.

Last week I mentioned that I am stepping down from my role as a Senior Leader and I would like to wish my successor, Mrs Maingay, every success in her role next year.

Mr Brunt

Examination Results Days

Please note the dates for examination results collections in the school Theatre:
Post-16 : Thursday 16th August from 7am
GCSE: Thursday 23rd August 9am-12pm
Ensure contact is made with the school Examination Officer if you need to arrange for your results to be posted, or you need an alternative arrangement.
I will be available alongside the school Mrs Sosinski on both days to discuss reviews of marking, if required. I will be based in the school library and Mrs Sosinski will be based in her office.
Wishing you every possible success!

Swimming Pool Crowd Funding

We need your help to save our school Swimming Pool.


Here is our award winning vlogger Max telling you why we should save our pool.


Dates for your diary

20/07/18 – Last day of Summer Term 2018

03/09/18 – Inset day

04/09/2018 – All students return to school – Autumn Term 2018 

03/10/18 – Y9 Open evening

11/10/2018 – Post 16 Open Evening

16/10/2018 – Y11 Core Subjects Revision Evening
24/10/2018 – Y9 Tutor Evening


w/c 29/10/18 – Half term 

05/11/2018 – Inset day

20/11/2018 – Y13 Parents Evening
29/11/2018 – Y11 Parents Evening
20/12/2018 – Last day of term
21/12/2018 – Inset Day


I love the last week of term but probably not for the reasons you think. It is a hive of activity, lots to do and excited students at every turn. Teachers and students ensuring loose ends are sorted and that we are all prepared with our ‘to do’ list for over the summer break. I have been able to revamp my classroom displays and ensure that resources are prepared for September, although I still have quite a bit to do over the next few weeks. This year has seen many Year 12 students facing their fears. For many this year has been a roller coaster of emotions, bridging the gap between GCSE and A Level, the amount of work needed to achieve their target grade, the extra work put in by those that are reaching for the stars and lastly Mrs Walton who faced a very large and very real fear on Wednesday. Mabel was very well behaved, she did not answer back and she did as she was instructed. Mabel is a Tarantula. Mrs Walton is petrified of spiders and she saw Mabel being brought into the Sixth Form Common Room she did have a knee wobbling moment. Mabel looked at Mrs Walton and she seemed determined to help her overcome her fear. The pictures that were taken and that I’m sharing with you do not fully show how scared Mrs Walton was but I’m sure you will agree the look of relief when Mabel was given back to Mrs North speaks for its self. As well as Mrs Walton doing this for our forever charity, Douggie Mac, I held Mabel alongside some very brave students. Mrs Walton raised close to £100.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This week Jess Poole and Rachel Clemett organised for a Holocaust survivor to come in and talk to all of Year 12 students. Martin Sturn works with the Holocaust Education Trust (HET) and delivers educational talks to students all around the country on his experience. It was clear from the account that Martin gave that he owes his life to luck, from his mother dropping anti-Nazi propaganda in front of a Nazi Brown Shirt on a train and him just helping her to pick up her leaflets without reporting her to his name being missed off a transport list which was destined for Auschwitz. As a child, Martin and his sister would have been sent straight to their deaths in the gas chamber. It was very thought provoking and Martin was also kind enough to relay some of his early life to four classes of Year 9 and 10 English and RE students. Euan Walsh in Year 10 spoke to his English teacher after and thanked her for the opportunity to hear Martin talk. This sentiment was relayed from Year 12 students. I would like to thank Rachel and Jess for all their work on the Lesson from Auschwitz programme; they have gone above and beyond in all aspects.


Finally I would like to share with you an extract that we received from a Year 13 student, Rhiannon Kenny. The words are very genuine and the message resonated with all of us in the Sixth Form Team.

‘My teachers have given me the most important and supportive life advice and the confidence and belief in myself that was sometimes missing. Now leaving Sixth Form, I’m going into a career I never thought I’d be confident enough to pursue…This would not have been possible without the careers advice and UCAS guidance that we were given during the most crucial times of the application process. And it’s not only me, I don’t think there’s a single one of my friends that hasn’t grown and achieved success during their time in the Sixth Form.’

So on this positive note I would like to wish all our Year 12 students a lovely holiday, but don’t forget to work on coursework and read through subject content during the holidays. We look forward to seeing them all return as Year 13

House Competition 2018

After 43 House Competitions, Mr Hawthorne is proud to announce that Torrance have retained the House Trophy. Mr Hawthorne, the House Captains and all Torrance students are incredibly happy to have won the trophy for the second year running. Three years in a row has only been achieved by Elkes in 2011, 2012 and 2013, can Torrance House match this record?
The final results are as follows:
Torrance – 192.5 Points
Whitmore – 165 Points
Orme – 135 Points
Elkes – 129.5 Points
Congratulations to all of Torrance House!

Sports Day

Whitmore 1st
377 360 419 518

As we published last week the results are as above, but Max has been at it again and here is his report on the biggest sporting event of last week:


Sports Day update.  
Well done to Max Haughton who won the Yr9 boys 80 meter hurdles.in a time of 12.88. Owen Birch was 2nd and Callum Stockbridge 3rd.



Girls Summer Coding Camp

For the 2nd year, Vodafone is running a 4-day coding workshop for girls aged 14-18, as part of a global programme spanning 26 countries. This programme will give girls the skills, confidence and encouragement to learn, develop and thrive in STEM fields and occupations. They will be taught the technical skills to build their own website including Html, CSS, GitHub and JQuery.

The Manchester course will take place at Atlas House, Monday 6th – Thursday 9th August.

Applicants must identify as a female/non-binary, be 14-18 years old, and have the necessary English language skills to complete the programme.

CLAG leaflet

A Maths Reunion

Six years ago as I said farewell to my year 13 maths class, they suggested we have a reunion in July 2018. They bought me a notebook and put the date in, clearly they had known me long enough to realise that my memory would fail over that length of time. Well that date was last Saturday. I was delighted and honoured that they took time out of their busy lives to travel back to Uttoxeter to meet up. They looked so well……and grown up! All working and incredibly successful. I heard all about their jobs, the different places that they are living, travel plans and career plans. How proud….and old I felt, what incredible young people. It was a lovely afternoon.

Thank you folks.

Jewellery Designer Visits Art Dept

Jewellery designer “Emily Jane” AKA Emily Deacon visited 9H3 art class this week to share with students her experience of the design process and experience in contemporary jewellery and fashion accessories design industry. 
As a one woman designer-maker Emily develops her designs through inspiration found in a variety of sources especially natural patterns and shapes. Often using her Photography  and drawing mark making skills to capture patterns and textures in her work. She uses a variety of materials such as aluminum, silver and wood to develop designs that are highly original and contemporary in style. 
Our students were able to see Emily’s portfolio and view images of her paper models she develops before using metals, so that she can work out any issues. Also paper is a quick way of generating lots of ideas. Our inventive 9H3 had a chance to develop their own paper designs, with Emily selecting her favorites at the end of the lesson.
Recently Emily has returned from Milan where her work was exhibited and her work has been advertised in Vanity Fair magazine, but is based in her studio at Spode in Stoke where she handcrafts every piece. Since graduating Emily has been working for individual commissions and for craft shops, her work is also available on the Etsy webite too.
Emily was a student at TAHS, studying Art and Photography gaining top marks before going to Staffordshire University too pursue 3D Design, where she gained a First Class hons degree. 
More of Emily Jane’s work and contact details for commissions can be found on her website www.jewellerywithlife.co.uk
instagram: @emilyjanedesigner_


Art Trophy Awarded to Lizzie Steele (Year 9)


Last week we shared with you the news of Lizzie’s award, so why did she win it? Well here are some examples of her work and I am sure you will agree they are fantastic!


20,000 Doves Project

The Art department have been accepted to be part of Lichfield Cathedrals upcoming  20 000 Peace Doves Project. We will be using the origami skills of TAHS students to make our target of 400 doves to contribute along with doves from school across Staffordshire.
The doves are a symbol of peace and will be an impressive sight in such numbers suspended in the Nave of Lichfield Cathedral. This will form part of the cathedrals centenary commemoration for the end of the First World War. 

We will also  personalise each dove with a message or drawing related to peace. 

The display are expected to be in Lichfield Cathedral from late November, over Christmas and January. 

Keep reading future Newsletters to see how we get on!



Music Concert

Well done and thank you to all pupils who were involved in the music concert on Thursday night.  A range of talent was on show throughout the 2 hour performance, it was excellent to see all year groups working together to put on a great show.


Internet Safety

As we fast approach the summer holidays the students ill have more time to be on social media. Please see below parental fact-sheets for the main sites to assist you with your understanding.

 Facebook_Flyer(oct 17)AHV9 –

interactiveInstagram Safety

InteractiveSafer Internet Day 2018 –

Parents and Carers Pack – Factsheet

Snapchat Checklist interactive

Twitter Checklist-Interactive_0


Uniform at Thomas Alleyne’s

It is the time of year where school uniform begins to be replaced for the academic year ahead. Please see the details below of when the “uniform pop up shop” will be open in school over the summer holiday.
Please also see the specific details of our uniform policy. It is a clear expectation that this is followed correctly and we ask for the support of parents and carers with this. Please note skinny fit trousers are not accepted as part of our uniform policy. Any student who wears incorrect uniform will be asked to change and parents/carers will be contacted. 
Your support is very much appreciated, particularly to ensure we all make the best start possible to the new school year.
Any questions, please do contact your child’s Head of House.

Old Uniform

If you have any school uniform or PE kit that your child has grown out of we would welcome any donations in school. Students can drop this at their House offices.

Lockers for Students

Should you wish to hire a for your child over the next academic year, please see the details for this below.
If your child has rented a locker this year, please remind them to empty it before the summer break.

Students need to keep their locker key if they are keeping the same locker in September.


Don’t forget to check out the new careers page on tahsroundup.wordpress.com 


Follow the links to; School Website, Facebook, Twitter & our Online Shop


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